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  1. peltast2

    Cyclone yes or no

    Cyclone should be optional. Each player should have option in game setting to able or disable choice to random cyclone event on maps. So that those players who enjoy playing in cylcone and those that don't are satisfied. Lets face the facts. Only some ships are good to close combat in cyclone, other ships sucks. We don't need to force all people to play cyclone ships that would be to too boring. The game needs to give a chance for all ships not only one group. Because where is an event oposite the cyclone which favours other ships? There is none. Random battles with clear weather are good for all ships.
  2. peltast2


    Something to add HE spaming my last game today in Ibuki shoting only HE 203 mm on superstructure on Vladivostok, Iowa and Alaska 152 hits 69 pens 89 nonpens 2 torpedo prot. hits damage 109105 Vladivostok 91 hits - 31811 dmg 7 fires - 26244 dmg Iowa 46 hits - 18711 dmg 2 fires - 11647 dmg Alaska 8hits - 5990 dmg 1fire - 9302 dmg That is how it looks now in 0.8.9 from the perspective of old HE spamming criuser. I guess I should now spam AP rounds on BBs, maybe I get lucky. One more buff on BBs and I can put Ibuki you can guess where.
  3. peltast2

    Boy, what a disappointment: Myoko after Aoba

    Aoba used to be good but now it is not. Nürnberg and Budyonny outclass her i many ways. Even with Kirov tier 5 you can do more damage per battle. Aoba is now the worst tier 6 cruiser.
  4. peltast2

    The thing about the Aoba is...

    Aoba used to be good but now it is not. 203mm guns are not so much better than with Budyonni or even Kirov. With Kirov and even Konigsberg I got more damage. It is clear that Aoba is now the worst tier 6 cruiser.
  5. peltast2

    Aoba...A Giant, Slow, Flammable, Fragile [edited]?

    Aoba used to be good but now it is not. I much prefer Nürnberg and Budyonni than Aoba, they outclass her in many ways. Aoba is now at the bottom of tier 6 cruisers even with Kirov I get more damage and it is tier 5 cruiser.
  6. peltast2

    The Aoba

    The Aoba was once a good cruiser but now not any more. I prefer Nürenberg and Budyoni, they outclass Aoba in many ways. Aoba is now competing with Cleveland for last position among tier 6 cruisers.
  7. peltast2

    The Aoba

    Most of the posts about Aoba before patch 0.5.9 are misleading people that Aoba is a very excellent cruiser. The reality today is quite opposite.
  8. peltast2

    The Aoba

    After patch 0.5.9 is Aoba a crapy cruiser. Because of the MM is now facing very frequently tier 8 BB, CL and DDs. The range 14,9 km is forcing you to go to the front line where you became a target for enemy BBs. One or two BB salvos and you are dead. Aoba is now a short range sniper with a paper armor and turns like a brick on water.