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  1. Comrad_StaIin

    Is that hard to get Richelieu now?

    as I said before, I don't have any problems with Jean Bart or Bourgogne. what I could imagine for the regular line would be the fast heal of Massachusetts at least from T8 and up, that would give you some sort of tankiness against HE spammers and the ability to influence the battle more.
  2. Comrad_StaIin

    Is that hard to get Richelieu now?

    I have to heavily disagree here US fast line brings very high surivability, high mobility and utility with extremely accurate guns with no real weaknesses overall US Slow line (at least Vermont) brings the most devastating Alpha strike in the game with deadly accuracy while being pretty tanky at the cost of slow speed Japanese BBs have very strong guns at every tier, especially Tier9 and 10, good armor, good mobility and great range UK BBs have devastating HE, best in class concealment, good mobility, weak armor however the extremely strong heal stransforms them into unkillable zombie ships. German BBs are one of the tankiest Ships in the game with average guns and good secondaries not to forget the Hydro, which is extremely usefull on a Battleship. I don't think we even need to talk about Soviet BBs However, when I look at the french BBs I see inconsisten weak armored BBs with a gimmicky speed boost. while yes, the mobility is great it doesnt really matter when you have to stay at range all the time because you can't tank anything. And if you want to use the guns you might as well roll a dice République kind of offsets it but then again, why not just take Yamato, whos guns blow République's out of the water it is not even funny.
  3. Comrad_StaIin

    Oklahoma Camo

    if that was the reason 90% of the camos in this game would be hidden
  4. Comrad_StaIin

    Is that hard to get Richelieu now?

    I don't really see a point in the French BB line none of these ships bring anything to the table that another BB line wouldn't do better. and if you really want a french BB experience you'd wanna get Jean Bart and Bourgogne, although these are really hard to get these days. you could try and get the Jean Bart B tho
  5. Comrad_StaIin

    Oklahoma Camo

    no, I am saying that this camo has no need to be hidden behind this option
  6. Tbf the Des Moin Model is a really old Model and should probably get reworked at some point
  7. Comrad_StaIin

    Oklahoma Camo

    Why do I not see this camo when I have decorative elements turned off? As far as I can tell this camo doesn't have any such elements. I do not see the need of being able to turn it off and would like for it to be visible even when turning decorative camos off
  8. Comrad_StaIin

    LM:s for new shiplines..

    so your trade off for a nerf is two other nerfs? sounds balanced to me I'll send it to WG
  9. eh. you can't just tell people to not be toxic your only options are 1. Turn off the Chat. 2. Grow some balls and live with it.
  10. Comrad_StaIin

    WG pls rework Kurfurst to 8x50cm guns

    I see Makima Profile I like on topic tho I do not like the 12 gun Kurfürst at all, it completely goes against the german design philosophy.
  11. Comrad_StaIin

    Slawa (Tier X)

    Slava ist überhaupt nicht für den Nahkapf geeignet, die Ohio hingegen, ist das perfekte Nahkampf Schiff eines jeden Schlachtschifffahrers mit allen nötigen Tools um dem Gegener auf kurze Distanz das Leben schwer zu machen.
  12. Comrad_StaIin

    First T8 premium CV. Which should be?

    don't get any of them the Tech Tree CVs are just better in every way. the only really worthy Premium CV is Enterprise, Kaga kinda comes close with those spammable torp bombers but it suffers when up tiered
  13. The differences between those two classes are just becoming larger and larger, to an extend where it is no longer feasible to combine them under a single Class. Especially with the new Captain skill rework on the horizon, many light cruisers such as Atlanta or Colbert will be effectively crippled. Light cruisers need a different Skill Tree than Heavy Crusiers. The differences become especially apparent if you compre "cruisers" such as Stalingrad, Puerto Rico, Siegfried or Yoshino with ships like Worcester, Flint or Smolensk. I believe a division between these two classes will only benefit us in the long run.
  14. Comrad_StaIin

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    no need to go that far, just remove CVs easy fix edit: I like how only players at the lower end of the skill spectrum are defending CVs, make of it what you want
  15. Comrad_StaIin

    How do I counter CVs in ranked?

    You don't.