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  1. Did anyone here get an Imperator Nikolai ??????
  2. RedStorm1

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to participate at the lottery
  3. RedStorm1

    Graf Zeppelin

    Aging Jedi says nicely what it is about. Kudos to Aging Jedi for his rational and moderate style and the way he put the facts on the table. I do not think iChase named anyone in Wargaming, or did you notice a name in any video I have not watched? No anger management training can control the frustration the contributors must feel watching Wargaming delivering crap.... It is time for Wargaming to understand that, if someones says "Fxxx you WG", they probably deserve it. And honestly, I also believe, the guy at Wargaming that took the decision to release this piece of crap, he really deserves to get his rear kicked. OFCOURSE I UNDERSTAND, they were in a hell lot of pressure to release it during Gamescom! But then, they should not wonder for the shitstorm they receive.... instead, they tried to silence the frustrated guy that exploded.
  4. RedStorm1

    Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    :-D I think the only thing WG needs to learn is that, when people say "Fxxx you WG", WG deserves it...
  5. RedStorm1

    Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    @Tuccy You have my respect for reacting so quickly during the week-end despite a rough full week in Cologne. You do not say it clearly but I take it for granted, iChase removal has been revoked. I understand that your Communication and CC relations officer sets high standards and does not like when "Ambassadors" of your brand use foul language - I share his point of you. What your Communication and CC relations officer failed to realise is that the "high standards" he expects, are not met within your own company! No "anger management" training in the world can prevent your CCs from exploding because of the crap your company does.... the moment you acknowledge this, everything will be better.
  6. RedStorm1

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Yup! Thank God I gave up on WG a long time ago and stopped buying!
  7. RedStorm1

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    -Given the changes in penetration and the loss of the HEAT/AP shells in SPGs, why are there no changes to premium artillery like the leFH18B2 and Sexton I? -“We didn’t- want to make changes to Premium Vehicles.” From a Q&A with Wargaming. ... regards the most dramatic change ever in game mechanics! Ofcourse according to THEIR terms & agreements they could change anything they want. I bet somewhere it say they can even sod.... us if they want... BUT AT WOT, THEY DID NOT EVEN DARE! It seems at WOWs we are better behaving customers.... Anyway, WOWs lost a "Whale", they will see no more money from me in this game, I see no reason giving them hard money if they can f... with my premiums whenever they want. I agree with the comment, WOT changed premium tanks in the past (my type 59 is craptoday and the SuperPershing was touched many times). Obviously WOT learned their lesson, WOWs has some way to go... I will repeat again: "Dear RedStorm..... I can assure you the latest changes have no influence on the ship's capability in earning credits and experience" They must think I have an IQ below 70 or recovering from a brain damage, to dare to write to me something like that!
  8. RedStorm1

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    Interesting! Today, the new patch 9.18 arrived in the WOT server. This patch brings a dramatic change to the way artillery (SPG) works: SPGs now fire shells that "stun" the enemy crews, instead of causing damage. Subsequently, ALL SPGs ammunition was changed overnight, from AP and HE shells to HE "stun" shells. ALL SPGs? NO, NOT ALL!!!!!!! All my premium SPGs retained their old AP, HE shells and were not touched. This is a far reaching example of how WOT respects and does not touch premium vehicles. The more I think of it, the more I realise how much WOWs screwed me up.....
  9. RedStorm1

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    This ! Do not misunderstand me guys, despite my 1mio XP on Blys, I am a BB guy so, I love the removal of stealth firing and now I can rape those pesky lill' insects with my secondaries! But this is NOT the point. The point is I paid hard currency to buy a ship, after doing an expansive search in the internet and reading most available reviews so, I will claim, I bought this ship based on it exact characteristics. If WG does not value experts' reviews and the impact they have in shaping players' buying behaviour, why do they give the premium ships to external contributors weeks before the official appearance in the shop??? By doing so, WG implicitly accepts that reviews created by external contributors, weeks before the ship is offered to the public, describing the characteristics of the premium ship, are a major influencer to the buying behaviour of the potential buyers. I do not think I would have bought this ship with it characteristics as they are today (because I am no big DD fan) but those days, a 4km stealth firing range made this ship very special. The second point that annoys me is that WG dares to "assure" me that "the removal of stealth firing does not have an impact on the ship's ability to earn credits and experience". ​Now WG reaches the point of denial which is blatant misinformation and outright lying which is insulting to me as a customer. Unless if someone here claims that 4km of stealth firing range is not a huge advantage if used properly, this statement from WG is plain lying! Of course I can change my DD playing style in order to accommodate for the loss of stealth firing (like I do with Okhotnik which has no stealth range at all) but, this is not the point. The only question to answer is: Did Blyska change with the removal of 4Km stealth firing from it? If yes, it is an unacceptable change to a premium ship that requires compensation. If not, there is nothing to discuss. With my 460 games on Blyska, I believe it did. If I can continue to play successfully with her or not, it remains at my discretion to want to have a "changed" product returned or, not.
  10. RedStorm1

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    For me this is what makes my blood boil: The stealth nerf did not lower Blyskas ability to earn money and xp!??? I would call this a straight lie!
  11. RedStorm1

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    I have 1mio XP on my Blyska, so I claim to know something about this ship. Here is the amusing answer from WG when I asked to return my Blys after the stealth nerf: Now, WG wants to assure me that 4km reduction of stealth firing does not have an impact on the ship's capability? Then, if it is so, why don't you leave it as it is? Now we talk about about adding insult to injury! Such answers make WG look so ridiculous. ...
  12. RedStorm1

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    I opened a ticket to return my Blyska, will wait for the response. I do not expect a miracle but I believe it is important that WG understands that, when they ask us consumers to pay hard dollars (or Euros) for an item, they can not change its parameters without compensation. Blyska lost 4km of stealth firing, I consider this a major change in the specs of the ship. If I had the money and time, I would approach a lawyer in Cyprus and sue them. Unfortunately for me, WG chose to set up its headquarters in a country of the European Union that it too far and too obscure to seek legal action... and they are taking full advantage of this. I am sure that in the USA they would not dare to play tricks like this.
  13. RedStorm1

    So, my Blyska is now a piece of ####?

    I have a Blys captain with AFT and HE pen and stealth firing was good fun. I admit I am more a BB guy so I have not played Blys for months! I am in favor of the stealth firing removal (BBs rule!) :-p So I do not cry about my Ibuki and Zao nerf as these are regular tree ships. But having paid real EUROS for a ship and see it getting a massive nerf (I lost 2km stealth range) makes me furious! And yes, I also have the Okhotnik... but for it, it was clear, no stealth firing. If I can play Blys without stealth firing range? Yes! But, why should I bother as there is nothing exceptional about it any more.
  14. No more stealth firing, and this was a massive advantage for this ship. In principle, I am not against the termination of stealth firing but, when I pay a small "fortune" for a DD, I expect it to perform according to specs, not suddenly receive a massive nerf...
  15. The steering gears (I checked it at the detailed damage list). Strange...