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  1. Umbrascythe

    Vanguard: lacking something to be good

    I find the Vanguard fustrating as for now. Having a hard time figuring out what her strengt is, I am going with a standard endurance build as for now to help with experimenting. People say her accuracy is fantastic, though I find myself getting way too many single hits on broadside CA´s and BB´s, doing 1170 damage. Even up to a weekend, where we know people tend to be somewhat "relaxed" in their gameplay, I found broadside ships couldn't be punished. "my aim is not off :)" Now, somewhat 20 games in her, and I still dont feel comfortable in her. Ending games mid to low rank, having done no more than 70k+ I must say, this is the first time I have felt like this with a tier 8 premium ship. Perhaps it dose has a longer learning curve, but I felt comfortable way faster with fx. Roma and Tirpitz. even with some silver BBs. I will keep playing her, as I WANT FOR HER to be an amazing ship to spend the evening on. Someday... :)
  2. Umbrascythe

    Space battle mode camouflage "sounds"

    I see, so it IS a subject that is been somewhat looked into. Thats nice to hear! And what I ment by multiple gun sounds, is that, I could imagine some people would be annoyed by having 2 different guns going "BOOM!" while 2 others go "ZIUMMM!" simultaneously and continuing. Something like that :)
  3. Umbrascythe

    Space battle mode camouflage "sounds"

    So. I decided to treat and spoil myself here in the Easter holidays and buy the Großer Kurfürst camouflage from space battles. I like the star wars star destroyer-ish design and the neat space sounds. But I was "only slightly" miffed when I took it out for a stroll and found out that the skin doesn't come with the space battle mode gun/plane sounds. I guess it would be too confusing if there were multiple gun sounds, but then agian, people could just turn them off with the skin-filter option. What do you think? Should these 8k doubloon skins include at least the gun/torp sounds from space battle mode?
  4. Umbrascythe

    Other Changes

    I really enjoy the new sea foam/bow effects! All visual improvements to our close proximity view is always a welcoming thing. Though as a battleship mainer. I think that when you play as something as large as battleship - GK/ Iowa size, the foam and wave effects moves very fast in contrast to the ships size. This fast moving effect makes creates an ilusion and makes the ship seem smaller than what it is, I think . Looks a little strange. Perhaps it was like that before " though I don´t remember" But the new effects makes this even more visible then.
  5. Umbrascythe

    German Premium Destroyer?

    If they wanted, they could release a ship of the same tier that had no other difference than perhaps being a sister ship to the normal line one, that would require minimal testing I guess.
  6. Umbrascythe

    German Premium Destroyer?

    Sorry if title might seem a little misleading. This is not a ranting or complaining, just a noticing thought. With the upcoming release of the german DDs, a thought came to mind when looked up the patch notes. Since long ago I got a little used to the ship-release-line procedure that often is. "When a new line of ships is intruduced, a premium ship usually follows with it" We can see that with the newest addition of the british light cruisers, they got the Belfast German battleships - had Tirpitz, got Scharnhorst and könig albert I could go on with allot of lines and their release dates of premium ships and so but it was only to give a small callout that if we look further back I think all of the lines had/got a premium with their release or very shortly after. ( I checked the wiki on different ships/lines to be sure that im not totally off ^^" So. Do any of you think we will get a surprise DD premium offer that no one had the chance to see? If so, could there be any candidates? Do you have a dream german DD you wish to be added? Perhaps since christmas is closing in we will see something? I apologize if I missed something out, feel free to correct me if so
  7. Umbrascythe

    unusual ship builds/setups

    Secondary build on a kongo is indeed viable but yea I would say most builds I see with it are wellrounded all-around setups Awesome about the japanese DDs! its a good tense feeling you get when you go close to a smokescreen with a DD inside and begin the dance of death, trying to avoid the torps to get your kill, looks especially good when you are in a BB. Have kept the pensacola as well and buildt it as a gun slinger with cooldowns on repairs, strangely I think its the CA ive gotten the most "close quater" medal on and its always at times I totally forgot that it actually has a few secondaries XD
  8. Umbrascythe

    unusual ship builds/setups

    Heya Forum! Surely everybody have their preferences when it comes to setting up a captain´s skills and a ships modules/upgrades, going full support, AA, sniping, tanking ecetera.But is there any of you who is going with a "thats a strange build" ? I am a fan of builds that doesn't follow up on the immediate strengths of the ship. Fx US are the AA guys doing the best job with AA and are known for that, I know there are other fine candidates, but US ARE the ones thats known for superior AA in the game right? Fx. Before the patch buff, I liked to build US BB´s with secondaries as the focus. ( because I myself love secondarys ) So I was of course very happy when the higher tiers got buffed with their secondaries range. I also went the other way with the minekarze. I dont like torpedos, never have, I hate them, they hate me and I suck with thembut I enjoyed the russian DD gunboat line, so I went with a gunboat build and gamestyle for it. Sometimes! and I do say sometimes XD It worked out just fine and with fine results but usually the results was somewhat mediocre but bearable indeed. But now fx. I just got my Mogami and thought... hmmm the secondaries have a stock range on 5 km... Sounds like a fine start to me! and its AA are not that impressive either but its cool, I can make it work just fine, so going with a full secondary and AA build for now ^^ Sorry for that long pre-content info! I just like to put some meat on stuff I post. To topic content What´s your most unusual ship build that works? How do you break apart from the meta / standards?
  9. Umbrascythe

    Animation of the Rudderblade

    I made a post about this as well some time ago "which also included the screws" and one reply was that the game simply didnt have need for these kind of details as for now, so It would not be worked on. Though I have noticed that they did do something about the underwater action a few patches ago. If you are at full stop the screws will stop turning, its not much but its better than constant turning and I think it adds allot. Now they just have to adjust its speed to how fast you are going, or make them turn the other way when you are reversing. But yea, adding rudder animation will be a nice feature if they add it but this along with other parts of the ship movements are all luxury details and I would understand if they didnt put it on the top of the priority list.
  10. Umbrascythe

    Danish premium ship Idea

    I totally agree with you that it would be a nice addition as a stand-alone nation premium ship, though many people might find it silly and see its existence as unneeded, but I just thought it could be cool to have something from "as you said" unexpected nations I also read somewhere that they wouldnt add torpedo-boats, "as well as a bunch of other things" dont remember if the info included blue-water ships though. But this ship would surely go under that class. I noticed the lack of torpedo tubes as well on the blueprint, and could not see it on the picture, must be either lacking on the blueprint, or an outdated one. Also, now that I think of it, Wargaming tends to add ships that at least have some kind of warfare history, and sadly this hasn't that much of a war-history as much as a be made, do tour cruises, get bombed, get scuttled, get raised and get sold in the end. Not the most heroic story XD I myself would class her as a Battleship because of her armor layout being that of a "somewhat but not that close either" dreadnought, at least thats what I understood from wiki info. But with relative small gun caliber it brings this ship in an akward personality question, cruiser or battleship. So perhaps It could have a rather uniqe kind of gameplay, favoring armor over armament and yea to compare it, it would be like a st. louis or a bogatyr but much slower and slower turning accelerating etc. But! Like in world of tanks, they added the artillery line later on, so theres still a possibility that more lines could be added to world of warships. And to expand the ship classes they could add various of classes, to mention a few, coastal defence ships, torpedo boats, split battlecruisers and battleships in two lines and the one so many people wishes for, submarines, though it would take an amazing lot of work to implement this into the game regarding balance etc. Anyway It was not to go into a "I wish they added this class and this class!" mode
  11. Umbrascythe

    Danish premium ship Idea

    It is a odd ship indeed, thats why i say its kind of a st. louis but slower and with more armor I imagine its gameplay like the mikasa, but with you in the control of the secondarys
  12. Umbrascythe

    Danish premium ship Idea

    Yea sorry, forgot to put that in, Not sure what it would be classed as, the size is that of a cruiser, but the armor is that of a battleship, and the guns are also somewhat small, 150mm. But would say battleship, a strange battleship, focused on small rapid armamant ^^
  13. Umbrascythe

    Danish premium ship Idea

    Hello everyone! I rarely post anything on the forums here, usually doing the stalking for news and peoples opinions ^^ Only rarely posting something, and its not really important gamewise just a mind-bump from my side. ( My last post was about how I noticed propellers didnt stop turning when engines was a full stop, or that the rudder couldn´t turn either, but its somehow fixed now, at least the propeller thing ) Anyways! Topic content! I am from the small country Denmark and we dont really have anything to compete with other great countries military vehicles "I know that one of our few tanks are from germany" So I thought a few days ago, " Did we even have a navy fleet in ww2?" and of course no, not in the ww2 times at least, Denmark had something called Coastal defence ships, as Denmarks politicians at that time wasn´t interested in a navy and was fine with these kind and size of navy. If you want to know and read up on what a Coastal defence ships is, the wiki link is below here, but in short, its a curiser size "somewhat" battleship, designed to stay close to the shore and do...well, yea coastal protection, not suited for long missions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coastal_defence_ship I did some reserch and dont hang me up if I forgot something, but I think I got the crucial part on this covered ^^ Denmarks flagship of that time was the CDS HDMS Niels Juel Type: Coastal defence ship Displacement: 3,400 tons Length: 89.95 m (295 ft 1 in) Beam: 16.3 m (53 ft 6 in) Draught: 5.2 m (17 ft 1 in) Propulsion: 5,500 hp (4,100 kW) Speed: 16 kn (30 km/h) Complement: 329 Armament: 10 × 150 mm (5.9 in) guns 4 × 57 mm (2.2 in) anti-aircraft guns 2 × 450 mm (18 in) torpedo tubes ^ some wiki stats posting She was laid down in 1914 and to be fitted with armamant from Krupp, but was changed to Bofors after delays from WW1. She did some service tours to different contries. In the WW2 the ship was attacked by german air bombers and a few crewmen was wounded, where one died later of his injuries and the Ship was scuttled by her own crew " this order was given to all officers on the danish CDS ships, some made it, some where taken by the germans" the crew initially failed to scuttle her, but did manage to flod several champers in the ship, however the germans did manage to salvage her and use her as a trainings ship before allied air raids where she was sunk. She was later raised and sold for scraps. Full Wiki page below for the full story of her. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMS_Niels_Juel_(1918) I could picture her as a tier 2 maybe 3 battleship, with a somewhat game mechanic of the St. louis but more sluggish and better armored. A few pictures of her. Blueprint Attack on Niels Juel A sideway picture Not Niels Juel, but the same CDS as her ", just unupgraded as Niels Juel Well, that's the end of my little sunday topic. I know there are far more interesting nordic ship countries to look at "sweden fx." But just wanted to add what little Denmark has to offer. If I have " and I sure has" forgotten anything about this topic, pleace bear with me, im not that much of a historian, and only thought to bring a little info out O7 Good day!
  14. Umbrascythe

    Reticle Design Contest

    I haven't played with these kind of mods before, neither created one. So, sorry to sound like a " Newbie" in this subject. But where do you go if you are new to this and would like to participate in this? Do you download some kind of reticles template to work on? Or do you have to sign up on some kind of "mod website" ?
  15. Umbrascythe

    Walkable Ships In Port? Would be Nice!

    I think the idea sounds awesome but I can also imagine the work it would take to make it work. Remember, the ship is "bobbing" in the port, and up close it becomes more relevant, so the camera would have to have a somewhat inbuilt bobbing-route to follow. But the idea it self is great, the ship model quality is indeed worthy of such implements in the port. I myself like to "mostly at the start of a game after plotting a auto course" go in free camera move, and set it high up on the pagoda mast of my fx. nagato, and then try to follow up. looks really cool