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  1. Oh my, its weekend we still have some slots open if you wish to join
  2. Halfway through weekend!!! Come and check out our weekend divisions
  3. Goood friday all and have a BBMM weekend
  4. Goood weekend everyone!!! BBMM is still recruiting so if you want to have fun with good people send us a message
  5. Goood friday all and have a BBMM weekend We are still recruiting so dont be shy, please reply Fun and games awaits the high seas
  6. We are having a nice convo on BBMM discord on the CV rework and the impact of AA. If you like a nice community with good banter and gamespecific discussions with your peers send us a message and you can be a part of the best community:)
  7. Weekend in BBMM with Casual friday and Social saturday :)