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  1. mishulicus

    issues with wow and wireless keyboard

    I found http://superuser.com/questions/749982/prevent-windows-7-from-enabling-power-saving-on-usb-3-0-hub and followed it to disable power saving for the USB Root. Will keep an eye
  2. mishulicus

    issues with wow and wireless keyboard

    No idea where to check that but its ONLY ocurring while playing WoW. and i`m not sure how power saving could kick in since i`m constantly pressing the keys and mouse
  3. mishulicus

    issues with wow and wireless keyboard

    I got a logitech k520 wireless mouse + keyboard set and only when i`m playing WoW the keyboard freezes at some times and i have to turn it off then back on. Sometimes not even that fixes it. I double/tripple checked and it only happens in WoW
  4. mishulicus

    selling low tier ship

    i can`t sell previous ship because it has modules and i need piasters to sell those. It sais i can destroy modules for free but....how ?
  5. mishulicus

    weird display bug

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/c41fwj7pf2n8aoe/Screenshot%202015-03-16%2011.51.42.png?dl=0 happens some times after scrolling in/out of the zoom mode
  6. mishulicus

    The problem with this game is...

    i wish there were a guide for scoring citadel hits. i asked before but i`m still unclear on what/where exactly is best to try and aim to score citadel hits
  7. mishulicus

    Citadell Hit

    so that would be towards the end of the ship ?
  8. mishulicus

    Citadell Hit

    which part is exactly the citadel ? the tall tower at the top ?
  9. mishulicus

    Visual Bugs?

    i see that the same. I guess the smoke is there but we can`t see it while zoomed in. But yeah i noticed it too. Zooming out shows the smoke as if i just fired the guns but i fired them 10 seconds ago
  10. mishulicus

    purchasing boats

    I find it difficult to "see" how can i actually purchase (research) a new boat. Would be good to have some sort of "button" next to ships and make it avbailable when it can be researched