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    World of Warships is sailing to Greece!

    In addition to the above mentioned I have to point out: 1. The 2.500 naval history of Greece starting from Salamina naval battle up to date 2. The "lucky uncle George" (nick name of "Averof") and its first captain Pavlos Koundouriotis 3. The amazing history of "Adrias" (please check)... 4. Lots and lots of other history insidents regarding Greek naval history 5. The history of "Nautilus" (first ever seaplane used in war). 6. The fact that Greek owned merchant navy is one of the three globaly (not bad for t 10mil. Nation Therefore I believe that the traditional unbreakable bond between Greeks and sea must be honored with two or three ships (including Averof) to the near future... I have to say that I feel allready honored as a Greek when I see Greek captains in the co-op battles and we must thank you on this. Thank you for your time... looking forward to see you in Athens again!
  2. Good day. I ve recieved a warning about non participating in a game and I want to object. I had a computer crash which took about 10 minutes to restore. It's not a great penalty (3 games and I have allready played one). The major problem is that you stigmatism me against my co players in battle.

         I strongly urge you to reconsider those "rules" taking into consideration the total behavior of somebody and giving him (or her) the means to defend his (her) possition. Being a player since 2013 (and wow since 2015) I never created such issues. 

         Such actions without giving the means to somebody to defend and/or without considering the prior behavior of the accused is somethng totally unfair and foreign to nowdays European (and Global) culture...


           Kind regards...

          H. Athinaios (The_hat)

  3. The_hat

    World of Warships is sailing to Greece!

    I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet you there. Thank you for the hospitality. Next time please try to accept more players to the turnament. Also I would like to thank the Greek volunteers for the support and help. Best regards and hope to see you onboard "Averof" next time. It would be magic!!!!!!!!!
  4. The_hat

    Public Test General Feedback

    Since I had the opportunity to play the whole day I have to admit that the overall is very good. Most of all I enjoyed (in addition to my previous comment): 1. Weather. It will take a while to fully understand the changes that this new factor will bring to the game (I feel you are opening a whole new chapter over here). 2. The new maps (I do not know thought if there are new maps for lower tiers). 3. The training mission (very good idea try to encorporate more functions during the mission such as smoke screens torpedoes e.c.t.) 4. The music (amazing don't stop it)!!!!! 5. The new functionality of the mini maps that gives auto pilot info 6. The new mechanics on sound and visual. I want to ask for one more improvement which is historically accurate and will add to the game (I believe). When looking in binocular mode I would like to see bearing and speed of the target. Thanks for all the good job boys and girls! Keep on!
  5. The_hat

    Sisters of Fog, Stage 1 done, no ship in port.

    Thanks!! I 've switched to the right port and I found my ARP Haruna waiting!
  6. The_hat

    Public Test General Feedback

    I have to nag about the usual ... I wish I could play more but I can not connect (error??). Despite that the training mission was very good I wish it will bring more players to the game (pls try to move it forward a little bit more by changing shell type or turning hard right or left in order to familiarize newcomers more to the game). Nice music selections, very nice graphics. Thanks for the experience hope I could play more!