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  1. Kaseko

    Community und ihre Verbote!

    Ich dachte im Forum gibts wieder eine interessante Diskussion, scheint wohl immer noch alles wie früher zu sein
  2. Kaseko

    Remove Standard Battle

    Can you to explain why?
  3. Kaseko

    Remove Standard Battle

    This game mode has been here for ages and it brings literally nothing to the table. It's a boring camp fiesta you can just go ahead and enjoy some tea for 15 minutes untill the actual battle starts because the enemy team finally reached your cap or the other way around. the question here, who enjoys such "gameplay"?
  4. Kaseko

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    one simple thing they need to do is buff the ridicoules torpedo concealment of the 610mm Torps but only on the Torp line so you can actually make use of your main dmg source
  5. I rarely visit the forums since discord happened @Riselotte^^
  6. Kaseko

    Bug Reports

    Game keeps crashing as i enter battle Problem has already been discribed above.
  7. First I have to disappoint you, this is not some thread about wheather or not Hindenburg should get Radar. So with the recent post about the Hindenburg by WG I noticed that on one of the Randers the Hindenburg has the typical German arrangement of stacked Range finders with a Radar Pannel attached to it. just like it should be however, when I looked at my Ingame Hindenburg she was missing that extra "box" on top of the range finder with the radar pannel. whats even strange, is that on the NA Client the Hindenburg actually has said radar pannel so what I ask for is this little model error to be fixed..... or you won't get any more from me... nah just kidding
  8. Kaseko


    Die meisten Cleveland Fahrer werden wohl nicht so der Brüller sein, da es wahrscheinlich ihr erster T8 ist. Ich empfinde die Cleveland besonders als spaßig man kann mit ihr auch wunderbar T8 ranked grinden
  9. Kaseko

    Good Bye Orion, Hello... Ishizuchi?!

  10. Kaseko

    Help wanted: guide to BB brawling

    when we are talking about brawling against other battleships litterally every Battleship expect Yamato is able to do that approaching a ship: you want to sail at an angle and not go completely bow on. Try to "swig out" whenever your guns are reloaded to shoot a full salvo and immidialtly turn back in. brawling: You do not want to give the enemy a chance to ram you so try to ot get too close to the enemy. I'd say the closest you should get is 5km since at that range your ship is very accurate and your turrets are still able to keep up with your aim. when the enemy is facing its bow towards you try to take out his Main guns or aim at the superstructure with AP you will still be able to inflict massive angles when you have a better target available (like a broadside cruiser) don't hesitate to shoot at it. the "pass by" in brawling you very often will get into a situation where you have to pass by a ship at very close range where your guns aren't able to keep up anymore. what you have to do now is aim your guns ahead of the enemy ship and wait for it to cross your aim point and fire when it does. now a big mistake I often whitness is that playerd after they passed by the enemy ship turn back in to get in some sort of circle maneuver, however this will expose your weak broadside. As the enemy often is trying to do the smae thing what you do is just continue to sail on while your guns reload and create some distence between you and the enemy. you can say you are "kiting away. you constantly sail away from the enemy ship at an angle to make it harder for the enemy to aim at you. on every reload you wait for the enemy ship to shoot any only now turn back in to shoot your salvo just to turn away again. CAPTAIN BUILD first skills: 1p PT 2p EM or AR 3p SI 4p CE Advanced 1p PM (optional) 2p HA or JoAT 3p BoS 4p FP
  11. Kaseko

    Noobs mit Tier 10 Schlachtschiffen? Wie geht das?

    Ich würde ja gerne 24/7 Clan Gefechte spielen, doch leider geht das nicht und ich muss mich mit Randoms "begnügen" Außerdem ist der Clan Modus sowieso nicht ganz ausgereift und ist noch sehr verbesserungswürdig mir würde es ja schon reichen wenn die Mitspieler auch auf den Gegner schießen würden
  12. Kaseko

    Noobs mit Tier 10 Schlachtschiffen? Wie geht das?

    Bei den meisten kann man nicht mehr von Personen reden, jemand mit einem funktionstüchtigen Gehirn sollte doch wenigstens annähernd verstehen wie das Spiel zu spielen ist oder?
  13. Kaseko

    Noobs mit Tier 10 Schlachtschiffen? Wie geht das?

    Also bei den edited , die heutzutage rum fahren möchte man sich doch schon das eine oder andere mal an den Kopf fassen
  14. Kaseko

    Top nation DD´s to lvl?

    just ignore IJN DDs they are complete [edited]any other DD line trashes them their torps are also pretty bad the only good thing about them is the high alpha strike that never hits if you wanna go traditional DD go for US line first next Pan-Asia as they are really similar to US DDs alternatively go German DDs they are really good cap contesters and torp boats Soviet DDs are pure gun boats just dakka the enemy with your superior guns
  15. Kaseko


    Streuung ist immernocv ziemlich gut Sehr spaßiges schiff