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  1. Mindfulcrane07

    Unfair balancing

    The difference is you cannot communicate with bots.... also they are bad because you know "bots" about the player mute button, it is already in the game.
  2. Mindfulcrane07

    Strangers123's replay cast and analysis service!

    Is there some way i can make my replays folder send you all my replays automatically
  3. Mindfulcrane07

    WG fix your game

    Have you tried using the "Check and repair game integrity" function in the launcher? i guess that would be an idea
  4. Mindfulcrane07

    very dissapointed

    Maybe slots dunno that would be my guess, though the upgrade thing sounds very plausibel aswell Sorry i just cannot get enough of this turtle so cute
  5. Mindfulcrane07

    TK with torps: who is to blame ?

    Yes that is the main rule however it is not always true (though eassily 90% of the time) For instance ship A launches a torpedo at a target no ships of ship A's team is in any danger, then ship B turns around despite obvious torpedoes and a warning by ship A. and still plenty of time to avoid. Ship B gets hit by torps. But yes generally speaking its the torper at fault.
  6. Why on earth would you airfield in a carrier? also @ulcusrodens have you ever played carriers at all? have you wondered why there are so few carriers compared to what there used to be?
  7. wait what? tell me what is so powerfull that two planes can do 20k+ dmg??? unless flodding or fire ofcourse which you can counter. Also repeat every 40 sec? did you ever consider flight time?
  8. Mindfulcrane07

    A Very Fond Farewell

    I am very sad to see you go but at the same time i hope the best for you in the future
  9. Mindfulcrane07

    Carrier Commanders and tactical advice

    Wow i cannot belive this, i just i have never seen anything like this i have no words I am so happy i play CV in ranked which means i cant be put on the same team as Skybuck
  10. Mindfulcrane07

    HB Reenactment: Battle of Cape Esperance

    Darn i would have taken Aoba but i did not want to command this time so i took Kinugasa. I dont want bruce to be mad
  11. Mindfulcrane07

    HB Reenactment: Battle of Cape Esperance

    Yay, i will sign up as wait for it wait for it
  12. Mindfulcrane07

    So this just happened...

    OP killed a teammate (not intentional but a team kill non the less) and op got the status "Teamkiller" seems appropriate to me, but hey what do i know.
  13. Mindfulcrane07

    POLL: Your worst performing ship

    Erhm i highly doubt that, well i guess anything is relative
  14. Mindfulcrane07

    WOW outcomes are fixed (as stated for years)

    well he does now also we all know the game is rigged, why deny facts *finding some *
  15. Mindfulcrane07

    Let's talk about Soviet battleships.

    I would suggest you take a look at the russian BB already in the game. my guess would be that they would be somewhat similar (atleast at the lower tiers) but anyway this is just guesses.