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  1. xdeathcraftx727

    USS vs IJN CVs too different?

    Okay so I'm not a big fan of CVs but i play them from time-to time. But I've noticed, since I've chosen to go with the US Carriers that they are way too underpowered, at least compared to the IJN ones. For example the tier 4 Langley only gets 1 Torp. Bomber squadron and 1 Fighter Squadron, where the Hosho (i think) gets 2 Torp. Bomber squadrons + 1 Fighter. So lets be honest Torpedo Bombers are the best of all, i mean regular Bomber squadrons only do between 1000-2000 dmg, IF they manage to hit the target. And it gets better... The tier 5 IJN CV gets up to 3 Torpedo Bomber squadrons... I mean isnt it a bit unfair to the US Carriers to have so little power. Idk, how do you guys find it? Do the US Carriers have any future or to go with the Jap. ones?
  2. xdeathcraftx727

    Murican or Japanese BBs?

    Hey guys, So in the CBT i've got up to tier 7 in the IJN BB line (to the Nagato) and it was... meh, it was good but only in some of the battles. So i've decided to grind my way trough the US BBs this time and im up only to tier 4 (I was busy grinding my Cleveland this weekend). Anyways on the CBT however i only got to the New York but never actually played it. So do you think that the high tier US BBs are more valuable or to go with the Japanese ones?
  3. xdeathcraftx727

    Nagato- Useless.

    So a week ago i unlocked the Nagato. I was pretty exited. My first game was ofcourse a tier 10 one. Got sunk by 3 salvos from Amagi. Then played as a top tier... It was average, there it was just me sucking. But i noticed that the Nagato has like 1000+hp plus only than the Fuso... And I said to myself "dafuq?!" I mean what is the point of progressing to tier 7 if the difference is that u get only a few more HP and also bigger guns, but with less turrets (which in my opinion is worse- more guns-> always better!) but anyway... So the Nagato is a pretty strange bird... But deffinetly is the worst ship i have played in the game so far. Idk about yall.
  4. xdeathcraftx727

    Cleveland- Best t6?

    Hope Germany is one of them... Bismarck... Tirpitz... <3
  5. xdeathcraftx727

    Cleveland- Best t6?

    Hi, So i have recently unlocked the Celveland, after the amazing Omaha and boy this ship is just ridicilous. In my first game with it i scored 207 hits (about 65k+ dmg) and it was real fun to play. I really hope that after the CBT we will get some exp compensation to get it in the normal server as well.
  6. xdeathcraftx727

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

  7. xdeathcraftx727

    Can somebody explain a couple of things to a noob (me) ?

  8. So I got kind of frustrated when I kept seeing all of those BB, DD, CV- can somebody explain to me what they mean? Thx.
  9. xdeathcraftx727

    battleship already nerfed?

    One thing that I have noticed is that u can fire an AP shell if a ship has its nose/rear towards you so that the AP shell will go trough the entire ship and will cause a whole ton of damage and will also knock a few modules.
  10. xdeathcraftx727

    German ships in the near future?

    Bismarck at tier 8?... Interesting...
  11. xdeathcraftx727

    German ships in the near future?

    Thanks for the info! Im happier now.
  12. xdeathcraftx727

    German ships in the near future?

    Ahoy there, So im amazed such a great game like WoWs (which impressed me over the 1st day) does not have German navy in it...I mean...What ?! Will be there German ships and if yes will they arrive soon? Because im not complaining but a game like this not to have ships like Bismarck and Tripitz its just...Anyway, hope they arrive soon!