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  1. Azur Lane Collab

    So still no word on the Admiral Hipster Loli flag? Getting frustrated by not knowing where that went. >_>
  2. Azur Lane Collab

    I wonder where the chibi tsundere Hipper flag went. >_>
  3. I got about 1m free exp sitting around, might as well buy the Soviet Bias Battle Boat.
  4. Z-39 with IFHE is good fun, penning 33mm of armor means you can bowpen T8 BBs with her HE... I've been finding 2-3k HE volleys a reliable thing with her if you don't hit a shell on a turret or something.
  5. My reason isn't in there, I got ill and still atm. Took some time off from being sulky pouty in bed to post here though.... Still I cannot be bothered to get back into it; didn't get into the groove properly and feeling like a wet paper towel atm won't help any game I'd try to play. XD
  6. Eh, we tend to stick together for the first cap to pop any and all DDs contesting the first cap and then we split up to cap where needed with Asashio carpet torping BB heavy areas, Kidd providing AA support and Harekaze trying to contest caps and spotting torps. Sadly atm we're only running 2 man DD divisions since the third player is mostly busy with irl stuff. Also in case you're wondering why IJN Premiums get shafted but USN Premiums tend to be on the upper end of the spectrum (after supreme soviet supremacy):
  7. Like I said, I may be biased to Asashio in what I'd like from her. Still, having a way to scare off cruisers wouldn't be a bad thing; and 3 man dd divisions are mainly for the purpose of trolling the enemy and having fun. They're not meant to be great or OP, they're meant for giddy enjoyment of oneself.
  8. The drop in price'd be nice but frankly speaking, she's still a fine companion for a Kidd and Harekaze in a division. Kidd covers her AA weakness and deals with DDs well enough, though I've found myself able to fight most enemy ships in Asashio as she is now, my only true gripe with her is that the torps should hit CAs. If they did she'd prolly be too powerful, but at least she'd make a bigger impact on games. Maybe I'm asking for too much but in earnest, the pre-nerf Shiratsuyu state would also not be bad for her.
  9. So basically you want to play a stock Kagero in T7 and have Asashio become an Ashitaka-like ship?
  10. And that'd likely not sell since that's just a worse stock Kagero in T8. They'd have to drop her to T7, keep the reload booster, keep the Kagero guns and then you'd have a slightly better Akatsuki which would be "OP powercreep zomfg rage". If they'd plop that into T8 you'd get a stock Kagero with Reload Booster and no need to be in the game, still I think the DWTs should've at least also hit CAs and maybe not CLs? Though that might cause issues with coding for Mogami since her designation changes when you equip the 155mm/203mm guns.
  11. If anything, the fact that she has DWT is kinda retarded cuz she sank HNLMS Piet Hein with a torpedo during the Battle of Badung Strait. And in a way, it may be better that I didn't design or balance this ship cuz I'd be somewhat biased towards her due to her service record on KC to me. Then again, she'd not have much use for her depth charges in WoWS so I dunno how that'd work out. Still, a gimmick boat is better than a downgraded stock hull Kagero; I would've been forced to skip her if she'd have been that. While I wish they'd have just made her a 'better' Kagero with less base hp, slightly worse guns but better torps and worse AA. Her AA was pretty lackluster to be fair, that's how she sank in the end, bombed and strafed to crud while trying to rescue Arashio's and Nojima Maru survivors. In a way, the ship they implemented bearing her name is unworthy of her name but at least she stands out and isn't a dressed down Kagero A hull with no distinct identity of her own. The outrage surrounding her controversial armament and gimmicky nature at least made her name known to more people, something that'd not have happened if she had been her original planned form. She'd have been lost and forgotten in the waves of premium disappointments, at least now she stands out and has made a splash. For better or for worse at least the ship's name is associated with something, primarily all the BBs on the enemy team running to the map borders whenever they see her on the opposing team.
  12. I figured from the Arashio avatar that you liked the class to some extent at least.... :P I mean I adore my Asashio, she got her ring (yes that's my Asashio in the image v.v) when I bought her for WoWS; same story with Kaga. And so far Asashio hasn't let me down, the ship isn't as good as I'd have hoped but tbh, with the anti-IJN bias WG maintains to please Putin-sama.... I didn't really think they'd make her OP on a Belfast, Kutuzov or Imperator level. To do that she'd have had to have gotten torps that hit cruisers, better gun traverse and maybe the option to slot in F3 cruise miss.... torpedoes. As for availability... after the shitshow by the battlebabies and the CCs about how this ship was toxic for the game; she may not come back on sale. I could be wrong there but she's a ship to keep an eye on; though Harekaze deffo won't come back after the collab ends and Harekaze is also a great ship to own. Long story short, Harekaze is better for the overall gameplay aspect and Asashio is fun if you like a challenge and want to make some BBs cry. I'd not recommend either for a novice captain but if I had to, Harekaze is more forgiving than Asashio is because Harekaze can at least repel pesky CAs with her torps long enough to run away.
  13. Asashio does fine if you're not a full on plebtato. Asashio if played decently is still fine, she won't get the insane damage numbers unless there are BBs in the game but she can still contest caps and win gunfights. Notable gunfights I've managed to win with her include: Asashio VS Atago, Asashio VS Shima, Asashio VS Udaloi. Now the Atago was a complete idiot and decided to go broadside at 3km so he ate citadels for days so I guess it doesn't count? ;P Besides.. how can you say no to this face: She's a great DD if played in division, a fair DD solo and a subpar DD if MM screws you over. Is she for everyone? No, not at all. Is she for people who've played Shimakaze and Pan Asian DDs and who aren't afraid to get stuck in, thinking before they break stealth to attack? Yes, Asashio requires planning to play well. She's no Kamikaze but she's quite good at her role which is BB hunter. I don't regret buying her, but don't say "buy Harekaze instead" because they're different ships for different primary roles. Harekaze is a hybrid gunboat, Asashio is a designated BB hunting torpedo boat. Can she fight other DDs? Yes, but don't expect to outgun them and be prepared to drop smoke and disengage. Also, here's a tip; Torpedo Acceleration makes the torps harder to dodge AND the 4km range cut is irrelevant. I run my Shima captain with it anyway so I get a juicy 18k hp Asashio with the 72 knot 16 km torpedoes. Coupled with a 101s reload time and 21k damage alpha per torp and the highest flooding chance in the game... the only way I can have more fun with Asashio is by making her torps hit cruisers for maximum troll! That said, she drops off when all the BBs are dead or on the other side of the map quaking in fear. What is best in Asashio's life? To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of battlebabies! So yeah in short, if you don't wanna be the bane of BBs, don't buy Asashio. If you do, enjoy your specialist hunting destroyer. Either way, time to hunt some more BBs. Tenno heika BANZAI! >=3
  14. Azur Lane Collab

    Kancolle won't be a thing sadly, appearantly DMM and Kadokawa have no interest in working with Wargaming it seems, I'm guessing they find WG and its reputation... 'undesirable' to be associated with their game. I'd not mind Musashi, Kaga and Asashio as captains though. >=3
  15. Alsace

    And if you play aggressively you get lolstomped by cruisers citadelling you from all sides at all ranges because the ship lacks any and all armor. It's easy to set on fire, it's a large target to get torped into oblivion, the guns get worse at penning if you close in...... I don't see how you think this is a valid strategy. I've had the most success trying to throw my team under the bus while I try to delete cruisers and BBs with magical RNG shells that either do nothing and bounce/shatter or instagib delete ships. The only good thing about the guns is that at medium/long ranges the plunging fire seems to be a hardcounter to German BBs and cruisers due to the ignoring if the turtleback entirely. Kinda like Yamato but more reliably in terms of not overpenning. Other than that if anyone shoots at you, expect to take alot of damage. And on top of that; why in the name of Nyancat Almighty can the French BBs not use the Speed Boost module (the one that gives them the bonus duration)!? Is this just a case of dev oversight or did the devs expect people to not care about the BattleBaguettes too much so they went with an extra crispy cringebarge?