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  1. Infernoken

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Well since i can't try my luck buying Xmas boxes as a Belgian player, i'll try my luck here and want to join the lottery. thumbs up to the donators!
  2. Infernoken

    super containers

    i'm taking TYL every time and have gotten very lucky in the last month. Got 4 of them, 3x 100flags and 1x 50 flags
  3. Infernoken

    First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    Error 404, solution not found
  4. Infernoken

    Potential damage received.

    Indeed, would have been nice that if you attract enemy fire giving a teammate the chance to escape or inflict damage, you would get some extra experience or credits for that.
  5. Infernoken

    Potential damage received.

    Can anyone give me some numbers on what is considered good tanking on battleships and cruisers. Couldn't find any topic about it around the forum. I recently had a game in my Moskva where i tanked almost 4 million potential damage. That seemed pretty high so i was wondering what the average on this is.
  6. Infernoken

    Karma counter botched up?

    Play very good, and you get reported more for cheating and such then you get compliments for doing well
  7. Infernoken

    How does the premium shop work?

    You could use your coupon to buy doubloons and with those buy some ship in game from the tech tree.
  8. Infernoken

    [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Count me in, i'll help where i can.
  9. Infernoken

    Most Fun and Least Fun Ship & Why

    Most fun: Atlanta or Duke, fires everywhere for the Atlanta and doing HE citadels with the duke is pretty fun too Least fun: Colorado or the French cruisers below tier 7. Took me awhile to get used to those.
  10. Infernoken

    Aftvent SC hype: what did you get?

    Hydro modification & Speed modification. The hydro is quite usefull, atleast it aint flags...
  11. Infernoken

    Saipan [wrong neighborhood, lol / closed]

    In the right hands every ship is OP.... Its the player that makes the difference imo, not the ship.
  12. Infernoken

    Daily mission madness

    Took a whole 1 game, saipan, 85k torp dmg, mission completed. Not hard to get 30k torp dmg, even on cruisers.
  13. Infernoken

    Crashed entirely

    Same problem happend to me yesterday. I'm using Aslains modpack so first off i updated that one, and just to be sure i updated my video card driver also. Dunnow wich of the 2 fixed the problem, but it hasn't happend anymore since. A clanmember had the same problem before, he deleted the 'preferences' file in the game folder and that seemed to have fixed it for him.
  14. Infernoken

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    25 huge boxes gave me: 60 type 59 camo's, 180x frosty fir camos, lots of dragon, wyvern and other flags, 6000 doubloons and:
  15. Infernoken

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join in on the presents give-away. If i win, the prize doesn't matter to me, it's the joy of getting a present in the first place that'll do it for me ;) A congrats to all possible winners and a very big thanks to the people donating these prices and sharing the xmas spirit!