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  1. Accumulating various premium ships over the years, mostly from missions and containers, has made me wonder: What is the total value of my premium fleet in real money ? I couldn't find an appropriate tool and seeing the extensive WOWS 4th anniversary ship list, allowed me to create the attached excel. You can see 2 tabs (sorted by Type and sorted by Price). You can try sorting the data by yourself to draw your own conclusions on what ship is best for you. To check out the total value of your ships, simply click on the cells of column E ("Ships Owned") and select YES from the arrow pull down meny, for ALL the premium ships owned. The result is displayed in red while the amount of 2.018,59 Euros is the value of all ships in the table, My results are there as an example and because some ships are at a special price for me, your prices could vary (noted accordingly). Be so kind as to post your total floating WOWS value ! I hope it helps ! o7 Book my Ship.xlsx
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