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  1. ColorShard


    Uhm...+1 for a good story then?
  2. ColorShard

    Radio controlled models

    I should really buy The Tirpitz model...and destroy some ducks in my bath
  3. ColorShard

    Turtle, first military submersible

    Seems like underwater boat to me
  4. ColorShard

    Loss of the British Battle Cruisers

    You have really interesting family history, don't you?
  5. ColorShard

    Death of USS Cushing

    I feel really sad when I see information about decommissioned ships. Like people saying to them:"Yeah, we've given you a great name and stuff, you've lived a good life, but we don't need you anymore, we will scrap you or use as a target, goodbye." I know ships don't have any feelings, but...still sad.
  6. ColorShard

    Hood vs Bismark

    Even if I really love Kriegsmarine espesially Bismarck and Gneisenau, I am feeling like Royal Navy is something better
  7. ColorShard

    USS New Jersey guns firing

    Wow, so cool
  8. ColorShard

    Battleships from smaller nations

    I am not sure if Greece will become a standalone nation in WoWS
  9. ColorShard

    "Navygaming" Magazine, 01/2013

    Looks like an EVE Online magazine but not in space :D
  10. ColorShard

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Maybe I am wrong but having a ship like Nevada on level 6 is quite quite not bad... I hope lvl 6 BB will be able to do much against higher ones
  11. ColorShard

    Interesting picture on the RU-Server

    As long as there will be no subs and DD will lose one of their main targets, they will act like a light tank... it is not a good idea for DD to approach BB or BC in a direct fight. That's what I think...
  12. ColorShard

    Russian Flying Submarine

    But...ahem...there will be no submarines in WoWs
  13. ColorShard

    Many 1/400 models

    Oh! Z31! Loved it in Navy Field, I hope it wil be even better in WoWs