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  1. Tirpitz vs. Bayard one on dual.. Bayard wins by burning every 1/3 shot. How stupid can you be. [edited]your outdated graphics and bad ballance.
  2. Templar2k

    Hacks destroying the game

    Playing ranked. 1. Players see through smoke 2. Players see torps. Any more?
  3. FYI Have my new Geforce 2080Ti with the latest drivers as of this date, driver version doesn't really matter as roll back didn't do anything. Do NOT use FXAA, the game crashes. Took me a while to figure this out and now I'm pink for like 10 games.. :(
  4. Hi Had a game.. We had 1 Chapa, the nme team had 2 Chapa and a LoYang. You can imagine, it was totally impossible for our to cap and of course the nme got ahead of points with the cap points and there's nothing we could do. This has happened to me at least 3 times and should be fixed.
  5. Templar2k

    WOS 0.5.3 Broke Nvidia 980 GTX SLI

    Anyone have Nvidia SLI working on 0.5.3? I get serious flickering and other graphical corruptions when I run SLI with two Nvidia 980GTX cards. Thank you
  6. Templar2k

    Destroyer annoying sound

    Module damage sound is horrible too.
  7. Any one else doing 4k on a 40" screen? I've got two GTX 980 in SLI config so my frame rates are great. The GUI however is still very small even on a 40" screen.. seeing that 4k gaming is ever increasing the option should be for the GUI to scale a bit better.. the chat window is very small and the fonts are almost too small. Thanks
  8. Hi Any one have this issue when playing windowed? I'm in zoom mode and shooting.. I get torps inbound and start a turn, nothing happens, double press and on the second press the ship starts turning. No my keyboard works great, I did replace it and the same deal. Computer specs are high end, i7 4.4GHz 16GB Ram, GTX 980 SLI Thanks.
  9. Templar2k


    This makes no sense 1. The Gearing had two rudders, Fletcher had 1 and the Gearing was thus a faster turner. 2. The Gearing had one less turret than the Fletcher and thus had a stronger hull. > As good as the Fletcher was in RL the Gearing was better.
  10. The Fletcher turns faster than the Gearing yet the Gearing had two rudders vs. one on the Fletcher and it did turn faster, any one expect an upgrade on the Gearing?