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  1. Kickdecrew

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Good Morning all, I am looking for an active clan as mine seems to have quietly gone dead. I recognise people here from the forums too and it seems fun. Hope you can squeeze an old bloke with a real life, job and kids in! If not, good luck and may all your hits be Cits. Kickdecrew
  2. Kickdecrew

    GamersPlatoon [18+]

    I will make another application as I cant remember the log in details from when I joined you guys before. If ya need anyone still that is.
  3. Kickdecrew

    What has happened, game unplayable ?

    Aye, had the UI turn off twice last night. Sorted out by reloading the game, was making Minekaze play difficult!
  4. Kickdecrew

    Thank you WG for listening

    Thank you WG, but bugger that I hadn't read this topic last night before spending far too many Dubloons respeccing about 50 captains! You live and learn! lol
  5. So to get enough diamonds for the Katori, I have 7 days (ish) to either complete the 100k and get 21 kills in a Carrier or do the 100k and another 133 battles for 500! I think the 133 might be more realistic for me!
  6. Kickdecrew

    Reports from people for being a noob and a moron ?

    I wouldn't worry too much about, you get called out for anything here. I got called a hacker and aimbot user for hitting a low health DD at 3km (ish) with a full BB broadside! or a camper for moving around the map and shooting things at range in the Kutuzov by a Benson that literally skirted the whole map border for the whole game!
  7. Kickdecrew


    Yep, I had to think of a decent quote I could juxtapose the RN into. I am a proud Ex member of said Navy, waiting for it but these things take time and it is only a collection of pixels after all! No Nation bias here.
  8. Kickdecrew


    Never! Heresy! I want a RN question in every single topic! Just for the fun of it. The RN is never late, nor is it early, it'll arrive precisely when it means to!
  9. Kickdecrew

    Warning - Censored

    That is how Pocket Battleships are created!
  10. Kickdecrew

    arp hiei

    Correct, One more stage to complete. Go shoot some guns!