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  1. No, just no. We got 2 Ionas (possibly 3 if you completed the Kirishima mission while it was bugged) - one with 0 skill points and the second with 10 points and if you got the bugged one it was only a 0sp captain aswell. EU was the ONLY server to get a 16sp ARP commander (Hiei), the best ASIA got were 12 sp Myoko & Nachi Yeah Gunzou has the correct voiceover
  2. gunduck

    download the game by a torrent client ?

    There is no stand-alone download available. Since the launcher uses torrents to download the files by default, what you can do is once you've run the launcher, open the C:\Games\World_of_Warships\Updates (default) folder and add the individual .torrent files into uTorrent. Once you finished downloading the files, move them back to the \Updates\ folder and run the launcher to install
  3. gunduck

    Tirpitz to be removed?

    Don't worry. It shows up for all non-tech tree premium ships
  4. gunduck

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    Yeah WG need to polish up the UI and make it more obvious you can scroll the list (it tricked me to start with as well), and as for the screenshot, there's a reason I labeled it "edited screenshot" ;)
  5. gunduck

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    If you scroll down the list you should see Hiei and Myoko right down the bottom as the list will only display 5 entries at a time
  6. gunduck

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    Just a heads up for anyone following this thread, it looks like the patch fixes all the voices so they now show up in the list. Still a couple small issues: - Missing localisation string for Haguro (see screenshot) - Kirishima still using the default Iona VOs Edited screenshot: *Not pictured: Ashigara since I'm still working on the mission
  7. gunduck

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    Actually she is, it's just that she got cut off in that screenshot because the list can only displays 5 items at once. Also checked with someone who finished the Ashigara mission and they confirmed that she's also available in the list. It definitely seems to be tied to captains that you've unlocked as ASIA hasn't received Haruna (ship) yet - only Haruna (captain) and she is available. I guess that WG just haven't gotten around to programming Hagaro/Myoko/Kirishima to show up in the list yet because reasons. Ditto for Kirishima still using the default Iona VO despite the correct one being available.
  8. gunduck

    Question to WG about Arpeggio voices

    It seems to only show the voice over options for captains that you already have (tho that doesn't explain why I'm missing the option for Haguro) I'll have to check back once I finish the mission chain for Ashigara and see if she shows up as well
  9. gunduck

    Someone forgot to adjust 'Situational Awareness' in 0.5.5

    If you *really* want to test on a pre-5.5 build you could always jump on the Chinese server since it still seems to be on
  10. gunduck

    Someone forgot to adjust 'Situational Awareness' in 0.5.5

    After chatting about this amongst some of Alphas on the ASIA server, one of us proposed an odd theory about what could have happened. Now first, I'll admit that SA feels different since 5.5 but if what Tuccy is saying is correct and that there is supposed to be a 3sec delay and it has been there since CAT, what if going invisible as soon as the SA lamp disappeared was actually a bug? What if SA has been bugged this entire time and no-one noticed, as we all just assumed that's how SA was supposed to work? Not really a stretch of the imagination since it seems nobody outside of the Devs even knew this delay was supposed to exist
  11. gunduck

    The R project

    Nope. the ASIA server is owned and operated by Wargaming.net - you're thinking of the Chinese servers which is operated by KongZhong (due to local laws) edit: looks like I may have misquoted Conan. sorry for the confusion.
  12. gunduck

    Black Friday on EU server

    we've had her for ~11 days already.... so not exactly breaking news. Price is the same as the last time we got her too I'm usually the first to complain about our treatment over here on the ASIA server, but I'll give WG ASIA credit for not forcing overpriced bundles down our throats and normally giving us the option of either getting a Ship+port (with a few free consumables) bundle or one with added premium time/doubloons
  13. gunduck

    Why is'nt this round and it's insane xp added to my stats?

    I'm guessing there was a 2x XP First Win bonus active on the day that was recorded - if you have the full Twitch VoD you should be able to check this. 1757 x 1.5 (prem. acc bonus) = 2,635.5 XP (rounded up to 2,636 - this is showing up in your service record as your best Nicholas round) 2,636 x 2 (first win bonus) = 5272 XP
  14. gunduck

    Got Service Record 11 but NOT 3000000 Credits

    Actually, for once, WG support are right on the money. The pre-patch reward for SR9 was 3 million Here's a break down of the pre and post patch credit rewards (ninja'd from the NA forums)