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  1. de1hagar

    Thank you all for sailing with me

    well this gives the true face of the players here as I just thanked those you sailed with me and the trolling flows over about that post tbh you dont have to react though you do and so it seems you do care and that soo sweet
  2. de1hagar

    Thank you all for sailing with me

    lol, dont worry my dear friend it wont
  3. de1hagar

    Thank you all for sailing with me

    Thanks for all who beg me to stay and all tears and such. I been trying to find what ship class/nation fitts most to my game style since I start playing it so dont look at my stats as they dont say anything. I love playing online but after playing EVE online for many years ( getting to busy in rl to keep playing that ) this game just does not reach that level and just frustrates more and more you get higher in tiers. I think I might go back into space tbh.
  4. de1hagar

    Thank you all for sailing with me

    But I am off. There are too many mayor flaws in this game to keep playing it. I want to thank all who did fight on my side and those who did fight against me and maybe we meet again in an other game.
  5. de1hagar

    Sorry team

    Just wanna say ''Sorry Team'' as I get rl interfering sometimes and feel I let my team down. Though there should be a law, a law that forbids to interfere a gamer with phone calls.
  6. de1hagar

    ship module for airplane

    Thanks did check everywhere but there as always says my wife hehe
  7. de1hagar

    ship module for airplane

    I got the Nagato though did not see any option to choose one or the other . Edit: got the b-hull sofar wont be long before I got the c-hull
  8. de1hagar

    ship module for airplane

    Hmm, thx as I am only tier 7 I did not know this.
  9. de1hagar

    ship module for airplane

    What about a module/upgrade for cruisers and battleships? I would like to see an option to choose what airplane to be mounted , a spotter or a fighter. Now I got a spotter on my battleship though I would prefer a fighter. So what about this?? Option??
  10. de1hagar

    What's your favorite BB?

    I just starting to get used to the Nagato and like it everyday more though my fav till now is the Fuso. Not afraid to get into a fight even against multiple battleships. Use range, angle and the 12 guns and you can really do some dam. Yesterday I was in a fight against a Warspite, Colorado and a New Mexico, I kept them busy so long that my team won, even did a lot of dam on all 3 I did sink in the end but had a nice fight So for me My Fuso still nr 1
  11. de1hagar

    The misery, the frustration, the contempt

    I have the feeling also hiting targets has changed. Normally I blow a dd out of the water when he shows his broadside on 4-5 km of my Fuso, I mean 12 projectiles on a not to miss range should pop a dd but now I miss all or maybe 1x a 1020 dam hit. Really suprising.
  12. Sometimes I have the feeling that the targetting system get confussed when a target is moving behind a island. I try to explain what I mean (english isn't my first language), You leading a target with 8-10 sec. or so who you been shooting at already some rounds and as he moves to get behind and island you keep that same leading line and but then when you shoot it hits the island, way shorter then the previous shots on that line. Looks like the targetting system gets confused. Is there a way to solve this?
  13. de1hagar


    I agree completely with this. And this is what I mean . Some one writes in teamchat A and B, I will follow this as it makes sense. Move as a team, stick together and you can take A and B and hold them and win the game.
  14. de1hagar


    I dont know who is giving the and to be honest I dont care and I really don't care about statistics. I play for fun only and its just more fun when a team plays as a team maybe you should try it..
  15. de1hagar


    Soo? I did not say that I giving those orders.