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    Bug Reports

  2. dazbull26

    Destroyer vs Radar + planes in every battle 90% uptime

    Like everything in the game its a balancing issue, CV,s were to powerful so everyone got increased AA now no more CVs so more people play DDs. Then They get nerfed because people crying about torp walls, Then they release very strong German BB line and guess what, not many CAs about because they get deleted instantly, then BB drivers moan about DDs again because no CAs to kill them so they improve radar, and it just goes round and round nerfing and buffing different classes trying to get some impossible balance. The better games are usually when all class of ships are playing, i think what is making the balancing of game hard is CVs, they are needed in game but cannot be to strong or to weak and WG have not worked that out yet.
  3. dazbull26

    Leningrad - Premium DD in the shop

    same here, dont need another russki
  4. dazbull26

    This weekend has been horrendous ...

    Same, so many teams where they all sail to one cap and stay there. The enemy has two caps and wins. It has been happening to me in lots of matches lately, and yes lots more afk's and late loaders.
  5. i finished mission on the weekend, still no captain for me
  6. hope so, i just finished mission and no captain. i already had the ship so all i wanted was the captain. Lets hope WG can sort this out.
  7. dazbull26

    Udaloi to khaba

    I love the kebab, and have some insane results in it. Though it takes a few battles to change your play style from the udaloi. Be a bit more careful at the start of match wait til game develops, and if you see a lone bb have fun. Took out a full hp yammy and he didnt land one shot on me, The rage in chat after off him was pure gold.
  8. dazbull26

    Start restricting numbers of Destroyers in Games

    the shima was my first tier 10, and i used to love playing it. Have not played it hardly any in the last 2 weeks because the numbers of them in games is stupid. even driving a shima is no fun in a game with 8 of them sailing around. something has to be done because at the moment tier 10 games are a joke.
  9. dazbull26

    Project R Results

    Thanks for this event WG. i got 288 pearls so i will be looking foward to giving the Kamikaze a spin. my 18 point shima captain is already licking his lips thinking about those lovely low tier BBs.
  10. dazbull26

    How was your 1st Day New Beta Testers?

    really enjoying the game, was just what I needed after feeling a bit burnt out with WOT. just got first battleship and took out two destroyers with a salvo each. was a beautiful thing to see after being tormented by torpedoes in my cruisers. I think this game has a really solid foundation to be a first rate title.