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  1. valdan71

    Fuso's best skills for ranked

    Sneaking is no bb style, cruisers and dd do that.
  2. valdan71

    Fuso's best skills for ranked

    I've used another build till today, with CE and 2 planes (following Flamu). Much more satisfied with the current one. The build depends on playstyle and points to spend. I'll post again if I'll reach rank 5.
  3. valdan71

    Fuso's best skills for ranked

    SI,AR and HE kiting help a lot in games end to keep the star when u get in a tomato team, which is the simplest way to get to rank 1. Cinical but true.
  4. valdan71

    Fuso's best skills for ranked

    So there are many noobs who got rank 1 by you, yes?
  5. valdan71

    Fuso's best skills for ranked

    Well, I've made my way sniping till rank 10 for now. I've chosen RL to deal with pesky dd. Next, vigilance I think.
  6. valdan71

    How can i post on forum.worldofwarships.com?

    Did that, no use.
  7. I'm trying to create an acount there but i'm redirected to .eu (by ip, i presume). It's impossible without rerouting ip?
  8. valdan71

    Fuso's best skills for ranked

    Yeah, that's deleted cruiser's captain talk.
  9. valdan71

    Fuso's best skills for ranked

    I have 13 skill points now. Already got Expert Loader (often change AP with HE), AR (to maximize firepower, EM (mandatory) and SI. What should I do with the last 5 points? I play it usualy as a sniper, but I want to be prepared for DD survival hunt too. CE, RL, Fire Prevention, PT, Bos, Vigilance maybe?
  10. valdan71

    So RL/RPF/RDF has not broken the game!

    Im using it for defence, not to attack (it alerts targets). Great on JPN battleships in endgame, when stalked by dd.
  11. valdan71

    Limit captain skills at low tiers

    I think it would be a very good idea. And I think that any captain that respects himself doesnt even play t1-t4 after he passed by.
  12. Thanks, i was trying with BB ;(
  13. Need to destroy 2 main battery to complete mission. What do you recommand?
  14. valdan71

    Are the ships incorrectly scaled?

    If the ships were correct scaled, some of the problems mentioned could be solved by increasing max. zoom (when targeting) and increasing guns' precision. And the "chance" of ships colliding (between them or with the islands) will diminish.