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  1. AramilG

    Is MM going to mess with good players AGAIN?!?

    So, lets analyze that (and prove how dumb tin-foil hat users are): 1. You are an above avereage player, you win a lot - you are more likely to get a tier 7 game in tier 5 ship, therefore you are more dependant on your team to win...or are you? Good player can get significant results even when he is bottom tier. 2. You are a below average player, you lose a lot - you are more likely to get tier 5 game in tier 5 ship, therefore your team is more dependant on you to win, therefore you win EVEN LESS 3. Patent says nothing about rest of your team - it is giving a good player weaker vehicle more often, not worse team, it is only about tier placement, not retard-placement in teams Summary - can this patent (in theory) make you play 30% top tier, 30% middle tier and 40% bottom tier? Sure it can. Can it be responsible for 15 lost games in the row? No way in hell, not in the way it is described. Seriously, if you think otherwise, go back to school. Elementary school, because you need some basics before you will even start to learn something more.
  2. AramilG

    Ranked battles and premium ships.

    Ranked battles are suppossed to create teams based on player skills, so why would issue you described matter at all? (not to mention ranked is tier 6-7, so no Atago and I think Atlanta will be one of top picks there).
  3. But they are removed in 4.1, so there is no more reason to discuss them. Btw, only reasonable thing you can do with specialkha and some other posters here is to put them on ignore list, you will not get anything from them other than incoherent rambling and personal insults. Forum is so much nicer place for me now, and I only have 3 users on ignore list;)
  4. 22cm - we already established that no skill carrier clicking is way to hard for you, Mr 700 average xp in Hosho and zero torpedo hits in Langley, just go away with your trolling.
  5. AramilG

    Do the premium flags actually gain you anything?

    I only used xp ones and their multiplier is added in the same place as first win of the day bonus - without flag you get 1,5 multiplier on firs win and x1 for every other game, with flag it is 2x for first win and 1,5x for other games
  6. AramilG

    "Stop sailing in straight line."

    I have won 1v1 against a carrier (not a bad one, I have seen replay from his perspective too) in my BB (by capping). He couldnt kill me in 10 minutes. If you suck it is your problem, not CV problem. Now, about this qouted "balanced, unbalanced" part - this is what WG wants from this game. This is why you can not have more than 2 CVs in your team. They are ment to have mechanic that forces teamplay. Either deal with it or quit, it will not change - you cant nerf CV to the point where it is balanced in 1v1 situation because they will be completly useless against any 2 ships sailing together. Why? Beacuse AA is passive and overlaping aura. You dont have to do anything to completly ruin CV day - just sail with 1-2 ther ships with reasonable AA. You dont, you are screwed (unless you are in US CA with colldowns up). Deal with it. Myabe it is not a game for you and other like-minded?
  7. AramilG

    "Stop sailing in straight line."

    BB kills CA CA kills DD DD kills BB (in theory) right? CV kills lone targets Group kills CV Simple as that. Now, problem is that no other class in game can force grouping, only CVs (ie. no other class has a mechanic that works great against single target and can be countered by being in a formation). This is part of fundametal design of WoWs. You may whine all you want, but they will not change that. Sure, some CVs will get nerfed (IJN strike decks for example), but some other OP ships will get nerfed/changed too (Cleveland anyone?;)). Maybe rewards for CVs will be adjusted, who knows? But since WG wants some basic teamplay in WoWs and CVs are the only thing that may increase teamplay comparing to WoT they will not get nerfed as much as you whinners would like to. And please, dont tell me teamplay is impossible in this kind of game - look at LoL or other similar MOBA. If you want to be a rambo and carry the game alone, go everywhere alone and fight alone maybe you should play some kind of deathmatch FPS?
  8. AramilG

    A bit worried about the population

    Oh I know all of that. But you know, I give as much about their feeling, lack of unlocked CVs and so on as they give about my challenge. I have to add that I bought Wyoming only to be able to participate in the challenge, so it is not like they would have to make bigger sacrifice than I did, since most of them have one or the other BBs lines unlocked above tier 5. Point is - they dont want to accept it, so it is one of following options: 1. They do not have any CV unlocked and any CV gameplay experience, threfore their opinion about CV gameplay is biased whinning 2. They suck in CV and they know how such duel would end, therefore their opinion about CV gameplay is pure whinning AND they have no courage to accept it 3. Both I never wanted to prove that CVs are OP or not, I wanted to prove above points, and by "not giving a crap" they are actually proving it. In my opinion, and in this case it is all that matter for me PS. Well, thanks to quoting of Genai post I had a displeasure to read them... what can I say, thank you for confirming all my opinion about you. PPS. ignoring all this personal attacks, I must say that I really respect Ishiro32 posts about the matter - he is a very experienced CV player, he knows what he is talking about and ideas and solutions he propose actually makes sense - I hope devs thinks in similar ways and our gaming experience will improve after next patch - even for those of us who play IJN CVs
  9. AramilG

    A bit worried about the population

  10. AramilG

    A bit worried about the population

    Genai, only worthless thing here is your contribution to any discussion on this forum, Mr. "I've just lost money because I have less money after buying a new ship than before buying a new ship and I will whine about it with incoherent posts with lost of ... and rage". Just quit this game already, since you obviously hate it and dont waste our time. If you really think that real point of my challenge is to prove that CVs are OP or not than it looks like my (not particulary high) opinion about you was even better than it should be.
  11. AramilG

    A bit worried about the population

    Ishiro32 - I agree completly, +1
  12. AramilG

    Working as intended?

    And perhaps you should read with comprehension about WG game design patents? This patent in question that all tin foil hats users are using as argument will lower your WR if you are a bad player and make it higher if you are a good player (it is supposed to make you a top tier vehicle after losing multiple battles in a row, bad player in top tier vehicle is more likely to lose game for his team, if a good player will have an unlucky losing string he will be more likely to win in top tier vehicle).
  13. AramilG

    A bit worried about the population

    Sure, this is my plan. As soon I will get higher tier BBs that is - currently slowly going for New York. Unfortunatley, CV whinners have a lot to say but are very hesistant to back up their words with actions - only 1 person accepted the challenge (to make things funnier said person was NOT a CV whinner) so I forsee troubles with finding an opponent... I can not say that I am suprised by lack of people who want to accept such challenge - CV whinners either have absolutely zero experience in playing CV (so we have very good chances they would fail miserably in something that they perceive as OP and skilless, which would be pretty embarassing) or just suck in CVs (which is really embrassing).
  14. AramilG

    A bit worried about the population

    http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/22544-cvs-are-op-challenge/page__hl__%2Bchallenge__fromsearch__1 TL;DR I won a duel in Wyoming vs Langley who was using manual drop. It is possible, even in lower tiers, to avoid quite a lot of damage from TBs. I play low tier CVs and I know from my own experience how it works. Sure, I killed yesterday an Aoba with 1 drop from Independence. He was sailing in a straight line and shooting me, he saw TB squad starting from my deck, going to his left and dropping torps and he did nothing (not even AA cooldown which I know he had up because I failed a torp attempt against him a moment earlier, he did not use ability then and I was the only CV attacking him), so he ate 4 torps and died. In the same battle I have killed tier VI IJN CV in 1 torp spread - he was just sitting still in the middle of the ocean, didnt even try to avoid. And no, he was not afk, he had planes in the air and tried to catch my TBs with his fighters. Now, when I tried to torp Colorado I lost 3 planes before even getting to somewhat good position to drop and I hit only 1 torp because he was evading well. CVs feast on bad players and have a lot of problems with good players. Since most players in any online game are terribly bad, getting insane scores with CVs is easier than with any other ship, because they punish bad players hardest. You should know this from your own experience, you have low tier CVs, dont you?
  15. AramilG

    A bit worried about the population

    It was already tested in CBT and dumped as a failed experiment. Those who have situational awarness and react to planes do not whine on forum, those who sail in straight line will not notice difference anyway and will still whine on forum. WG said they are not going to change US CVs, so average dmg and exp of US CVs is right in their opinion. Some IJN CVs in strike versions needs nerf, which is already scheduled. Honestly, there is not much to discuss in this matter...