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  1. Phayk

    New DD defence, Cloaking Device??

    Live test of new spotting mechanics for planes. Namely: No spotting for planes. Cool. /s
  2. Phayk

    Is This good or bad

    For that amount of games and being a new players it's actually pretty fine to be above 40% I'd say. You, know with the sealclubbing premiums and aircraft crap at lower tiers.
  3. Phayk

    In-Game Tier Balancing

    I really wish there were some numbers on this. From my personal experience (warning, anecdotal evidence!!), most games I play are +/-1 anyway and there's usually at most 3 ships that are +/-2 in my games anyway and imo there's enough ships in the game for +/-1 to not get stale. What's missing is more interesting maps. Anyway, OP, while -2 sucks and severely limits your ability in a game, it doesn't mean you can't do anything.
  4. Phayk

    Four DD's per side now....

    Excuse me, but what?
  5. Phayk

    Poll - CV, yes or no?

    I believe, if you want to make CVs about aircraft and allow the players to control said aircraft, there is no way to design CVs where they are balancable and fun to play against. As long as AA damage is passive (and I don't see a way to make it more involved) and carriers are invulnerable at the other side of the map, they should not be in the game and to be honest most reasonable game designers would have removed them half a year ago and abandoned the idea.
  6. No. Prices in WoWs are outragous compared to pretty much any other online game which just makes me not buy anything in this game at all.
  7. Phayk

    WG are you gonna release the % when it comes to boxes?

    That has nothing to do with what you're asking for. If you want to prevent those results you'd need a pity timer.
  8. Phayk

    Why AA skills are worthless

    For CVs spotting damage is also a good indicator of how well they did. Because you can spot stuff others can't.
  9. Phayk

    Why AA skills are worthless

    CV AA doesn't do all that much, but the 10-minute fighter certainly does. Even if you can strike the CV once, the (almost) permanent fighter combined with good AA will do a lot. And calling people who critizise shite game design decisions 'whiners' kinda makes your seem like an idiot tbh. Because so far I've not seen a single reason for why carriers should be in the game in the first place, while there are dozens why they shouldn't.
  10. Phayk

    Why AA skills are worthless

    What's important to notice is that you never know whether you will even get a carrier on the enemy team. This means that even IF AA upgrades were useful AND carriers were somehow counterable, that you would still gimp yourself in half your games for no benefit because the enemy suddenly doesn't have a carrier. They designed the system in a way where the game would need a pick-ban phase before the game to counter the enemy team composition. Whoever designed that was high on glue or something. Anyone who thinks CVs in their current state are remotely fine, balanced or well-designed is wrong. Period.
  11. Phayk

    how many € you spent on mega santa gifts?

    Zero. Reasons are threefold: I do not want to encourage WGs business practices, I do not have money I want to waste and I'm not an idiot.
  12. No they weren't. CVs were less obnoxious before the rework because way fewer people played them. Now that a monkey with broken fingers can do well with a CV, they're much more popular. Honestly, I'm still wondering why WG didn't put up a sale for CVs or the Enterprise; almost everyone could've forseen how this would end and that totally sounds like something WG would do.
  13. Phayk

    Best techtree tier 8 ship, except for CVs?

    French DDs are always a good bet seeing as how ridiculous they are, otherwise I'd go Akizuki but only because I personally like the ship.
  14. Phayk

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    You can run in circles around the map until the timer runs out to waste as much of their time as possible. I played a game like that earlier, just set auto-pilot to circle the map and went afk to watch a movie.
  15. It's interesting that they didn't decide to bring back the Big E to the premium shop today. On sale for just 50 bucks! Idk seems like an easy way to milk some idiots who play ranked.