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  1. R17TSi

    Hit by torps floating under an island!

    These torp was dropped at the island and floated just after the shure line. There was no 2-3 km distance.
  2. I just played a random battle, Trident map. I was taken cover behind the island when RANGER droped torps that should have hit land and never reached me. The torps came up just a short range from shure and hit me, as they where shot from land!?!
  3. HMS Gotland the only aircraft carrier we had in the Swedish navy. A rebuilt cruiser and later replaced by the island Gotland as our aircraft carrier. :-)
  4. R17TSi

    Can't reach the wiki

    Hi, anyone else who can't reach the wiki at https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships ? I've tried with Firefox, Edge and Chrome. And I have flushed the DNS with ipconfig without succes. And also tried to go through Wargaming and following their link. Regards Served in Swedish navy at R138 HMS Piteå and T121 HMS Spica. Participated to get the J19 HMS Småland ready (desarming etc.) for towing from the naval base Muskö to Gothenburg where she is today.
  5. R17TSi

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    I'm a member of the Spica crew today. I was also in the last crew to sail with her at military service in 1987. 20 years later I was back and sailing. :-)
  6. R17TSi

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    Sorry, I misunderstood you. Thought you suggested the actual place where J19 Småland is moored today and not Gothenburg in general. So Nya Varvet would be the right place, I agree with you. I'm living 200 km from Småland, and have been visiting her there. Before that I participated in the preparation for the towing from Muskö naval base to Gothenburg in 1987 with disarming and removing all her shells among other things That's when I did my military service at HMS Spica (T121).
  7. R17TSi

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    Nooo! There was once a smaller naval location called Navy comand west in Gothenburg and it was located here: https://goo.gl/maps/rPoGVCVpsr8X25s29
  8. R17TSi

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    Also a top candidate for a new port!
  9. R17TSi

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    Not far from there is ORP Błyskawica moored. I been there a couple years ago. Have been in Poland and Gdynia many times.
  10. R17TSi

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    That could maybe also be cool. But with no offens, an other "industrial" port is a bit boring though. My view was to have the old navy base that once was located in the heart of Stockholm. Below a recent photo from the site, during the event "Skeppsholmsdagen". Among these vessels are the two fully functional ships T121 Spica and R142 Ystad exhibited.
  11. R17TSi

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    Well, then the developers have two harbours to make! :) Where was the naval base in Gdynia?
  12. R17TSi

    A new harbour for the Pan-Europe

    Pula as a port, when Croatian ships arrive to the game would be ok, I think. To clarify a bit, most of the Pan-Europe suite are Swedish. And Stockholm would be one harbour more to choose from. Who have said about replacing, e.i. Fjord? As I wrote: " Since most of the ships are Swedish, or have a Swedish connection, I will like to suggest Stockholm as new port. The navy was based here from the 1640s until 1969. " The naval base was before Skeppsholmen placed just cross the water at Baisieholmen (connected to each other with a small bridge) from the 1550s. At this former naval base site is today the museum located where the HMS Vasa is. The oldest preserved warship in the world, build 1628 and sunk before she made her first journey. Salvaged in 1961. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasa_(ship)
  13. Will the design team do a new harbour for the Pan-Europe theme? Since most of the ships are Swedish, or have a Swedish connection, I will like to suggest Stockholm as new port. The navy was based here from the 1640s until 1969. With the beautiful surroundings it has still today, it would be a nice harbour to moor the Swedish ships in the game. I have attached a couple of pics, historical and present air photos. And a photo where three torpedo-missile ships (T121 & R131 classes) are making a smoke screen at the water in centre of the photos. Take a tour around Skeppsholmen with google maps and street view : https://goo.gl/maps/oWqTY6RQjgq255uz5
  14. Hi, have anyone else experienced that the mini-map in battle have some flaws? Islands are placed wrong, e.i in zone C there is an island but it is not shown at the mini-map.
  15. R17TSi

    European dds with full AA

    ColonelPete is right. But when DD are spotted he will disappear for a moment, so you maybe have to predict where he's going and start aiming before he show up. I play both with CVs and Swedish DDs. I have on the contrary experienced that CVs rather easy can damage DDs. And tstef you say you have 20 million XP with CVs, of course you have! That's why you have hidden your profile, so we shouldn't faint of impression when we check it.