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  1. Hounds

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    Gah!! I was perfectly lined up for a torp launch and poof, would have been nice with a warning
  2. Hounds

    Anyone else think RU destroyers are most fun?

    Last weekend i saw a russian DD, we did a random team up behind enemy lines. It was the first i have seen in a game, the guy using it managed to suprise quite a few ships. While the russian DD isn't for me, i can see why some like it..
  3. Hounds

    Wait am I using the aiming reticle in Sniper View wrong?

    Sometimes you have to take your ships speed and direction into the calculation as well
  4. Yep same here, i only see that notification when i compliment or report. But it would be awesome and kept private..
  5. Hounds

    Mutsuki gameplay How is that even possible?

    I had to change my tactics with mutsuki, i wasn't just to move in fire and just do a few turns and fire again. Sneaky is the word, and a tight spread on the torps. Especially if i fire at long range, and if detected run away abit. Also i noticed that distracted targets are the best, bigger chance for them not noticing the torps.
  6. Hounds

    We already have such a "lovely" community.

    It is true what you say Zogash85, you can't fix stupid. We have all been there, but when i get stuff thrown at me. Very rarely thankfully, i really would like to have a sit down with the offender. Perhaps with a map or a replay and have them explain what they where thinking, perhaps help them articulate their suggestions in a more polite and constructive manner. Rather than acting like a drunken teen stumbling out of a party at 2am with an inflated ego..
  7. Hounds

    That wierd/funny lucky shot

    Oh boy, your stories seems a bit more fun then mine..
  8. Hounds

    That wierd/funny lucky shot

    So yesterday for the fourth time (for me), i got that odd lucky shot. I was rowing along in my Fuso tossing shells at a stubborn cruiser, i fired a broadside to get him off my back. And as i shifted view to manouver, i suddenly hear i have sunk an enemy destroyer. Apparently a destroyer had received that broadside instead of me missing the cruiser, i must admit to thinking i must have mistaken a cruiser for a destroyer. Another battle and i am enjoying my Fruitcake, a cruiser is giving chase so i fire some torps to make him turn. Suddenly a destroyer crosses my enemy cruisers path and is the recipient of some nice torps, i bet he was just as suprised as i was. So dear community do you have some similar lucky shots?
  9. Hounds

    German aircraft

    The JU 52 should have it's day too i think, it was a spotter and a bomber, besides a transport.
  10. Hounds

    Fuso is OP.

    Stop saying it's OP, WG might see it and then i have to start learning it all over again
  11. Hounds

    Is it possible to win in this game?

    I had an awful time in my Fuso, horrid matches time and time again. Finally i said to myself "screw this, just one more and then to bed". And to my amazement, my team worked hard. Most of my salvos connected, i shot down two planes and for some reason i got thanked. No idea for what or if it was sarcastic, i just know we won..
  12. Hounds

    Did all the good players stop playing and why all the AFK players?

    AFK is something i rarely see, but sometimes it takes a bit for the game to load in. I have seen ships that seem AFK, and the next time i check the minimap they are out and about. And i agree with you cherry2blost, constant negging and stats will make new players think twice about joining. Now i am not saying we have to uber positive, but it won't hurt to think of this game as in development..
  13. Hounds

    Why is there totaly NO team work

    Teamwork is a scary thing, there is a lot of faith and trust you have to put on to a complete stranger. On to that comes a bit of pack mentality, it's safe with a larger group. But sadly they forget that ships do not turn on the spot, like tanks can. Also taking damage is also a factor, some seems scared to take a hit to their nice hull. I try to be a team player regardless of how my team preforms, if i play a destroyer i put down smoke to help my team so they can advance or retreat under cover. But most of the time i have to fend for myself and watch my team splash about as if they where playing in a tub, shooting at islands, launching torps into nothingness.
  14. Hounds

    *sigh* this is why CV's get a bad rep.

    I belive that one of the game tips, clearly states that the carrier should move. Otherwise it's easy to figure out from where all the planes are coming, i have had alot of games where the carrier is basically a part of the scenery. So many infact that i get very suprised when they actually move along with other ships, those are often the games my team wins.