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  1. B4zza

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. B4zza

    Brushed under the carpet thread

    However, that is under the presupposition that everybody WANTS games to become more challenging... which I doubt.  Most likely the players that say in this team-based game it is totally acceptable to do whatever they want in randoms because it is fun for them. Completely ignoring the fact, there is CO-OP mode and in most team-based games with objectives, that sort of behaviour results in the rest of the team, making the choice to eject them from the team, which we can't do in WoWs (I also think it would be impossible to implement that in WoWs). They are also the ones that will cry I am being elitist because I play to win by playing the objectives of the match hence I win more than I lose so will bash me because I have an OK WR. They claim they can do what they want in an online game, yet ignore the fact that if they behaved like that in any team based game physically they wouldn't be allowed to play, it is only because it is online and WoWs doesn't give the other players on the team the mechanics remove that player from the team can they behave like that. That leaves WoWs MM to try and balance them beforehand so all players, of all types, are somewhat catered for leading me to your next point. Even with better balanced team line ups and skilled MM stomps would happen left, right and center. Maybe not immediately after 5 minutes, but 10 instead. You could argue nearly all games in WoWs becomes a stomp at some point? However, 5 minutes is a big difference to 10 and certainly 15 minutes. At team being outplayed and collapsing after 10 minutes due to actual players doing something better than them is better than 5 minutes because my team had 40% WR dd's yoloing into radar contested caps without working out where they were first or cruiser and BB's refusing to press A or D just a little bit salvo after salvo of AP is hitting them. Splitting up the player base I feel would punish players that hover around that mark. There are players who aren't high in WR but are solid players, they have a clue, they just don't have the aiming skill or the positioning skill to make it alone but they come alive when they can help someone that works with them in a team for objectives to win. They aren't the brain dead morons that sail to where D was on the North map past the no BB sign in BB's and get stopped by one competent cruiser doing nothing all game. Understood, accept that point of view is a point but they are just as damaging to the game as bad players if that is all they care about.
  3. B4zza

    Brushed under the carpet thread

    That is just short-sightedness on those players. I want to keep my high WR number because it is high. People need to realise that whatever system is in place the WR number is relevant to the system it was earned. If I was in a system where my only opposition was 30% WR players, me having a 70%+ WR means the same if I was against 45% WR players and I only had 55% WR. Both mean the same bar the actual number, I am a good player in that system. However, the second lower WR is harder to get because I am facing a better calibre of player which to me would mean more. So if we were all in teams balanced out around skill overtime our WR would decrease or increase to level out again but this time, we the players have to accept that 55% is the new 60% based on that system. Of course, if we are all balanced by some metric then yes, some players might find they are balanced more than other due to the activity of that player doing stuff like seal clubbing lots to inflate WR or something else which they might not like. I, however, find this acceptable if it means games became more challenging and not just mainly stomps one way or the other.
  4. B4zza

    Brushed under the carpet thread

    I have for a long time thought this game needs some sort of skill based MM. Base that on WR, PR rating or something else I don't really care at the moment as that is a discussion for something else. It shouldn't be different tiers, 60% only, 50% only etc spliting out players but the players that are queued should be balanced when put into a match. If I am placed into a match and my team is 40-50% players and the opposition is 50-60% there is no reason not to balance the players out as best the system can giving each team a balanced chance. Lumping them in randomly gives days where it is wins after wins after wins, other days I would do better mashing my face on the keyboard, making me wonder if I have forgotten how to play this game all of a sudden. While I will admit it is fun to go on a winning streak for 10+ games in a session losing 10+ games in a row is more damaging to my long-term enjoyment of the game. So much so I don't spend a fraction of what I used to in this game anymore. I would like to say to people pointing out that if some sort of skill based MM was introduced based on say WR, WR would drop so how do you then balance it. At the moment 60%+ are classed as unicum, good 55% etc. If skilled based was brought in and WR tumbled because 60% players were playing each other more so the best only had 55% and good 52%, just because they aren't the higher numbers doesn't mean they aren't good based on the scale. We as players just have to change our thought to accept that 55% is the new 60% and in which a MM system would balance on given all the data it should have.
  5. B4zza

    How much Credits you have? (2018 Edition)

    Yeah, @xXx_Blogis_xXx could fund all of Scrubs with his pile. I personally have 800mil, 240+ ships in port all fitted out with premium consumables. Would love to be able to buy things with the credits like flags or even able to help other clan members out with gifting credits somehow.
  6. B4zza

    The Carrier Problem

    While I agree something needs to be done for CV's and AA, I think it is symptomatic of the game getting balanced to the masses instead of the top players in the game. The devs need to start balancing the game around the top players, the ones at the top of clan wars maybe??? I don't really know but the ones that have a clue how to play the different classes and understand what the different ships can do when playing in a team instead of balancing it for the poor randoms (not all but most) that haven't a clue when given said clue. It is suppose to be a team game after all. AA creep is directly related to bad players crying CV are OP because they camp or go alone when a CV is in the game. The feeling of defenceless while they were killed, unable to do anything solo about it in this team game because they can't see that being alone was the mistake not that the CV is OP. So you have things like the Worchester coming into the game. I haven't played but watched many work in progress videos and it seems silly to me. Yes it isn't tanky but it has, hydro, def AA, radar, heal and HE shells. Why not give it smoke also and make it really jack of all. I remember the RN cruiser not getting HE because HE on the Minotaur would cause many fires and break many modules with its ROF. Roll on a bit of time and a cruiser with nearly the ROF of the Minotaur gets HE along with all the other tools which for periods of times within a game negate many other classes, hydro for torps, radar for dd's and smoke, Def AA for fleet protection to crazy distance and totally stopping a CV coming near it. He isn't the best player (love his videos) but even Jingles defeated 3 Tier X CV in a training room with it. Why has it got so many tools and why is the AA crazy powerful and so far-reaching? It is to pander and protect the worst players from feeling bad when they get spanked from the CV which they can't shoot back at because they refuse to understand the basics. So back on point, The Carrier Problem with ships and crazy AA or the CV being OP is just part of the bigger problem of the game removing the need for thinking and skill by pandering to the worst in the game. I get it, the game needs money to carry on which comes from players, more players more money and to retain the masses you need to keep them happy so things like Worchester happens so they don't feel defenceless and frustrated at the game and leave. However, that keeps impacting on the gameplay because it has to be hard to balance all the ships and classes when you keep creeping with I can do all for ships because it is being balanced on solo yolo players and not the team orientated players in this team game.
  7. B4zza

    Captain slots in consumables containers.

    Only a 157 spare here out of a total of 176 slots. It is annoying getting 4 extra slots in reserve from containers, I just hope they have a limit on the number you can have.
  8. I just think they are trolling you @Leo_Apollo11
  9. B4zza

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would also like to join, anything goes for me.
  10. Sure that they said single bundles of flags were not in our interest, it wasn't something that the EU server wanted according to there data, something about EU getting better bundles or something, I stop reading around that point because yeah, not giving the customers something they are willing to spend on is great, singles flags I would buy all the time as and when I am low, I think last time I purchased a bundle of flags was long time ago.
  11. A simple answer to keep people happy would be leagues and restrict the lower league to none CV and the top leagues allow CV's . Every clan can play that but if you want to be a top clan you have to learn the game, all aspects of it and deal with it, find a player to play CV and learn to integrate them into your play, come up with new tactics. Hell make the lowest league DD's and cruisers only so the ones that don't like BB's can play
  12. Balanced over servers, free stuff for playing the game a while now and having loads of tier X all I have to say is thanks @Sub_Octavian Much appreciated.
  13. Atlanta is one of the most enjoyable ship in the game. Play it well and it is a laugh a minute, adrenalin pumping, excitement watching all die before her ship to play. Get it wrong and your dead before you know it. Nothing more fun that ambushing dd's with it or even better cruisers that pop around a corner and die to AP before they have a chance to get know what has happened. Watching your citadel counter climb like normal hits do is nice. Getting torp hits on BB's that think they can push and crush you around an island is fun as well. I remember playing with Blogis and being up tiered to 9 on loop and carrying the game in it, running around the island at B with them chasing me. Had the back side of the Atlanta out enough to shoot them without them being able to shoot me back slowly going around and around the island. I actually typed out ring and ring a roise in chat which enraged a Neptune into pushing a little to far and eating a lot of torps and citadels. That said, get Tears of the Desert or Ocean in it and just cry if you don't have a DD that wants to lay smoke near you. Sometimes I wish the Atlanta had even less armour just so shell overpen more because the most annoying thing in it is eating citadels at really strange angles.
  14. B4zza

    Clear Skies

    Well bugger me I managed to do it, got 3 in the last few days to complete both the clear skies task in the two campaigns. Had to play as a sucky AS Lexington over 19 games to get them. So to the few teams where I didn't as a AS Lexi come top 3 on xp sorry for being next to useless while I tried to get them. To the majority of teams where I came top 3 on xp win or lose as a AS Lexi, have some pride and learn to play better. To the RN BB's players that free xp to tier X... learn to walk first especially the one this morning that was still giving me AA support on the 9 line on Island of Ice 8 minutes into the game blaming the DD for being crap and then rounding on me for not keeping the DD's spotting while fighting an AS Shokaku as he yolo'ed into a smoked up Shima and ate a face full of torps after leaving the 9 line, hit the map edge. The highlight was the Graf Zepplin that managed to kill both his fighter squads at the same time while trying to strafe me and losing all but 1 fighters. One last thing, dive bombers, WG you need to look at the rng of these, I managed in one game today to do 4 drops and not a single bomb hit, that is take off, fly, drop, miss the ship in the middle of the target eclipse, fly, land and repeat for zero returns. All that effort for nothing and not because I missed the drop. I missed because rng decided to drop anywhere but the ship. Maybe no matter what, make it so at least 1 bomb always lands in the middle of the drop eclipse to reward good drops. Still think AS is too hard to get in high tiers with all the planes on BB's and cruisers counting towards the total. All 3 of the clear skies came in games where I was top tier. Sorry in advance to the teams that will have to suffer me trying to get the other 3 task done in a tier 9 CV.
  15. B4zza

    Clear Skies

    I can't find the Q&A where @Sub_Octavian said that the clear skies achievement was going to be looked into but it was a while back and nothing has changed. Personally I need this one achievement to complete all task in the honourable service campaign and for me, getting this in it current form is near on impossible. Only gotten it 2 in all my games. Now I will need to get it in the Yamamoto campaign as well if I want to complete all tasks. Now some of you will say play CVs and your right, I should carry on grinding them and play AS all the time hoping to get lucky with my opponent and no AA ships so I can farm his planes. That said, the screen shot of this game where our CV spanked 80 planes down and it wasn't enough for a clear skies because it wasn't more than 50% of the planes shot down doesn't fill me with hope that playing CV (which I don't enjoy much) will get me this ridiculous achievement. Can we get an update on this being reworked? I don't want it to be made super easy, it isn't a whine I just think in it's current form if 80 planes isn't enough it is a little silly. Surely it isn't a hard thing to do to change the parameters of the requirements for this?