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    THIS IS MY ALT.. i only play World of warships on this aswell as playing rare tanks for the shiz and giggles- Pz2J how i love you so much
    Drawing Anime currently working on commissioned work for Kancolle.
    Watching Anime: Current Favourite- Still Kantai Collection
    Kantai Collection Game Progress : Level 75
    Username : Kongou Desu
    Best Ship: Akagi Kai - Lvl 80
    My Waifu : Haruna Kai Ni Lvl 104
    Yes That means i usually have 0 Bauxite all the time...

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  1. DD_Amatsukaze

    Clans not working, Anybody had an official WG update?

    Its probably not gonna be fixed until next patch trust me lmao
  2. Hi there, Im looking for an EU based clan after a long stint in the NA server. Steam name : Kirisame Mattsun
  3. DD_Amatsukaze

    Clan Page not loading

  4. DD_Amatsukaze

    Clan Page not loading

    Still not working same thing goes for the new inventory tab. get 3 dots on top in a separate bar
  5. DD_Amatsukaze

    Clan Page not loading

    Currently trying to accept a invite from a clan, However when i click accept and it tries to go to the clan page but it gets stuck with the anchor symbol and infinite loading. Been waiting for around 15 minutes and still nothing. anyone experienced this or know a fix?
  6. DD_Amatsukaze

    Colorado vs North Carolina

    North Carolina is one of my favourite ships. It's guns are good after the Hull upgrade and for the first time you aren't a snail. Its a fun ship and you'd definitely want to get her over the colorado. Just get a 1 point captain for the Colorado and play ranked in her if you want. Edit: just remember that AA on the NC is nearly God tier (Aka. Iowa) with the selected buff modules i've hit 95AA without any captain skills. Also equip with fighter instead of spotter plane.
  7. DD_Amatsukaze

    1st Game matchmaking

    It's usually stated that the first few games which you play in your new ship the matchmaker magically keeps you in top tier... However after unlocking 5 new ships this weekend it has come to my attention that even my first games being played are often not top tier. It's also true that divisioned players also count as one tier higher...
  8. DD_Amatsukaze

    Potentially second British premium DD?

    Tier 3 DD coming in a new patch or so. The 0.5.4 quotes say so. It would be nice to see something like the KM dd's in the game like the z class etc
  9. DD_Amatsukaze

    Alt + Tab Crashing

    Hey guys, Yet another problem with my game files again. Ever since was installed my game magically crashes all the time when i alt tab to the desktop (Black Screen) Even with Disabled Mods in safe mode it still black screens. The game also freezes when i try to window it. Any fixes?
  10. DD_Amatsukaze

    Boot Camp Challenge - Best of the Best

    Yep 100% Correct- The Captain which you complete the missions with gets the 25k exp.. But if he is experienced then no point. Kind of did it on my Japanese DD captain, Was like :
  11. DD_Amatsukaze

    World Of Warships X Kantai Collection Anyone?

    Only Reason why she's stated as a "Hotel" in Kancolle is because she had the best living standards of a Warship at the time... Air Conditioning, A bed for everyone, Ramune... Yeah that stuff Even some warships today can not compare to that.
  12. DD_Amatsukaze

    World Of Warships X Kantai Collection Anyone?

    Sourcing the voices is going to be hard (Obviously) but there are many examples of using the card game voices... I mean i converted all of these into a soundpack with voices & Skins because i need my daily Kanmusu otherwise i go nuts But i think overall its do-able. Websites for Skins : https://pravdateam.wordpress.com/ (Love you guys!)
  13. DD_Amatsukaze

    The hilarity of this game which is RNG

    RNG & Accuracy is done like this to prevent moaning on how accurate ships are. In reality, yes, Warships can be accurate... Same shots from the gun actually taking the same trajectories . BUT if its like this would it not be easy for a Yamato from 18~ ish Km to citadel snipe you over and over again. The randomness is there to keep it fair and hilarious when it goes right... 75k dmg to a yamato in an amagi... Love it or Hate it , Rng will always stay
  14. Was wanting to know if anyone shared my thoughts on implementing the next set of Missions after the Haruna & Hiei Missions. They should be the 4 Kongo Class battleships but in Kancolle Form Either with Customs Skins (Check out Iron Bottom Sound from Heavy_Cruiser Aoba for current skins) Or custom Captains like Kongou, Haruna etc. OR (Yeah this is the point i kind of want to make) Destroyers like : Yuudachi , Yugumo etc Cruisers like : Kikitami ( Yes i want that one trick pony to come back), Takao , Tone (Game Files Already there) Aircraft Carriers : Kaga, Akagi Theres a vast amount of content which could be put in ( And some files are in the game Like Tone) So what Do you think?