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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Would like to enter #1 scharnhorst #2 mutsu #3 doubloons Merry xmas and good luck to you all
  2. Rewards Beyond 37,000 XP

    I think its a good ask, would like wg to reply, bumper 100k container would be great.
  3. Cyber Monday in WoWS is insult....

    Check your history wg. Look at what made wot so great in many ppls eyes. Not clothing and accessories, Not Mass premium releases and i am sure Not the continual updates we receive now. STABILITY that made it great. So for cyber, black, xmas or new year pls pls pls Make it Fun again not a chore!
  4. this is why carriers are UNPLAYBLE

    Agreed SIMPLES, Remove FIGHTERS! Just have def fighter same as rest of fleet and longer range aa.
  5. How to use 30% off coupon

    Wg your "castrated" Vouchers SUCK!
  6. Free XP

    And great job listening to above customer same offer yet again 35 Elite Commander XP + 1 Doubloon = 35 Free XP NOT NICE WG
  7. Maybe you should put up notification on website. Making people search for an answer to your problems kinda sucks.