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    just played a game tier 5 emerald 4 bots on team well before we got to the enemy bot team about 12 km at least ,1 of the bots torps me on me own team most of me health gone we did loose that game , what the f@ck is going on i do belive now the game is fixed you have won to many now you willl f@cking loose make matters worse 1 of our team then goes atk . shame on you wg no more cash from me i treat the game as free and no cash your loss . have been noticing the bots just stop and also stop firing at you in some games , its either the game is fixed or there are some awfull bugs i just play coop only , but game is so bad with the fixed game or bugs i think it is game fixed
  2. robertsrevenge

    Have you bought Belfast, Kutuzov? if so prepare to be shocked...

    all i can say if when you look on internet on firefox world of warships you get this World of Warships - free online multiplayer game about battleships this says it all thought you all knew this
  3. robertsrevenge

    Dev Secrets Revealed!

    oh good look foward to this news
  4. robertsrevenge

    No more compensations for team damage? Possible alternatives?

    send ticket to support they have to work out what went wrong but would say all they have to do it have no team damage it would stop all the problems and a bonus for them would be mpore players would shoot at each other more meaning it cost them more cash , its a no brainer
  5. robertsrevenge

    Cruisers without HE - some Thoughts

    just wanted the royal navy ships above all but really dont like what i have played so far , we all love options the royal navy has gone for a tea break , hopefully when the tea break is over they change them if not back to me other games . choices is what is needed give players a choice on what they want on a ship if you want he or ap let the players choose after all its them that pay for it
  6. robertsrevenge

    Co op

    coop is low rewards xp/cash then random i just play coop only just for the stress relif so if you loosing cash at high levels then you need premium time will help you after all game is free you can support the game with pocket money . coop is quite easy random is not wish you happy stress relif games in coop , very good for it and learning ships how to play them
  7. robertsrevenge

    Coop battles.

    I only play coop had enough of the tanks to last a lifetime , with the coop would say the rewards are ok as they are you need to have premium time for more xp credits , it does help to spend some real cash to support the game after all its free .
  8. robertsrevenge

    How to make the RN CL's more fun to play

    hi guys hope they can look at the royal navy ships was going to buy the Belfast have the warspite and cambletown warspite is ok but the cambletown not fun to play . was waiting for the uk line and played some to tier 4 not much fun to play I just play coop only for the fun factor no hassle , I have funded 3 accounts for gold and premium ships for me family but with what I have played its not much fun , back to me other games pity was going to spend some cash and buy 3 belfasts for me family will come back and have the odd game at weekends to see if the royal navy gets better or is in need of a holiday
  9. robertsrevenge

    Idea: Sailboat battle for future

    as a few players have said naval action is about what you want it is very good as well since its in alpha you have pve and pvp both are good ,cheaper on steam and rank fast and craft fast before the wipe . if wg made warships as same model as naval action omg what a game that would be just waiting for the royal navy hope its good
  10. shame on wg they will loose a few players over this the royal navy was the largest and the best ships period and they really don't want us to be that good proof our only battleship and the destroyer . I have spent on 2 accounts more than 1k pounds and top up my sons and 2 grandson accounts you get no more cash from me now I was waiting for the royal navy line now with what I hear shame on you
  11. robertsrevenge

    Unbalanced pay-to-win crap

    hearts of iron to 3 as well I would suggest just stay in coop against bots there you will find hardly any stress just fun it does take a lot longer to level up but its just fun . after tanks I don't want the crap so I just stay coop . also do loose a few games but it help you practice more tip fire zig zag fire zig zag allways angle you ship
  12. robertsrevenge

    Why don't some people want to win? - Serious question!

    can tell you this my 2 grandsons play the game their one is old enough I just let them play coop only like I do no stress but can tell you many of his friends play both tanks and ships they all around 14 . I went to venue in brick lane London and gave me grandson a few freebies I won he gave them to his friends so now he has 12+ friends playing tanks and warships . also if you look on websites you find warships and tanks are browser games so they do tend to pick up many young players mainly because the game is free . so you have many very young players is part of the reason hope that helps you understand
  13. robertsrevenge

    How do you keep playing?

    go play some coop it should cheer you up some
  14. robertsrevenge

    large amounts of bots in PvE

    coop is pve and if there not enough players then wg puts in their bots . after wot just got fed up with the abuse so I just come in coop to have some battles with zero stress so I just use pve for fun times only played 2 games in a few months now just waiting for royal navy after all if you pve/pvp its the same old battles over and over so I just want the fun with no hassle
  15. robertsrevenge

    How can i improve my win rate?

    watch you tube videos on how to angle the ship and learn the maps , also quite simple fire then manoeuvre then zig zag go faster or slower so the enemy will be harder to predict where your ship at range will be . so its like a driving test mirror signal manoeuvre , in wows it be more like aim fire manoeuvre think you get the general idea . wish you wads of luck