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  1. NonDucor_Duco

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Good stuff, thnx.
  2. NonDucor_Duco

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Same here. Since Friday after a server issue.
  3. NonDucor_Duco

    Your coal is a steel

    Cheers, appreciate it.
  4. NonDucor_Duco

    Your coal is a steel

    Brilliant campaign slogan in the title for WG, You're welcome. The relevant question is: Many moons ago there was a steel mission one could buy. Is there something like that on the horizon? Just wondering. Cheers and stay healthy Frank.
  5. NonDucor_Duco

    What ship for coal and for free xp

    Well you play BB's a lot, so maybe battlecruisers and cruisers an option for you? Aegir, Alaska, etc.
  6. Gave it a try, was killed by a "team mate" Fcuk that traitor mode.
  7. NonDucor_Duco

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    How about your real money back. I wonder how that works within the EU (WG is Cyprus-based) Consumer protection is quite strict and being scammed by companies is frowned upon to say the least.
  8. NonDucor_Duco

    Season’s Greetings from the World of Warships Team

    Happy New Year to WG and all players. Make it a great and save year, without any hick-ups.
  9. NonDucor_Duco

    game crash

    Same here.
  10. The whole WG X-mas 2019 event is the most cynical event ever. WG tricked the CC's, WG changed the wording about the PR. Suddenly it is only for hardcore gamers, when that is the case, why give everybody tokens who are useless for the other 99% of the players? I would not be surprised if some marketing purple pants changed the rules of engagement is the end to grab more money from players. Seriously it is a cynical Christmas greeting from WG and they know they will get away with it, hence the wording "So, the degree of whining won't affect this marathon. For sure" So here you go. WG see ppl complaining as a bunch of whiners and don't care using it because they have a monopoly position like let's say FaceBook. Everybody hates FaceBook, ut it still excists. WG is the FaceBook of gaming. Merry effing Christmas and stick the PR where the sun don't shine.
  11. NonDucor_Duco

    WG Just removed their latest video

    One can say that ppl who will get the PR have no friends, no social life or too much money to spend. PR will be a shame ship :-)
  12. Agree. The maps are too small, so the planes are too fast. One possible solution is to reduce air visibility for DD's. Cruisers have their AA to defend them. DD's less so, and Japanese DD's are royally screwed over once again by this patch.
  13. NonDucor_Duco

    concealment expert on BBs

    I took them all off, to test. You have till feb. 8? to play with your commander skills. My advise, try it, test it and be jolly ;-)
  14. NonDucor_Duco

    Just how close do you have to get?

    Not a CBT-payer I assume ;-) And that is the problem with these millennial armchair-admirals. When you don't play according to their idiocy strategy these snowflakes explode. You were close enough. The idiot who called you put does not have a clue.
  15. NonDucor_Duco


    Hi, I like to play the coop mode, well basically because the people playing coop are nice people and not the arm-chair idiots in random. So my question is twofold: 1. Can you make the bots better. 2. Instead of 8 vs 8 make it 10 vs 10 with better rewards. Cheers.