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  1. Kaseko

    Testships - first impressions

    Småland is the premium and Halland is the tech tree ship
  2. Kaseko

    Quarter pen on German 150mm DD guns.

    instead of the HE pen they should buff the pathetic HE damange and or give the AP better pen angles and shorter fuses so they work against DDs
  3. Kaseko

    Gorizia (Tier VII)

    Gorizia ist einfach nur eine Zara in schlecht, und selbst die ist jetzt nicht besonders gut.
  4. Kaseko

    Smolensk - Tier X

    lasse ich mal so stehen
  5. In the fact that even the worst CV player ever can singlehandedly kill a DD no matter said DDs skill level and the worst part, the DD can't do a single thing to prevent this.
  6. When CVs exist? you made all these chanes like adding a Delay to radars to try and make DDs fun to play, and then you just throw it in the bin by making CVs the godclass of the game that ruins everyones day especially DDs. it even goes so far as making them virtually unplayable. you should add some sort of delay to plane spotting so the carrier isnt all powerful and has both tools at hand (spotting and massive damage) THE DDs NEED TO GET THEIR ROLE BACK
  7. Kaseko

    Your favourite T9 and T10 BBs

    Tier IX: Jean Bart Tier X: Kremlin
  8. accept your fate and go back to port, applies to pretty much any DD or ship
  9. Kaseko

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    right now the SAP is just worse HE rather than giving you any kind of advantage it takes something away, mainly being able to get damage regardless of anlge. higher alpha is nice, but it gets completely overshadowed by the atrocious reload and unreliable damage because of bounces
  10. Kaseko

    German higher tiers

    in another BB you would have died way before that point
  11. Kaseko

    German higher tiers

  12. Kaseko

    German higher tiers

    even better, just play Russian BBs
  13. Kaseko

    Yoshino torps

    20km torps are funny, you can launch them at max range and enemy BB campers will still manage to run into them
  14. Kann dass jetzt nur am beispiel der Montecuccoli beurteilen, aber dien SAP gegen DDs und CA/CLs ist brachial. Jedoch ist man gegen BBs absolut hilflos, besonders gegen die low tier dreadnaughts mit runherum Panzerung ohne Aufbauten. Ich würden den Reload allerdings auch runter setzen, der Schaden ist einfach nicht hoch genug, dass der reload so hoch sien muss