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  1. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!!
  2. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I want to enter the raffle 1. HSF Harekaze ( if avaible, if not Scharnhorst) 2.Mutsu 3. Doubloons Edit* 4. Premium time 5. Doubloons
  3. Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    IFHE IS essential on Atlanta because its only way to do damage more constantly
  4. Musashi specifications

    Her price Will be around 800k freexp. Can't wait to test Her and buy Her when she hits live if nothing else then for historical and collecting need
  5. Hardest ship to play?

    Izumo is the silver horror. She cant do anything. Gun have worse rng than Nagato, armor is as effective as britich CL armor, she is huge, slow and cant turn at all. As for gold ship probably Yuubari and Atlanta even thou i love them bought
  6. IJN Cruiser decks, what are they made of?

    As far as i know its made of linoleum same as for IJN DD
  7. German Battleship Captain Skills

    This is my set up for my Bismarck/Tirpitz capitan http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0000001000100000000010001000100019 Tire 1 skill can be changed to what suits you better
  8. I tested french CA and tire 8 and 9 are the Best ships in the whole line. Idk how is now Henry with his faster reload but he was realy bad ship. If i personaly decide to grind french CA i will stop at tire 9 and will never buy Henry
  9. Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Nice review. As Atlanta player since CBT i can agree with all thing mentioned. The biggest buff to my Atlanta was when my mate bought Belfast . He pops smoke and hell starts and if DD try to hide in smoke he gets nasty surprise. Nothing is as fun as seeing all of the BBbabies turning and running away from smoke.
  10. Kamikaze R - I feel evil

    Yes i do ( capitan is from kagero/yugumo)
  11. Kamikaze R - I feel evil

    My new top damage score
  12. Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Thank you for choosing me!
  13. Advent Calendar for WoWs?

    Easy on sarcasm and irony it's bad for your health. But so is WoWs so what can you do. But I do agree with you but what can you expect from the French? (trigger)
  14. Advent Calendar for WoWs?

    Hello Captains Today I saw on WoT page that they will again have Advent offers (1 day offers) so I'm wandering will we have same thing in WoWs? I now that Advent offers are usually overpriced but it would at least look like they care for WoWs community. I personally wouldn't mind some special ships for sale *cough* Kitakami *cough* or maybe some normal flag offers.