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  1. Yoridori midori poi~! Prenerf Shiratsuyu with buffed guns and when the engine gets disabled the ship pops sails and keeps moving full speed? >=)
  2. Year of the ****** Persecution of CVs indeed. T8 crapper planes on Midway is going to be grand, AP bombs are still utterly pointless and unreliable. And lo and behold a downtiered Premium Des Moines, USS Salem: This was removed shortly after being posted but someone snagged it on Facebook. >=3 So yeah RIP Ryujo if she's T8 or Kaga and up if T9. So yeah, what's next? CVs only in coop so the BattleBabies win again?
  3. Gief Musashi, gief san-shiki and gief Kancolle voiceline mod for the captain. >=O
  4. Shima is the single most pointless and shitty DD at T10 after they nerfed the torpedoes. WG doesn't want to fix the problem however and just pushes for more gimmicks and rubbish and neglects ships like Shima, Zao and Yamato.
  5. Can't they take their gimmick trash elsewhere and just make a normal CV instead? One that actually holds up against same tier AA and can do relevant stuff simular to Shoukaku? So far none of these test ships look remotely interesting to warrant the 50 buck pricetag. Deep Water Torps and AP bombs are gimmicks that don't add anything relevant to a CV. Not without the ability to switch ammo types on your bombers. Maybe that'd be a decent new 'gimmick'? the ability to swap between AP/HE bombs and Deep/Regular torpedoes on the fly. Also, the fighters still look like a joke. That seems to be WG's new way of 'fixing' and 'balancing' premium CVs looking at Kaga and Big E. The only reason Big E gets away with it is because the reserves are poorly distributed, else it'd prolly lose out to Shoukaku. Can Wargaming please step up their game please? Premium BBs seem to be given the benefit of the doubt when they're called out as borderline OP, premium CA/Ls seem to be quite decent most of the time (Krispy Kream not included), DDs tend to be meh-okay..... CVs after Saipan have all been pretty damn meh. Saipan's strafe mechanic makes her rather overly powerful and it's like WG has decided that to compensate for 1 mistake, they should make Kaga have T6 planes which are pretty damn garbage fighters. Big E should get T7 planes and a T9 module for good measure and Graf Zeppelin should be a joke since the ship wasn't completed. I'm getting sick and tired of the way CVs are treated in the game tbh, AA buffs everywhere, AA powercreep, plane nerfs, high tier CVs limited to 1 a side while there's piles of BattleBi***es on both sides crying that they should be the special snowflake who deserves 24/7 fighter protection..... WG, get your act together and don't reward camping BBs by making them immune to planes. Random battles do not have teamplay, so don't go saying it's balanced cuz "Ermagurd teamwork OP". That's not how your game is played and the way you're nerfing CVs is going to make it worse. [/rant]
  6. There's also the option of her being a Haifuri Collab ship since the 1942 fit was in Haifuri. It'd be nice if she'd be commonly available, unlike how they said they wanted to gate Kitakami behind 'pro gaming' events and the like as a fancy reward ship to prevent torpedo spam due to everyone playing her.
  7. Not sure if I'll bother with this one, I kinda wanted her but not at that price point and not with the special camo being locked behind a [edited] paywall. That should've been a mission for those who purchased the ship, not a "pay more to get a better pay to win camo!" (and yes, more economical benefits = pay to win since you 'win' resources rather than combat performance). In general I'm becoming less willing to shell out money on the high tier premiums since they're just 50 buck paperweights (like Enterprise) or complete busts. And with littler to no relevant information available on Kii. (At the time of this writing the wiki entry doesn't exist or doesn't function) I have to assume the worst.
  8. Play any ship someone deems OP, get any amount of dev. strikes in battles and/or play CV and your karma goes down the drain faster than Trump's verbal diarrhea splatters onto Twitter when CNN covers his 'exploits'.
  9. So here I am, waiting for the servers to get back on so I can go grab my HMS Colonization and colonize those poor sobs on the enemy team while enjoying a jolly good cup of tea. Did WarGaming dump the tea into the harbour again leading to the Royal Navy chaps revolting and refusing to be properly introduced into the game?
  10. Well, considering Kaga is unplayable if in +2 MM and/or against even a remotely competent opponent I wouldn't dare to call her OP by a long shot. Not to mention the fact that half her strafes don't actually do anything which is all fun and engaging gameplay. Big Meh relies on someone getting a lucky bomb hit in, that's like saying Yamato is OP because she has the chance to citadel a target instead of overpenning which she normally does due to her gun caliber. That said, the only good thing about Big Meh is that she is literally a souped up AS Ranger.... which means you can ruin the enemy CV's day by telling him he's not allowed to play, do his missions or have fun. Graf Zeppelin is a joke though, a really bad joke... but a joke nonetheless. I reckon she's worth maybe 20 bucks in her current form? As a decoration in port and not to be played under any circumstance in to avoid intentionally helping the enemy team by giving them the advantage of having an actual CV?
  11. Kaga isn't OP; she gets Edited by MM, Atlanta, Saipan, non-functional fighters and random AA decided to wanpan planes across the map. :3 Big Meh is trashy at best unless you have the RNG hax in place. The only good thing to come out of iChase: Edited This is good fun~ And I guess WG deems this acceptable for 50 bucks. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing and inappropriate content.
  12. *golfclaps* Congratulations on the least believable post since the christmas debacle! And thank you for literally saying "Notser is a Edited and so are the NA employees!" I'm sure they will love that! Where Kaga is a hard ship to play well, Graf Zeppelin deserves to get TKed for being deadweight on the team imho. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  13. If only the planes weren't made of wet toiletpaper and literally lacked any form of relevant damage projection.... AP DBs are a weak farce that leave you unable to kill DDs or relevant ships. HE DBs hit everything equally and thus are superior since you have no targets that 'immune' to getting wanpanned or heavily damaged. Too bad GZ might as well stand for Gimped Zeppelin.
  14. Correct, I kinda hope Flamu explodes over this in a ball of pink fire so they take notice. Flamu is more or less the most efficient way of letting WG know they done fucked up. But then, WG has repeatedly stated that they don't care about the moneybags' opinion regarding Graf Zeppelin's loadout. They believe that 2/3/0 is too OP and the other options are too generic for a ship like Graf Zeppelin, and thus they have made the unplayable 2/0/3 0 options variant they shat out today. AP bombs are a joke and if I want to play a HE bomb platform that doesn't suck I'll play Lexington and save 50 euros instead.
  15. There is a distinct lack of information on Youtube regarding Derpy Blimp in her current configuration..... I guess WG decided to keep her new configuration out of testing to avoid not selling any of them. The only good GZ, is a dead one so don't buy it and if you do, please don't be on my team; you're wasting a slot in my team. Thank you!