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    About the Ishizuchi Buff & her secondaries

    While scrolling down the patch notes for the new update (0.6.3) I came across something really interesting. The Ishizuchi ("Der Sushi-Kutter" > how my German friends call her) is getting a mayor buff. Her terrible gun range of 12,9 km gets buffed to 15,3, which is pretty good at Tier IV. And her concealment drops from 16,6km down to 15,2 km. This completely change the way I see her. Before the Update she was pretty bad, because she got shot 3km before she was even able to shoot back, but now she might even get the first shot. If I check all the other stats she looks actually pretty strong. HP is pretty alright at 45700. Armor is ok. Nothing special but workable. Reload of 25s is very competitive & she has the best BB reload at Tier IV. She has a Sigma of 2.0. That's a pretty big one. She is as accurate as the Nagato & on the new buffed range you'll probably see it. She has very strong HE-Shells with 32% fire chance. With 10 Shells/25s she'll probably be able to set some nice fires. Secondary look pretty decent, just the range of 3,5km is lackluster. Pretty fast at 27,5kn. Improved MM. She can only see Tier V opponents. Just the AA is pretty bad, but since all Tier IV/V Carriers get nerfed (No Manual-Drop) it's ok. With that all in mind I think the Ishizuchi is a pretty good buy. (it's only 11€ anyway) Of course it's no Nikolai but she spits out more Shells on higher range. There is just one odd thing.. The Ishizuchi has on top all her guns these 76mm secondary/AA guns, yet they aren't used in the game. (click to watch in higher resolution) Would be nice if WG would: 1. Implement them as AA & secondary guns. 2. Implement them just as AA guns, because the firing angles would be weird as secondary. 3. Just remove them. They're silly if they aren't in use.
  2. Hello fellow Seal Clubbers! Wow I can't believe nobody did that yet - a Comparison of all Floatplanes/Catapult Fighters. (Atleast I couldn't find a thread). I'm currently playing with the idea to start a comparison series on this forum. I mean comparing anything to anything else in this game.I just like to know every single thing about this quite complex game. If you have more ideas for more comparisons let me know. I'm already working on an AA comparison tho so no need to tell me that. Disclaimer: I'll mainly focus on Catapult Fighters instead of Spotting Aircraft. That's just because I couldn't really find any important information about each Spotter Aircraft in the client. If there actually are important differences between each Aircraft in the game files - please tell me! What is the difference between Spotting Aircraft and Catapult Fighters? You may think:"What a stupid question." (You're right). But I just want to make things clear here. Catapult Aircraft first appears on the Tier III ship Katori & are often used on Tier X ships as well. They appear on Battleships & cruisers. Aircraft Carrier Aviation doesn't count here & (although there were some in real life) there are no Destroyers equipped with Floatplanes in the game. The first Catapult fighters on Battleships appear on the Premium Tier VI Vessel Dunkerque - & in the normal tech tree at Tier VII. Before that all Battleships only have the option to equip the Spotting Aircraft. On Cruisers it's different - Most cruisers start with the Catapult fighter until they can equip the Spotting Aircraft at Tier IX. The Soviets are only able to equip the Spotting Aircraft. The Spotting Aircraft always extends the range of the main battery while the Catapult Fighters can attack enemy Carrier Aviation. Both Types can spot ships & torpedoes. In more detail: Catapult Fighter First Tier to Appear Nation HP Damage/s Ship Examples Wikipedia Link Nakajima A4N2_N Tier III Japan 790 28 Katori, Kuma https://goo.gl/sG9NMF Mitsubishi A5M2_N Tier V Japan 1020 35 Furutaka https://goo.gl/Lp5kdX Nakajima A6M2_N Tier VI Japan 1420 55 Aoba, Myoko, Mogami, Atago, Nagato, Amagi, Izumo https://goo.gl/yQfq80 Kawanishi N1K1 Tier IX Japan 1760 68 Ibuki, Zao, Yamato https://goo.gl/NMDXAc Boeing F4B Tier V USA 940 35 Omaha https://goo.gl/vlldtK Grumman F3F Tier VI USA 1140 42 Cleveland https://goo.gl/5HgK4o Grumman F4F Tier VII USA 1400 53 Pensacola, New Orleans, Indianapolis, North Carolina https://goo.gl/9Be7I0 XP40S Tier IX USA 1750 64 Baltimore, Montana, Des Moines, Missouri, Iowa https://goo.gl/TByQoX Heinkel He 51 Tier V Germany 970 35 Königsberg https://goo.gl/6iMQ2E Arado Ar 197 Tier VI Germany 1180 48 Nürnberg, Admiral Graf Spee https://goo.gl/0Ek9lf Bf109E Tier VII Germany 1390 55 Yorck, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, https://goo.gl/Cr8L2F Bf109G Tier VIII Germany 1590 60 Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Tirpitz, Bismarck https://goo.gl/mI0tSH Fw190A_8 Tier IX Germany 1810 77 Roon, Friedrich der Große https://goo.gl/GwvFnz Ta152C Tier X Germany 2010 85 Hindenburg, Großer Kurfürst https://goo.gl/3C1j1Q Fairey Flycatcher Tier V UK 930 35 Emerald https://goo.gl/Y3Jyqi Hawker Osprey Tier VI UK/ UK Com. 1130 41 Leander, Perth https://goo.gl/2J7nCh Sea Gladiator Tier VII UK 1340 49 Fiji https://goo.gl/XO0kbS Sea Hurricane MkIIC Tier VIII UK 1579 58 Edinburgh https://goo.gl/XTV3n7 Dewoitine HD780 Tier VI France 1180 45 Dunkerque https://goo.gl/SzmMhq Graphs: As we can see there is a really big difference between all the stats of the planes. I'll now analyze each nation respectively. Japan: "The Land of the Rising Sun" is looking very promising. They obviously got the best Catapult Aircraft at Tier III & IV since there is no competition there. They still have the edge at Tier V but only by a bit. The real kicker comes at Tier VI which gives them a huge advantage over the others. The A6m2_N "Zero" is even better performing than some Tier VIII Aircraft! But it soon falls short after that. At Tier VII the "Zero" is still on top but the Germans are coming dangerously close. At Tier VIII they sadly lose the ground to the British & the Germans but are still better than the Americans. At Tier X the Germans are far ahead of Japan but they're still better than the US. US: Not looking to good for Uncle Sam. The US sadly never gets a 1st Place but they're still doing pretty good. The Tier V they don't seem anything special being in the middle somewhere. From Tier VI to VII they lack behind by a bit only being better than the UK mostly. At Tier VIII they're having a good fight against the Japanese trading HP for Damage. At Tier IX & X tho they're way behind the Germans but almost catching the Japanese. Sadly only almost. Germany: Germany doesn't look too impressive at their first appearance. At Tier V they're just somewhere between the others. At Tier VI they're able to get a pretty big distant away from the others, only being beaten by the Japanese. At Tier VII, with their new Messerschmitt Bf109E, they're not the best in the HP Department but are getting pretty good Damage values. But It's tier VIII & above that drops our jaw right through the floor. The Messerschmitt Bf109G is by a pretty big distant better than the competition & Tier IX and X are just completely destroying the competition. UK I know you'll probably never use a Catapult Fighter on a British Cruiser since you want that smoke or radar. But if you take it you'll proably won't be pretty impressed by the stats from the get go. The British are sadly hanging behind in the middle Tiers from V to VII. They're getting a big boost deploying their Sea Hurricanes at Tier VIII being only beaten by the Germans, but they sadly stop after that. Neptune and Minotaur sadly don't have the option for deploying aircraft. If they would I bet they would be sky rocking the competition like the Germans in Tier X! France: Well there is not really that much so say about the France here (yet). They only got 1 Plane on 1 Ship. The Dewoitine HD780 is fairly good. It has a pretty sizeable HP pool & also deals quite the damage. I'm very interested in the full line of the French & of course their planes! Please write comments & feedback about what I could improve in my next post! If you have enjoyed -> I also appreciate some nice comments!
  3. TheRamblingBaron

    OP British Bofors (What're the best Bofors in the game?)

    I updated the table with the STAGG & Flak 28 mounts. Name Nation Caliber Mount AA Range AA Damage AA Damage (if 1x2) Ship Examples Bofors Mk1 US 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Omaha, Cleveland, New Orleans, Baltimore, Flint, Bogue, Midway, Montana, Benson, Fletscher, Gearing,.. Bofors Mk1 SU 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Murmansk Bofors Mk1 PA 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Lo Yang Bofors Mk2 US 40mm 1x4 3,5km ~16 ~8 North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Montana, Saipan, Indianapolis, Ranger, Essex, Midway, Lexington, Colorado,.. Bofors Mk3 US 40mm 1x1 3,5km ~8 ~16 New Mexiko Bofors Mk II UK 40mm 1x4 3,5km ~16 ~8 Leander, Fiji Bofors Mk V UK 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~13 ~13 Fiji, Neptune Bofors Mk V RP50 UK 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~23 ~23 Belfast Bofors Mk VI UK 40mm 1x6 3,5km ~29 ~10 Edinburgh Bofors "Chi" Type 98 JPN 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Taiho, Hakuryu, Ibuki, Zao STAGG UK 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~25 ~25 Neptune L/56 Flak 28 GER 40mm 1x1 3,5km ~8 ~16 Nürnberg, Yorck, Hipper, Prinz Eugen Bofors wz. 36 PL 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Blyskawica 50 wz. 34/36 PL 120mm 1x1/1x2 - - - Blyskawica Wow and again these British blow my mind again. From the Damage I suggest the STAGG are shooting Tsar Bombs. In full auto. If you see any other Bofors please tell me, so I can update the table, thanks! I thought about adding all the 37mm + other 40mm to the list for comparison. I'll probably do that soon. I also thought about making a list of ALL AA guns in the game.
  4. TheRamblingBaron

    OP British Bofors (What're the best Bofors in the game?)

    And I thought I checked all the ships Well thanks, I'll update the list!
  5. TheRamblingBaron

    OP British Bofors (What're the best Bofors in the game?)

    Ok thanks, I didn't knew that before! I'll update the list.
  6. TheRamblingBaron

    OP British Bofors (What're the best Bofors in the game?)

    Cool that's actually really nice to know, thank you! But are these STAGG guns really Bofors? Because I thought about this already and couldn't find much online. They look a lot like Bofors tho so probably.
  7. TheRamblingBaron

    OP British Bofors (What're the best Bofors in the game?)

    I only added the Bofors from the game & I could be wrong but I don't think there is a German ship with these guns in the game right now.
  8. Hello lads! While goofing around in the tech-tree I also checked some premium vessels. I took a look on the Belfast and found something weird. I found out that the Belfast got some seriously op Bofors AA guns. Not in terms of Balance but the Bofors themselves. She doesn't sound like much of an AA boat on the first look. She got 6x2 40mm Bofors & 4x2 102mm with an AA rating of 55. That really surprised me because she got 2 points more than her US Counterpart Cleveland who actually has more AA. Cleveland has besides the 40mm also some 20mm guns + more & higher caliber dual-purpose guns. So I checked the Damage of the British Bofors & found out that they do astonishing 140 damage! That doesn't sound too special I know but the US Bofors only do 68 damage & are also 6x2 40mm. So that's basically more than twice as much as the US ones. In this very moment I got the incredible (boring for you) idea to compare all the Bofors just to find out which are the best! The Bofors guns in the game: Name Nation Caliber Mount AA Range AA Damage AA Damage (if 1x2) Ship examples Bofors Mk1 US 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Omaha, Cleveland, New Orleans, Baltimore, Flint, Bogue, Midway, Montana, Benson, Fletscher, Gearing,.. Bofors Mk1 SU 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Murmansk Bofors Mk1 PA 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Lo Yang Bofors Mk2 US 40mm 1x4 3,5km ~16 ~8 North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Montana, Saipan, Indianapolis, Ranger, Essex, Midway, Lexington, Colorado,.. Bofors Mk3 US 40mm 1x1 3,5km ~7,5 ~15 New Mexiko Bofors Mk II UK 40mm 1x4 3,5km ~16 ~8 Leander, Fiji Bofors Mk V UK 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~13 ~13 Fiji, Neptune Bofors Mk V RP50 UK 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~23 ~23 Belfast Bofors Mk VI UK 40mm 1x6 3,5km ~29 ~10 Edinburgh Bofors "Chi" Type 98 JPN 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Taiho, Ibuki, Zao, Hakuryu Bofors wz. 36 PL 40mm 1x2 3,5km ~11 ~11 Blyskawica 50 wz. 34/36 Bofors PL 120mm 1x1/1x2 - - - Blyskawica As you can see the 1x6 Bofors Mk VI does the most damage per mount but the 1x2 Bofors Mk RP50 does more damage than all other Bofors mounts in the game when in 1x2 mount which makes them the best Bofors & one of the best AA guns in the whole game! So in conclusion the British know how to make some incredible good AA. If they would have send the blueprints to the US, they would have probably not lost a single ship in combat against Japanese aviation. Well whatever craphappens & I know it's only a game. When we compare these ~23 Damage "Wunderwaffen" (almost as lethal as the two Atom bombs) they're way better than the crappy German Flakzwilling 30 which only do ~3(!) Damage (Almost 8x better) & the not so crappy German LM/42 which do about ~10 Damage (More than 2x the Damage). They're almost as good as the 76,2mm AA from the Des Moines which do about ~28 Damage per Mount (& have almost double the caliber). & They're actually almost doing the same Damage as the 152mm AA from the Minotaur which do about ~24 Damage per Mount (& are more than 3x the caliber). But now the best part: If we would these British OP Bofors on the Montana instead of the peasant US ones in Dual Mounts we would get staggering 920 Damage from the 40mm alone!! You get the point that these Belfast AA guns are nothing to be laughed about.
  9. TheRamblingBaron

    Ideas for Premium ships

    Thank you guys for the replies! @SHDRKN4792 I also like the Mogami Idea - I finally want my Suzuya in the game ^^. But I think that may be to strong because the bad turn time is the only real drawback for the 155mm guns. If they buff the turn time then they have to nerf something else about the mogami. @Ictogan I know but it loses 1 turret (20% fire power), so I think it's not way to op, if they balance certain other aspects. Also it's a special ship for guys who put tons of hours in ranked-/teambattles so I think it's ok if it's a little stronger. ^^ @The_Tyke I think they'll probably add the grandmother of all dreadnoughts in the techtree (maybe Tier 3 or 4) @steviln Wow good job those are all great ideas! Washington, Admiral Graf Spee & Hyūga would make great premiums! So I'll post some pics. ^^ New Idea from steviln Ise-class Battleship - Hyūga Hyūga is a very interesting ship to add to world of warships, because she & her sister ship Ise got converted to a hybrid battleship/aircraft carrier in 1943. Before her conversion she was basically an upgrade to the Fuso-class of battleships (that we all know & love). She was originally intended to become the 4th of the Fuso-class but was redesigned to fix technical flaws the Fuso & her sisters had. Since she her design is very close to the Fuso-class they both shares a lot of characteristics. They both rock their 6x2 356 mm guns. (Top is Fuso-class below Ise-class) (For those who didn't realise: The size different in the pictures is not historically accurate ^^) So she would be just a stronger Fuso having a bit more AA guns. But I think if we just want a Premium Fuso WG could the Yamashiro, her sister ship. So I thought we may try the Hybrid BB/CV. Having an flight deck on a battleship sounds awesome but it got it's drawbacks. She loses 2 turrets, making her a Kongo in Tier 6. So she would make the first Battleship with useful planes! (or the first carrier with useful guns - whatever) She obviously lacks a punch loses 4 barrels in Tier 6, but she got a hangar capacity of 22 planes. Right now the Fuso got about 21km range anyway so you can still sit in the back & shoot but also launch planes this time. But there is still one mayor problem: the carrier balancing. Right now there is at least 1 carrier in a team, if any. Obviously with 22 planes she can't stand a chance against a real carrier like the Ryujo. So I would match here normally with others & still having a real carrier in the team. The plane choice is another interesting topic. I would go for 2 Dive Bomber & 1 fighter squadron. Torpedobombers are debatable because they may be a little to strong & not historically accurate. Also matchmaking is pretty hard this time since your planes won't have a chance against Tier 8 ships. So I would limit the matchmaking to Tier 5,6 & 7. So all in total I think it's an awesome idea & it would add a completely new gameplay style & probably even adding a completely new ship class to the game.
  10. TheRamblingBaron

    Ideas for Premium ships

    Hey lads! In the last weeks I often thought about new Premium vessels WG could add to the game. Just because I think some special ships deserve to be in the game & also because some important ship classes aren't even in the game yet. Of course they could also try to add a 2nd tree but for some nations it will be hard to find enough for 2 trees (some even 1). So I think all Premiums should share some important aspects: 1.They should be different from their "normal" sisters, especially in terms of the gameplay style. Every Premium should be special in their own way. 2. It is definitely nice when ship got an interesting background (history). That would make the Premium way more attractive to collectors. 3. Balance is key. It should still be strong in it's own gameplay style but it should still be worse in some aspects than her "normal" counterpart. What I mean is it really shouldn't be to strong but also of course not to weak. So enough of that. Let's finally begin with my ideas. If you got any ideas as well it's of course appreciated for you to write a comment or suggestion. My first idea was the US Destroyer - USS Pringle [DD-477]. It's a Fletcher-class DD & so obviously Tier 9. I know, I know. Tier 9 Premium... are you mad?! But hear me out. Some time ago they revealed the USS Black [DD-666], which is a Fletcher-class Premium as well. Many suggest it's a reward ship for ranked or team battles. The Black itself seems to be nothing special compared to the "normal" Fletcher from the Stats. It may get a different consumables combo but the only "interesting" thing is that the ship number is 666. When you won so many ranked or team battle seasons I think you earn a special ship that is more different than the "normal" Fletcher. I won't throw the Fletcher-idea away but I chose a more unique one of the class. USS Pringle is such a unique ship. (& I love the name by the way) The USS Pringle was one of the few DD's that got a floatplane catapult mounted on her. But she lost 1 127mm turret, some AA & also 1 of her Torp launchers. That is of course pretty bad & some aspects should get a buff. WG could for example buff the HP from 17,100 to 18,900. Then maybe buff speed & rudder shift a little bit & also give her more concealment. The torps should also get a buff since you only get 1 launcher. (Maybe drop the reload a little bit or give them more speed for less range) Then they could also switch up the consumable combo (Maybe give her Hydro or Radar) You may ask why a floatplane on a destroyer is any useful. First of all it would be something really special since there is nothing like that in the game yet. But it could also be used for stealth fire, when you drop smoke & the plane can spot targets for you. If it's a fighter it will also attack enemy planes. Maybe WG could give the Pringle a special plane. One that gives more range but also attacks enemy aircraft. Since it's a special reward ship she should be very good so people will look forward to unlock her. But of course she shouldn't be overpowered. The USS Pringle also got a quite interesting background story. She did a lot of escort missions but sadly sunk by a kamikaze attack in April 1945. There is even a memorial site: http://www.usspringle.org/ I think it would make a great reward ship for ranked or team battles especially because it's something special.
  11. TheRamblingBaron

    Destroyer metal grid (in the back)

    Hey guys short question! I always wondered what's the metal grid in the back of most destroyers is for. Some say it's for throwing waterbombs, some say it's for stability. Any ship expert here that knows what's true?
  12. TheRamblingBaron

    End of the Year In-game Competition Submission Thread

    Not sure if this is enough to win something but yeah (sry for the Background etc. but I like me some poii)
  13. TheRamblingBaron

    Watching the Upgrades in the Menu

    Hello Everybody! I recently installed some skin mods for Wows but for some of them I need to get a specific Upgrade(like on the Nagato I need the 2nd Version) but I'm not that far in the game yet but I still wanna see my skins. Is there any way or any mod to see the later ship upgrades? Thx