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  1. V_RASK

    Code for ship!

    So unfair !
  2. Accumulating various premium ships over the years, mostly from missions and containers, has made me wonder: What is the total value of my premium fleet in real money ? I couldn't find an appropriate tool and seeing the extensive WOWS 4th anniversary ship list, allowed me to create the attached excel. You can see 2 tabs (sorted by Type and sorted by Price). You can try sorting the data by yourself to draw your own conclusions on what ship is best for you. To check out the total value of your ships, simply click on the cells of column E ("Ships Owned") and select YES from the arrow pull down meny, for ALL the premium ships owned. The result is displayed in red while the amount of 2.018,59 Euros is the value of all ships in the table, My results are there as an example and because some ships are at a special price for me, your prices could vary (noted accordingly). Be so kind as to post your total floating WOWS value ! I hope it helps ! o7 Book my Ship.xlsx
  3. V_RASK

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    Bump, nothing in sight ... Philippe, Philippe where are you?
  4. V_RASK

    EU server connection issues.

    I dont dare to play a game until I am sure it is fixed ! What if I get stuck in the queue again? PERMA BAN?
  5. V_RASK

    EU server connection issues.

    Got the same Installation was ok but it doesnt get connected into battle ..... stays in screen for more than 20 minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 penalty points, thanks for the update .... A FEW MOMENTS LATER.... .....SEVERAL YEARS LATER ... After 1 hour I had to hard exit from the completely stuck game. Since the the 1 st battle got also stuck and had a penalty for inactivity I got a warm welcome from this update !
  6. RANT WARNING: Only writing this to fume out, not expecting anything from anyone. I have been trying my best for the last few days after the patch and my win rate stinks like the crap players surrounding the servers. Most of the times I end up at the top by XP but ... no ... throw-away teams are there to spoil your day ! It is EXHAUSTING, trying to cover all the strategic holes in the map, do your kills, do your spotting & damage, ping the map and communicate, while teamates suicide left and right, simply drains the joy to play. And its RIGGED ! After 10K battles players get screwed with the MM ! Fast grind ruins the game When I started the game 3 years ago, my win rate was 47% and I was a TOTAL noob, didnt know I needed to press Shift to aim for the first 40 matches and had not seen a single video about the game. So in my mind this 47% is a good reference of how an average new player negatively influences the game result. So, when I started, I had a negative influence of -3% to the outcome of the battle which now has improved to a positive of +6% I have counted and examined profiles of hundreds and hundreds of players with more than 8 - 10K battles and a WR still below 45% WR, even as low as 40%. Just right click at the profile after each match and you realise how the player base is swarmed by bad stats. It is well expected that many players will be crappy, indifferent, not educated in game mechanics, or dont' really have it with video games. That is fine when playing tiers 1-7, you sort of anticipate it, but for high tiers it is really dissapointing WG. I understand that a lot of us enjoy shooting and explosions but in my mind, this is mostly a strategic game so winning is the goal. How can you expect a player with little experience to play with eyes on the mini-map? Ialso see players with 500 battles in tier X ? Seriously tier X ? How the heck do they grind it so fast? Do they enjoy getting wrecked every game ? How can WG encourage this? There should be some minimum battles fought/won limit for grinding each tier and NOT 10 pay-to-win battles with XP flags and cammos in co-op ! I see people with bad stats, 300 battles and owners of the tier X Salem or Jean Bart ! WTF ? How do they do it? Why allow them to climb so fast and crap the matchmaker ? I appreciate the fact that it is business and money rules, but NO respect whatsoever for the time invested by players to reach high tiers. After patiently grinding all my ships for 3 years without spending any free XP, learning that each ship has its way to play well, I start to dislike the high-tier end game.
  7. V_RASK

    King of the Sea - Prediction Winners

    Bump ... no reply
  8. V_RASK

    King of the Sea - Prediction Winners

    Winners for the correct prediction O7 vs OMNI 3:2 for the servers clash?
  9. Yep, game unplayable with huge ping
  10. V_RASK

    Wargaming.net and Arsenal not working?

    Had the same problem mostly all this afternoon : News taking ages to load Arsenal slow to load and 400-700 ms ping ingame game unplayable like that so a break for today
  11. V_RASK

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    New update, new bugs. Have the same issue with frames stutter without FPS loss. And fix the pathces aswell please ! Dont forget that afk players have increased also !
  12. V_RASK

    Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Most importantly DO something for AFK's. Keep getting a couple per day at least. Not able to filter ? Not bothered ?
  13. Because the grass is always greener on the other side. Some people lack tactical map experience.
  14. V_RASK

    Division window in port

    Why change something that was working fine ? And do something for AFKs