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  1. First 4 containers: 140/10/20/20. 10 short of Frisbee..... Sadness. XD
  2. Tirande

    Pr event appears to be a success for WG

    I boycotted the hell out of the PR event, got Gorizia and stopped looking at WoWS at that point.... they can take their PR scamfest and shove it down south imho. v.v I also know someone who bought PR and like 250 mega crates cuz he didn't care about the level of scumbaggery at play here.... I guess it's time to give the other title in the gameplay niche a shot. I've heard the company behind it is equally garbage, but let's find out first hand. v.v
  3. I grabbed my flakes, I grabbed Gorizia.... that's it. I'm not grinding myself into the hospital for a half-assed reskinned piece of garbage in T10. I'd have reported this to Jim Sterling and SidAlpha to turn it into an even greater blowup s***storm... but they said they don't really feel like covering because Wargaming is already worse than EA, Bethesda, Activision/Blizzard and Gamefreak by a mile so playing any of their titles is akin to beating yourself in the groin with a steel baseball bat according to them. :) Which in turn is why I've reduced the amount of time I spend on the game from a few hours a day to.... an hour or two a week. Let's see their metrics liking that. v.v And of course no spending! Would've considered Indomitable to add to the CV paperweight collection but not now laddy~
  4. Tirande

    How to react to the PR thing

    No no, in the words of the Scrub_Overmindtavian: "This event is targetted only for the 1% who can afford to buy the ship." not for the base infidels that make up the majority of the community! But hey! At least Flamu is like: "This ship is worse than the Alaska in every way, just buy Alaska for the price of 2.5 of the boosters!"
  5. One word sums up my opinion on this 'event': "Degenerate"
  6. Got Sims B from another free box I did the grinding for.... not bad.
  7. Got 2 non-premiums and 1 premium from the armory, 12k free exp + Scharnhorst B.... not too shabby I dare say; since the Scharnhorst comes with 2.5k bloons. :D
  8. 15th box... god Genova is garbage... XD Yahagi and Abruzzi are both far better and more enjoyable ships to play; at least she was free.
  9. She actually feels like she pens cruisers more efficiently and citadels them more consistently... XD
  10. Kremlin got nerfed? Seems more like a buff to me lol. XD
  11. The only one I didn't have already, so not much of a surprise there. ;)
  12. Tirande

    CV Rework Discussion

    Losing all your planes is more like getting your guns incapped in a BB with a longer repair timer if we're being honest... :p Except that it's easier to lose your planes than incapping a BB gun! BB gun health nerf when!? >=D
  13. Tirande

    Yahagi in the shop

    More like a high risk, no reward ship. I've managed to get around 70k damage on her I think twice since people ignored me in those battles... but if anyone with half a brain shoots at Yahagi she magically gets deleted like Azuma or Abruzzi. :D Add onto that that her damage output is quite terrible, somewhat in line with Abruzzi and you have a ship begging for some love.... she looks amazing but is... challenging to find the motivation for to play.
  14. Tirande

    Yahagi in the shop

    Sudoku torps are better than torps that take 2 minutes to reload and only hit stationary smoke caming DDs imho. Also since they're hella fast they'll at least yield some Flesh wounds, unlike the current torps.
  15. Tirande

    Yahagi in the shop

    So imho what Yahagi needs is the following: 1. Faster turret traverse. 2. Faster reload, shave off like 3-4 seconds and she'll be decent-ish. 3. Either reduce her torp reload or give her flat out Zao F3 torpedoes. 4. Bump up her agility a little. 5. Give her access to both the Engine Boost Mod and the Type 0 Aiming Mod found on Yubari/Katori. That package would probably make the ship worth buying for a majority of players and wouldn't be OP since any half decent BB will still 1 shot you if they catch you with your pantsu (engine boost) down. Atm she's too big and clunky to be a viable dodge tank, her shells are too floaty to be reliable at range while the ship is too frail to move into a more comfortable range without getting deleted. While I've gotten her to work with my spare 16 SP IJN captain, she's very uncomfortable to play at best, losing in DPM to most lighter ships and in raw alpha to most heavier ships. Let's hope WG is willing to listen to the concerns and will do right by Yahagi... though I won't hold my breath.... one can always hope and give her a payoff for how frail and easy to kill she is.