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  1. Atlanta is a ship which a captain that knows what (s)he is doing with it can change games. The problem is: it relies on people spotting as it has to fire from behind an island. Which makes it an incredibly good ship in the right situation. It's worse as all other tier 7 CL when caught of guard. And that's just the way it should be. Pros: -good too amazing DD hunter. -Fires everywhere (0.6.11 with IFHE will get you 4% chance of fire due to the calibre being so small). -CVs nightmare (unlimited Def. AA coupled with good AA values overall). Cons: - Bad armor and reasonably big citadel - Shell velocity is useless at long range unless you are firing at a Bb. - limited range even with AFT.
  2. blaster1112

    More severe team Damaging punishment

    I have turned pink for hitting an ally less than 100m from an enemy. He was on 109 hp. I hit him while firing at the broadside enemy. (That would have killed him regardless a second later). In fact I citted the enemy dealing 14k damage to him, and dealing 109 dmg to a teammate. Yet the system only check if I hit a teammate. So I turned pink.
  3. blaster1112

    WGEU: Can't afford proofreading?

    No it's actually a buff. Ships with guns under 139mm will get 2% less reduction to set fires when they invest in IFHE. (Atlanta would be 2% currently, after 0.6.11 it will be a 4%)
  4. blaster1112


    I'm really enjoying Molotov although it may not be the best time to use it. (With all those RN BBs going about atm)
  5. blaster1112

    Update 0.6.10 Server Issues - Compensation

    Thats Nice but completely useless to me. (As I'll be heading towards enschede for the military parade there).
  6. blaster1112

    [Discussion] Destroyers

    V: gremyasch VI: Gallant VII: leningrad/shiratsuyu VII Kagero IX: Black (any other relevant because of it? It's a Fletcher with radar) X: All of them are good, Shima is the best Torp boat, Khaba is the best gunboat and Z-52 and Gearing are both middle ground.
  7. blaster1112

    Gun Bloom & Spotting time mechanic

    I like the idea. I found it kinda weird my Sims went from 10.6km detection to 15.5km detection after stealth fire got removed. Which made it LESS sneaky as an Arkansas Beta firing it's guns. HOW is 1 127mm less stealthy as 10x 305mm? I mean I get that people hated stealthfire but it ruined the tactic off using the detection when firing to locate enemy DDs. I used to love the Sims but the fact it can't fight at long range at all anymore due to stealth fire being removed is just bad. (It's hard enough hitting someone with a 14s shell travel time as it is).
  8. blaster1112

    Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    I was right 100 Zulu hotel flags (+50% captain exp. Currently at 752). And I got a modification for spotter aircraft. Not really what I was hoping for.
  9. blaster1112

    Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    I can always sell them when I need the cash. (Can still sell things like the A and B hull for Iowa as well). So I have no rush to sell the flags.
  10. blaster1112

    Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    Right now I have 58 million credits (and with Mighty Mo I don't really need to sell the flags)
  11. blaster1112

    Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    Damn dude, my luck will be a few flags (like the detonation one, that I have well over 750 from) or a useless upgrade like the spotting aircraft. + I will get detonated 5 matches in a row for opening a supercontainer. (Last time I detonated 2 games in a row on the first hit).
  12. blaster1112

    " Lucky Loot Boxes " (ships+tea mission)

    Haven't had many, maybe 5 total all of them flags... except one, one was 2m credits
  13. blaster1112

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Yamamoto Campaign

    True but normally it says Tier IX and X Cruisers, not just tier IX and X ships. They should have been more clear on that.
  14. blaster1112

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Looks like you didn't get the 50k torpedo damage to the BBs. So you only completed half the challenge.
  15. blaster1112

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Yamamoto Campaign

    Note TASK 2 CANNOT be completed in Missouri. (Even though it says tier IX and X ships). (see bug report)