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  1. Tirande

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I got gifted 20 small boxes; got about 2.1k bloons and Massachusetts out of them which was pretty neat. Massa being the only premium I didn't have that wasn't also a complete garbage fire. (Think Terribad, Krispy Kream etc So yeah twas a nice set of 20 small boxes.
  2. Just got Jervis after having Acasta and Icarus from the previous weeks. Hoping to get Lightning to continue the trend either on the next boxes or the next week's boxes. :P
  3. Tirande

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    So I was minding my own business and suddenly the following WG E-mail hits my inbox: Now, I'm no Supertester nor have the ships been added to my account. Am I right in thinking WG fudged up and sent it to everybody? XD
  4. Tirande

    Collectors club

    Shame, should've bought her when she was unplayable garbage for collection purposes after all back then I guess.
  5. Tirande

    Collectors club

    I'm mainly wondering if Graf Zeppelin will be available through it even if it's being held back because people aren't happy about how the redesign worked out. Especially since Sub Octavian stated they were holding her back for general sale until after the CV rework. Now I know WG's policy can change, they said they wouldn't drop Kaga/Big E until after the rework as well.... but I'd like to know when to expect Graf Zeppelin roughly. If not through the club, mayhap you have more insight on Graf's reappearance?
  6. Tirande

    Azur Lane Collab

    So still no word on the Admiral Hipster Loli flag? Getting frustrated by not knowing where that went. >_>
  7. Tirande

    Azur Lane Collab

    I wonder where the chibi tsundere Hipper flag went. >_>
  8. I got about 1m free exp sitting around, might as well buy the Soviet Bias Battle Boat.
  9. Tirande

    Z-39, another premium passes the "WG balance" check

    Z-39 with IFHE is good fun, penning 33mm of armor means you can bowpen T8 BBs with her HE... I've been finding 2-3k HE volleys a reliable thing with her if you don't hit a shell on a turret or something.
  10. My reason isn't in there, I got ill and still atm. Took some time off from being sulky pouty in bed to post here though.... Still I cannot be bothered to get back into it; didn't get into the groove properly and feeling like a wet paper towel atm won't help any game I'd try to play. XD
  11. Tirande

    Buyer's Remorse - Asashio edition **BUY HAREKAZE INSTEAD**

    Eh, we tend to stick together for the first cap to pop any and all DDs contesting the first cap and then we split up to cap where needed with Asashio carpet torping BB heavy areas, Kidd providing AA support and Harekaze trying to contest caps and spotting torps. Sadly atm we're only running 2 man DD divisions since the third player is mostly busy with irl stuff. Also in case you're wondering why IJN Premiums get shafted but USN Premiums tend to be on the upper end of the spectrum (after supreme soviet supremacy):
  12. Tirande

    Buyer's Remorse - Asashio edition **BUY HAREKAZE INSTEAD**

    Like I said, I may be biased to Asashio in what I'd like from her. Still, having a way to scare off cruisers wouldn't be a bad thing; and 3 man dd divisions are mainly for the purpose of trolling the enemy and having fun. They're not meant to be great or OP, they're meant for giddy enjoyment of oneself.
  13. Tirande

    Buyer's Remorse - Asashio edition **BUY HAREKAZE INSTEAD**

    The drop in price'd be nice but frankly speaking, she's still a fine companion for a Kidd and Harekaze in a division. Kidd covers her AA weakness and deals with DDs well enough, though I've found myself able to fight most enemy ships in Asashio as she is now, my only true gripe with her is that the torps should hit CAs. If they did she'd prolly be too powerful, but at least she'd make a bigger impact on games. Maybe I'm asking for too much but in earnest, the pre-nerf Shiratsuyu state would also not be bad for her.
  14. Tirande

    Buyer's Remorse - Asashio edition **BUY HAREKAZE INSTEAD**

    So basically you want to play a stock Kagero in T7 and have Asashio become an Ashitaka-like ship?
  15. Tirande

    Buyer's Remorse - Asashio edition **BUY HAREKAZE INSTEAD**

    And that'd likely not sell since that's just a worse stock Kagero in T8. They'd have to drop her to T7, keep the reload booster, keep the Kagero guns and then you'd have a slightly better Akatsuki which would be "OP powercreep zomfg rage". If they'd plop that into T8 you'd get a stock Kagero with Reload Booster and no need to be in the game, still I think the DWTs should've at least also hit CAs and maybe not CLs? Though that might cause issues with coding for Mogami since her designation changes when you equip the 155mm/203mm guns.