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  1. Zero_0

    Zao commander skills

    thanks stryk,
  2. Zero_0

    Zao commander skills

    Hi, today i finally reached this ship,and i wanted to know what do your think is the best set up for the captain. at the moment i use: - basic firing training (1) - fire prevention (2) - high alert (3) - demolition expert (4) - advanced firing training (4) i still have 1 point for now to spend, what tier 4 talent i have to left for get one at tier 5? and wich tier 5 recommend? thanks for any advice.
  3. Zero_0

    cruisers and ranked battles.

    hello, the ranked battle begin soon and i mainly playing this cruiser class; having already unlocked cleveland,pensacola,aoba and myoko, which do you think the best choice? i thought the myoko, but after nerf I think I'll try with the cleveland. thanks for any advice.
  4. hi. i reached tier 9 cruiser (ibuki) and i wondered what was the best for my ship, and why. - 10% detectability or +20% to maximus acquisition range. thanks for any help.
  5. Zero_0

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    cleveland, alias "FIRE RAIN" 204 hit and 10 set on fire 285 hit and 22 set on fire
  6. Zero_0

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    myoko + tirpitz, thats it:
  7. Zero_0