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  1. Oddityhaze

    HMS Tiger (C20) premium proposal

    would like to see tiger in game, my grandfather was a Gunner on board working with the main armament.
  2. Oddityhaze

    BBs are underpowered

    defensive fire ability for battleships would be nice because there's never a cruiser when you need one.
  3. Oddityhaze

    Suggested changes to AA/defence against planes

    its just an opinion but in my eyes it would make sense to give battleships the defensive fire capability that the cruisers have.
  4. Oddityhaze

    Mikasa not really worth it

    I can agree she's not very good but ive only seen tiers 1 and 2 and she seems to do well, especially with her secondary guns. but premium wise id rather stick with my ishizuchi.
  5. Oddityhaze

    match maker.

    could somebody explain how the mm is supposed to work?, im using the tier 5 kongo stock and meeting tier 8 ships of mixed types.
  6. I know its still beta but is something going to be done about HE shells?, most games its 90% HE being used and for people like me who play battleships and whatever ship for that matter its a pain in the backside.
  7. Oddityhaze

    HE spamfest?

    does anybody use AP anymore or am i the only one who's annoyed by this?