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  1. Good day. I ve recieved a warning about non participating in a game and I want to object. I had a computer crash which took about 10 minutes to restore. It's not a great penalty (3 games and I have allready played one). The major problem is that you stigmatism me against my co players in battle.

         I strongly urge you to reconsider those "rules" taking into consideration the total behavior of somebody and giving him (or her) the means to defend his (her) possition. Being a player since 2013 (and wow since 2015) I never created such issues. 

         Such actions without giving the means to somebody to defend and/or without considering the prior behavior of the accused is somethng totally unfair and foreign to nowdays European (and Global) culture...


           Kind regards...

          H. Athinaios (The_hat)

  2. The_hat

    World of Warships is sailing to Greece!

    I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet you there. Thank you for the hospitality. Next time please try to accept more players to the turnament. Also I would like to thank the Greek volunteers for the support and help. Best regards and hope to see you onboard "Averof" next time. It would be magic!!!!!!!!!