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  1. Darksith_77

    Elite XP Accidently Used UP

    yes theats what they said --we cant do anything as our system wont allow to roll back and it will break your account and blah blah .
  2. Darksith_77

    Elite XP Accidently Used UP

    yeah it never happened before --i dont mind loosing the extra 900k credits i made i just want my elite xp and free xp back if they can .
  3. Darksith_77

    Elite XP Accidently Used UP

    the cursed captain was allready 10 point ---4 extra points costed the entire free xp and elite xp ....sighhh -- atleast they should do it 1 per account if such a thing happens --
  4. Darksith_77

    Elite XP Accidently Used UP

    mistake can be made by any one ---Bad part is there should be a Revert Button of some kind which can mostly solve all these problems - anyway i dont expect them to do it --if they can would be nice had to work really hard for that 200k elite xp and 200k free xp
  5. Darksith_77

    Elite XP Accidently Used UP

    well there should be a revert button ---i mean after all we all do make mistakes that does not mean we should be penalized for it , mistake is made needs to be rectified --if there is a soloution then fine other wise just to bad
  6. Darksith_77

    Elite XP Accidently Used UP

    Well i left my game to take a smoke - and my teenage son decided it was a good idea to use all my elite xp and free xp to train 4 point captain on a dd , when i came back i saw what had happened but had no way to REVERT it , I lost 200,000 elite xp and another 200,000 free xp and i want it back . it was a un intentional mistake , i have made a ticket to WG just wanted to know can i get my xp and elite xp back.
  7. what the hell did they do to t10 grozovy ---its now garbage as t10 german dd z52
  8. Darksith_77

    Update 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    WG - can you add more rain like with heavy seas n storms , and the rain effects the drop lets should totally cover the screen like many other games do - which will give a more immersive effect to the players . lightning in the back ground with sound would be an added advantage and more immersion , and also do you plan to add any dx-12 support
  9. Darksith_77

    Inertia Fuse For HE Shells Is Very Powerful

    i have applyed this on -- akizuki kiev udaloi tashkent gremy and yes they really do more damage then before --this with DE omg ---carnage
  10. Darksith_77

    Super containers

    they have nerfed the containers even ----been like 2 months now --wasted so many containers on this crap --no 1 super container and each time i press the button
  11. Darksith_77

    Update 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    there patches which they are doing are like ..WTF ..what happened to the ships they promised - the premium ones why all so hush hush secrecy on what they will give . useless updates
  12. Darksith_77

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    its a deal breaker -- not bothered that much but in some high tier games ppl have it --and u just cant make stealth torp attacks ---broken game i must say -- instead of this facility they should have given dd the ability to lay down mines
  13. Darksith_77

    For the love of god fix the RN smoke bug

    in most cases the minataur only does 1 puff of smoke ---it was 2 before -- Flamu also posted a vid on this it snot been fixed --so its expected
  14. Darksith_77

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    well whats the point of having a destroyer when this skill is there --no more sneak attacks - they allready know where ur coming from or ur last heading to be exact and they are ready for you . why on earth would u add this skill - and even afer so many ppl said dont put it in --you still went in and did it -- so i am thinking you guys really dont care about what the community has to say .
  15. Darksith_77

    Refund Of Tripitz Camo

    WarGaming You mentioned that those people who purchased the Tirpitz Camo with Dubloons would get a re fund of those dubloons after the release of the current patch . Has this been done yet coz i dont see any refund of dubloons even after i have completed the santa campagin nearly 5 days ago. any update