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  1. Still looking for more, for OP-B as for OP!
  2. Was in the port and it showed me as not being in a clan and I wasn't able to select Clan Battles as a battle type. Tried to start a random battle and got kicked. Cannot come back in now.
  3. Brutaluc

    Is Wargaming attending any events this year?

    Thanks for the answer. One small thing tho. Is there somewhere we can see those events once they're set? Besides catching a passing news-post I mean, something like a calendar maybe?
  4. Brutaluc

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    Every patch the port just seems to become that little bit slower and less responsive. In my opinion the whole thing should be re-build but then properly. Admittedly I have a lot of contacts and ships. I've got a proper gaming-pc and run all graphics on full/max settings. Ingame I have about a 65% load on my GPU and everything runs smoothly. In port I have a 92+% load and while the ships there look great and don't seem to have lag, every action I take (aka click a button) forces me to wait for a response and for it to load before I can do the next thing. Inviting people to divisions or checking the missions is a disaster, even after pressing the battle-button it easily takes 10 sec before any response or even the sound plays. Loading to the post-battle screens (yes plural because of the fly strike win) and after that port takes quite a bit longer then loading into battle. The UI is my number one frustration in this game. At least it is stable.
  5. Did you manage to sent one to WG for the competition?
  6. Brutaluc

    Is Wargaming attending any events this year?

    Thanks for the answer. But those are not really what I meant, I'm mostly talking about other/smaller/more local events like was done with the truck in the past. TwitchCon and Gamescom are just two events and I do think there used to be a lot more events from military to game-related that where attended each year.
  7. Is Wargaming attending any events in Europe this year? And if so, where and when can we see which? Does the MGT-20 truck still exist even?
  8. Brutaluc

    Clan Battles with CVs

    I agree with the first three, the fourth is still there. It just isn't hiding anymore but cowering. Add to that the difficulty of finding a (good) cv player (because you're at a huge disadvantage at not having one). And Clan Battles will become a lot less attractive for many people and clans. I cannot see it any other way then that 7vs7 is just to small for a carrier.
  9. Brutaluc

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    Stalingrad is actually not over-powered by itself. The fact that it is only available for steel and that it was the first ship to be available that way made it so that untill recently only the 'best' players from the highest ranking clans could get it. So it became a ship only played by 60% winrate and better players. This would make any ship seem over-powered. OT. Understandable decision.
  10. Brutaluc

    Bug Reports

    Found a small bug in that I cannot pick a colour on the Leander permanent camo even after completing the mission (see the screenshot). All my other ships work fine. Also the port is still laggy as hell. I've got a GTX 1060 and run everything on 1920*1080 windowed borderless and get an average load of 60% on my GPU while in a battle. But for some reason I've got about a 95% load while in my port doing nothing. I have to click buttons twice or even thrice before it registers. Unlike it was announced I'm not seeing any improvement on this since the patch. And sounds are off, quite often sounds come when events have already happened. Like the sound of planes flying over when they've been shot down already.
  11. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/go_poof
  12. Brutaluc

    General feedback

    Would like to take this opportunity to point out an ongoing issue with this game that has not improved, even worsened as far as I can tell, it may be familiar to some. It is called the port UI. For some reason it is sluggish as hell, click a button.... wait.... try again.... wait..... try again..... wait.... try again..... wait..... shout at it.... open a random thing two clicks beyond. The funny thing is that when you approach the https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clans/gateway/wows/search running in a browser is really fluid. So in this patch I think there are still some balance issues with the CVs and AA. But that was to be expected and I won't complain about that just yet. There are however some quite big downsides that I feel should be adressed: - The gun-bloom 20 sec crap that combined with the Concealment Expert nerf turned the game into a camp-fest and ruined (gunboat)DD and light cruiser play. - The Concealment Expert nerf it-self, there was really no need for that. - The sluggish, to many window opening port-UI Edit: I'm also not happy with the Arms-Race Ranked. Tried Arms-Race when it was tested, did not like it then, am not liking it much now.
  13. Brutaluc

    General feedback

    I am very disappointed with this update. I know CVs had way to much impact on the outcome of any given battle and something had to be done. Still I never really cared for or about CVs and I still really liked the game. And in that I was not the only one as can clearly be seen by the amount of people playing it. This update with the changes to concealment and going back to the old gun bloom are probably the worst change I have seen since Beta. While it could have been the best if it would have been just the CVs. I'm also not happy with the change in Ranked, really why create a whole new game-mode for it? Only good thing about it is that it is played at tier 9 so there are no planes. I'm going to continue playing. But at the moment I'm not really enjoying myself due to the game -mechanics and that has never happened before.