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    TK/TD compensation is broken

    How much u get teamtorped seems to depend entirely on what you play. Since i've start playing russian DD's, its something i experience regularly.
  2. mrStaatsfeind

    TK/TD compensation is broken

    Any solution will have its pitfalls. However, i cant help but think that improvement is not only possible, but could be very substantial. It will not be easy to get it completely right, but its not impossible. In the case of my suggestion, there would need to be exceptions. For example, if platoon mates kill each other, no compensation should be given, as it could be exploited to gain more xp, than a stomp by enemy team would yield. I think the end result would be a rather complex system, that has alot of potential.
  3. mrStaatsfeind

    TK/TD compensation is broken

    Just had a game where is was teamtorped by an atago. Something most of us has tried a few times by now. I was playing my Udaloy, had full hp, and my smokescreen was torped with me in it at point blank range. I think it was incompetence and not intentional, but in this case it makes no difference. Full hp --> dead. Now here is the point: I used every single economical flag to get a good first win. The small amount of credits i gained in compensation, was nowhere near enough to cover my expenses in that game. Not only did i waste a high number of very valuable flags, there was premium smoke and camo. I was also deprived of any opportunity to gain either xp or credits by actually playing the game. Another loss, i was never compensated for. Its worth noting that i was the only top tier on my team. Which means that not only did it cost me alot more than i was compensated for, but the whole team suffered a loss, as the result of that TK. How is the penalty paid by the atago in any way sufficient? Suggestion: If you teamdamage a certain percentage of a friendly ship's hp, then you pay ALL expenses to that player. Including flags, premium consumeables and XP. The teamdamaged ship should get his average xp from such a game. Anything less than that, will be payed by the TK'er. The current system with turning pink is broken. I turned pink once because my secondary hit a friendly 3 times. After trying that, i can't trust that the pinks actually deserves their "punishment", all i can be sure of, is that if they deserve being pink, they have not paid for the damage they caused. In the example above, the Atago did not even turn pink. While I do recognize you (WG) have changed the system to be harsher on TD/TK, your solution have missed the mark. You get an "A" for effort, but i'm sad to say that your solution failed. cheers
  4. Hi all I've been playing this game for a while now. Time for some feedback. It is - after all - still an open beta, and the direction this game takes is still not set in stone. I will try to describe what i consider to be the game's worst flaws atm. it may not be totally coherent, so bare with me CV's Well... unlike so many others, i dont find the cv's too powerfull. However, the counterplay to cv's tend to be really boring. eg. sitting around doing nothing, as you try to protect a high value target. Suggested solution: make the cv's fight each other with fighters. They will not be half as bored providing AA, as the cruiser will. lower their AA and improve their fighters. XP and Credits I get that u need to make money. Fair enough. Thing is, even with a premium account, the xp income is heavily favored. That means u have to do alot more grinding than should be necessary, and the sense of progress is not satisfying atm. Furthermore, the repair cost is way too high. It encourages very boring gameplay. especially if mm dealt u a bad hand. As it is now, u have effectively incentivised players to - instead of trying to pull off a win - survive, even at the cost of victory. The result is drawn out matches, where the only goal is to survive. You'll get XP no matter what, so the goal quickly becomes to not lose credits. Suggested solution: Significantly lower repair cost. Dont nerf the the general credit income to the same degree. Think of more ways to incentivise people to try and win the game. Gamescom Dont give noobs that never played before a Yamato. And stop them from playing altogether when they start teamkilling. Should be a no brainer. shame on you for that. I dont blame the noob for screwing up on this one. Its all on you, WG thanks for reading. Feel free to expand and criticize any points made