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  1. I can confirm that that's a pile of horse dung. :3 I got Bretagne and Lyon from the free boxes. My impression of the French BBs is that they're... meh at best unless you're a top tier Lyon which can be funny.
  2. First game makes me wonder what's up with the Des Moines arcs tbh, she's squishy the shells hit home under 15km okay-ishly..... doesn't help that I had a CV going "ermagurdnewboatmustkill" with the lackluster AA this thing has. Not going to spend money to try and get Richelieu though.... I'll just grind it through sheer force of effort and time.
  3. Tbh, Richelieu is the one I'm interested in but the only one I got is Bretagne. Gonna give that one a whirl I suppose.
  4. Sounds like they wanted them to at least have a semi-reliable weapon. :P
  5. Working as intended to squeeze more money out of you obviously! :P That being said, maybe that's why the servers are currently off? So they can fix that?
  6. She's not consistent and that's annoying from time to time. I can see the Baked Baguette line being annoying to grind.
  7. Well, if you don't mind Roma, Musashi and simular inaccurate BBs.... you'll have a field day with this line I guess.
  8. You'd have thought even WG would've noticed the EA debacle. :P I only bought 1 box to start the collection... only to find out the normal earnable boxes don't contain collection pieces which is a shame. XD Either way, I'm not too hyped for these BBs, if anything I'll just grind them over the course of a few days like I did with the Pan Asian DDs.
  9. For a line of ships that have been described as "Mehboats" most of the way, I don't mind getting one of the early access ones but if I don't... I may leave the line to rot for a while cuz they seem quite pathetic right now. Even Alsace on the PTS was okay at best. xD
  10. Changes on HMS Cossac and Asashio

    How about they buff Asashio by giving her Shima's old 20km torps.. :P That should be fair, balanced and highly entertaining considering the amount of camping BBs getting hit by stray torpedoes and crying about it in all chat...
  11. Fix your Servers

    HSF Captains are a bit pricy yeah, as are the premium camos imho. :P And I wonder why Roma is the most expensive T8 BB when she's likely worse than Tirpitz. xD
  12. Fix your Servers

    I guess the IJN got fed up with their premiums being meh-diocre and sent a kamikaze to take out the servers?
  13. T61 and sub point World of warships Blitz

    Patience is a virtue imho, they rushed Graf Zeppelin out the doors and we all know how that turned out don't we now. ;) I've been waiting for Roma and T-61 like the lot of you but after the GZ failfest... I think it'd be better to patiently wait.
  14. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Buddy of mine bought 20 boxes, got crap all. No ships, no prem time, no bloons. Bought another 10 boxes myself and got 2k bloons and some camos etc. But quite happy with what I got so far (5 premiums I didn't own yet is a fine haul) Just need to consider doing another roll of the dice to maybe get Gremy.... grrr not sure if I should though. (I've been rolling the Huge boxes, they've been quite alright in terms of drops out of the 3 ships I didn't have yet I got 2 on the first 10 so yeah...)
  15. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Wondering if I should try for Gremy, it's the last ship I can get... xD But atm my value has been excellent.