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  1. Top nation DD´s to lvl?

    just ignore IJN DDs they are complete [edited]any other DD line trashes them their torps are also pretty bad the only good thing about them is the high alpha strike that never hits if you wanna go traditional DD go for US line first next Pan-Asia as they are really similar to US DDs alternatively go German DDs they are really good cap contesters and torp boats Soviet DDs are pure gun boats just dakka the enemy with your superior guns
  2. Alsace

    Streuung ist immernocv ziemlich gut Sehr spaßiges schiff
  3. Buff Hipper and Eugen reload to 10sec or give it a Heal
  4. Gearing - Yueyang

    I hope the updated pictures have made it more clear the Gearing is just a slighly Longer and wider Sumner class
  5. Gearing - Yueyang

    the Gearing from the beginning was always very high in the water however, with the release of the Pan Asian TX Destroyer the Yueyang it showes even more the Gearing is only be a very slight imporvement over the Allen M Sumner class which the Yueyang is as you can see the Gearing should look be a bit lower in the water as it is now the Yueyang is too low however and both Destroyers should have about the same waterline as Fletcher
  6. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle 1.Kii 2.Makarov 3.Doubloons
  7. Armor Penetration Curves

    Air drag: 0.35; Shell weight: 1321kg; Krupp: 2550; Muzzle velocity: 840m/s can someone do the calculations for the french T10 BB?
  8. French T10 Battleship finally revealed :)

    the turret layout actually makes sense it shows the later development of french Battleships 2 quads fore and aft are is first of all a much more balanced layout and secondly the ship would probably be way too unstable if it had 2 superfiring 431mm quad turrets btw I do not think a 431mm quad turret would have been possible so pls dont quote me on that
  9. Alsace

    Hier bitte alles zur Alsace rein.
  10. Some interesting info around the world

    from French Facebook French Tier 9 BB Alsace
  11. Roma

    Penetration auf 5/10/15km Roma 675 / 575 / 489 Richelieu 641 / 552 / 480
  12. It actually originates from me and someone spread them from our clan discord I was just trolling my clan mates
  13. Conqueror TX RN BB

    die Conqueror ist gut wenn man die Hände frei haben will um etwas anders neben bei zu machen
  14. not like you need to rotate with all guns in front
  15. USS Salem stats 49700HP 25mm armor 152mm cit armor 3x3 203mm 15.8km range 2800 HE alpha 5000 AP alpha 5.5s reload 30s 180 traverse 142m dispersion 723m\s HE speed 762 AP speed 2.05 sigma 33kn speed 770m circulation 8.6s rudder 13,4 concealment