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  1. KittyTanker

    Yamato-class battleship

    This ships will surely be a mighty ship in World of Warships
  2. KittyTanker

    Miracle on Franclin

    Oh most interesting info, well done
  3. I wish i could dive under there and at least touch that old wrech
  4. Now this is a modern aircraft carrier It looks very advanced in tech
  5. KittyTanker

    USS Gerald R. Ford

    That's some big ship right there
  6. KittyTanker

    Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

    i love aircraft carriers.When World of Warships releases i'm getting a aircraft carrier straight away, no question about that!
  7. KittyTanker

    Spanish ship "BAM Rayo (P-42)"

    still don't get it, why does a ship only have a little cannon at the front? at least put some more. Very good post,BTW
  8. for that year 1960, the boat looks very modern
  9. KittyTanker

    Croatian Navy - Missle boats

    Good info and thx for posting
  10. KittyTanker

    "ORP Warszawa "

    Its a polish ship right?
  11. KittyTanker

    Italian Battleship Vittorio Emanuele

    Well done good job, some people say that saying this Well done,GJ,thx for posting ect is spamming
  12. KittyTanker

    Modern weapon systems

    this thing is in battlefield
  13. you have to have skill to land this thing
  14. KittyTanker

    Royal Danish Navy

    I don't know why modern. ships only have only 1 little cannon at the front.
  15. KittyTanker

    Spanish ship "San Ildefonso" 1785

    good post