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  1. KingKnut

    Vår Ære og Vår Vannmakt!

    Harrald Heide Sten`s beste! Lykke til gutter og jenter! Legger deg til på vennelista mi i spillet og her mr. Tordenskarll, håper det går bra!
  2. KingKnut

    [KVAKK] - when all is said and done

    Kvakk... Kvakk...
  3. I have been pink a couple of times.. mostly my own fault for not looking around enough. But I am trying to improve my awareness at all times. Even though it gets hectic some times. One thing I could not comprehend is that when I was pink/teamkiller, just grazing/crashing another boat and cosing 9 HP of damage (wich was not my fault, this guy ran into me) extended my "pinkness" by another 10 games. Is this fair? Have a great day!
  4. KingKnut

    How to play replay files?

    Did not work! I tried both options and it just takes me to the login screen and the game starts as usual with no replay. And thats because I used the launcher not .exe Thanx
  5. KingKnut

    How to play replay files?

    I have a question concerning how to watch replay files in my wow`s game folder?? When I click on a file it asks me what application I would like to open it with.. There is none available! All help is appreciated! Have a great day!
  6. KingKnut

    Radar that sees thru massive islands?

    Its funny! The part of making no sense, was exactly what I was thinking when reading your rant. First of all, I am not saying that creating this alternative universe is "more work than needed". It it obviously less work aka programming to create a game that is less than realistic and cuts corners. Got it? Making premium boats instead of modifying programming = "doing nothing" about the problem. Got it? Anyways its all up to WG what game they choose to / have the ability to present. I am not saying its a bad game, despite the minor issue of radar and a few other things I find less that realistic, bordering to stupid. But, this is all my opinion and I still enjoy the game play. Thanks in part to many good advices in this discussion on how to compensate for this game mechanic. Have a nice day!
  7. KingKnut

    Radar that sees thru massive islands?

    Why create an unrealistic alternative universe when you don`t have to? I think the reason is that WG programmers are to busy making premium ships to do anything else. Just my speculation.. Have a nice day!
  8. KingKnut

    Radar that sees thru massive islands?

    I hope they change it!
  9. KingKnut

    Radar that sees thru massive islands?

    Zathras_Grimm​ Why do I gett targeted? Because I am in a DD. Do I leave support? NO! still gett targeted first because I am easy kill. Tungstonid. Reason to use radar? I wonder what that could be. Torps in the water?! In a Fubuki its pretty much all I can do. But I`ll just stop using my armament so that no one has any reason to use this most unrealistic aspect of the game aka radar that sees thru rock!
  10. KingKnut

    Radar that sees thru massive islands?

    Rare occasion? Happens about 1/3 of my games. But I guess that`s not enough?? I actually thought the aim of this game was realism. my fault! Guess I`ll Start looking for another realistic game then!
  11. KingKnut

    Radar that sees thru massive islands?

    I`ll just stay away from everything then and never gett anything done. thanx WG! Here is a scenario.. Ship with radar stays undetected behind island, no way I can see him. Suddenly mountain penetrating radar sees me, I have had 0 warning or chance to avoid, Now I am lighted up to every enemy ship and killed in seconds. Great!
  12. KingKnut

    Radar that sees thru massive islands?

    Rather than fix it just stay away, thats not a great sollution for me. Especially since my gun/torp range is 10k and radar spotts me even when I am hiding behind mount Fuji from 9k+.
  13. Just like line of sight, radars cannot see thru islands. This aspect of the game pretty much ruins it for me, since I play mostly DDs. I just played in the Fubuki and opponents can just press the magic button aka radar aka "reveal all" seeing exact location of my ship (moving behind a huge island) and convey this to a another player that gets a lucky hit from 15k+ away. This unrealistic aspect of the game should be fixed! WG hope you read this and do something. I am not as salty about this aspect as it might seem. I still think its a great game! -edit