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  1. Both [OP[ and [OP-B] are still recruiting and with Clan Battles coming up now would be a good time to come and apply!
  2. Guess there are not as they're not available. Great communication once again. Thank you.
  3. So are there or aren't there clan battles available today? Because the message on the news-item still claims there are and that there are just additional sessions, besides above comments I have yet to see an official message...
  4. Who is Over Penetration? Over Penetration is a community with members from all over. Our main objective is to give friendly players a solid group for gaming together. We like to take part in Clan Battles, competitive tournaments and all sorts of events, however we also like to take things easy every now and then. The one community is distributed over two clans "[OP] Over Penetration" and "[OP-B] Over Penetration and Bounces". While both clans participate in Clan Battles [OP] is just a little more focussed on competitive play and [OP-B] a bit more on just participating. Are you interested or just want to say hi, please visit our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/477MGM3 What are we looking for in [OP]? We are always looking for players who enjoy the game like we do and are active. People willing to play with good players while having fun. Players whom are willing to take part in competitive gameplay and want to improve the clan. Requirements: - Be able to communicate effectively in English - Be friendly - Have a sense of humour - Be on Discord regularly - At least 1500 games - 57%+ Solo winrate with 1600 PR (Recent improvement counts) - Have multiple tier 10 ships available for competitive use - Have a working microphone/headset Competitive experience isn't required, as we can introduce you to it. What if you don't meet the [OP] requirements? Try [OP-B] Obviously! Don't worry! We have a second clan. [OP-B] is for players that either fall just short of the requirements for [OP] or want to be a bit more relaxed in general. People that still want to play with our communities' members and improve their gaming experience. Beside that [OP-B] is also doing Clan Battles and is filled with generally nice people, at least when they feel like it. Feel Free to check us out at our discord. Requirements: - Be able to communicate effectively in English - Be friendly - Have a sense of humour - Be on Discord regularly - At least 1000 games - 54%+ Solo win-rate with 1450 PR (Recent improvement counts) - Have at least 1 tier 10 ship available for competitive use - Have a working microphone/headset  Our testing procedure Once a recruiter has made an initial assesment, you will be put on a two-week trial period. During this period you will be able to get to know us, see if you really want to be one of us and vice versa. Our members will give advisory votes on your acceptance into either of the clans based on how well you play, communicate and how you fit in among the other clan members. This trial is both for you and for us, therefore you will not be required to leave your current clan during the trial. We are looking forward to meeting you!
  5. So much unwarranted venom here. It is a test, things won't be perfect. I did dislike the delays and the late communication about them and think that could've gone better. A point for Wargaming to improve upon that isn't directly related to the testing. But everything else is to be expected. Testing is done to find the faults, so expect there to be some. - So far I've noticed that after your prime-time is done it said 'In four days' as shown on a previous screenshot in this tread. - Only clan-commanders and deputy-commanders are able to set a prime time. Until one does you get into a loop trying to select a prime-time, getting asked to select it again after you just did and so on. Without going into battle. - If you come out of battle there is a chance the division window is missing while you are still in division and showing as in combat while the battle is already done. Restarting the client fixes this by bringing the division-window back. - There only seem to be EU teams in Russia. Maybe shifting both prime times by half an hour and giving them a shared one would fix that. When the Russian prime-time ended the game crashed and we can no longer log in. Besides these points it seems to go rather smooth for me.
  6. We are? Actually I think I can. Pretty sure I've done that and will do again in the future. The problem here isn't that it is not working or that it got cancelled. Not really even that it was last minute. But that it got cancelled AND last minute AND three times in a row. It feels a lot like they are trying to rush it, while I see absolutely no reason for that.
  7. Pretty sure the newsitem covers this info and that it states 25th. Not 24th.
  8. So I knew about the event. Yes communication could be better. Yes people should read more and complain less. What I'm wondering is why this event at all? I know we'll play. But it's not like we're jumping up and down out of excitement. We'll play for the rewards and because doing things together with the clan is fun. But not because other continents are involved. And isn't that precisely what causes the 'technical difficulties'? The other continents/servers being involved? Can we not just move on? Scrap this idea or make it a long-term/soon plan and solve most difficulties first. This cancelling is a bit frustrating. I for one am looking forward to the CV rework. I am looking forward to an improved, responsive, not lagging port-UI. And I'm looking forward to the next Clan Battle season for EU and possible new developments on that. There are many things I'm looking forward to. But playing with other continents isn't one of them. It is not that I mind or dislike the idea. I just don't care about them.
  9. Thanks everyone who replied and or sent me a message, I've found a clan to join when my cooldown ends.
  10. Hello everyone, Like the TT reads. Added to that I'm a 34 yo Dutch guy, have been playing ships actively over the last two years and log on almost daily. I like playing in divisions with people and banter on TS/Discord. I don't care about personal stats. Only left my clan today, where I used to lead Clan Battles. What I'm looking for is a clan for adults, that doesn't demand much of their members. One preferably without a stats requirement. A clan that is actively engaged in Clan Battles, that does play to win and where I might participate in said Clan Battles. Either English or Dutch speaking. If you're that clan, please sent me a message either ingame or here on the forums. Thanks all.
  11. Brutaluc

    Scenario queue and disconnect

    So appearantly there is a queue for battle if you go into a scenario with a full division and when you reach 28 seconds people start to disconnect untill everyone in the division is disconnected. This seems to be for all scenarios but the weekly one. Tho we had it most on The Ultimate Frontier. We'll try again probably at some other day and time, but you may want to look into it.
  12. Brutaluc

    Is the bell an April Fools' joke?

    Been playing without mods for a while now and I'd like to continue without.
  13. Brutaluc

    Is the bell an April Fools' joke?

    No I am talking about the bell that sounds when your guns are reloaded. I have no problems with the horns.