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  1. In the last couple of weeks we have been working on website optimization. Here are the list of improvements: Main page loads twice as fast Player pages loads 20% faster Database Redesign Database Data cleanup Upcoming new features: We are 90% done on adding ranked battle stats, hope you guys like this new feature. Stat Metric in the work Signature redesign Other features are being worked on, but we can't disclose atm. We want to thank everyone that contributed to make warshipstats possible
  2. Jayz536

    Average XP through the floor

    Hey, Wargaming indeed changed the values of experience in their API, we have no control over that
  3. Make sure you use the link provided instead of the actual picture link "http://sig.warshipstats.com/500847203.png"
  4. Color Values will be more accurate the more users we get
  5. If you are logged in (top right), it should automatically switch to EU
  6. Thank you If you have any suggestions let us know!
  7. Hope you guys like the site, if you have any issues let us know
  8. Jayz536

    The stat whores have arrived

    We only track the players that searched their name.
  9. Jayz536

    The stat whores have arrived

    There is a problem with players having zero battles in world of tanks, we will fix that issue once the api is released