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  1. Teamplay OP, please nerf! Just like skill, plz also nerf! Now I won't say I'm the perfect CV player but... when I run into one of lesser skill the following song applies: That said, been testing with Big E and her AP bombs perform worse overall than her HE bombs.. that's how OP they are. Hitting a stationary FdG with 12 bombs, doing 800 damage in total! Such OP, many wow! WTB buffs for her and Kaga asap please; either give them protective MM, give Kaga the T8/9 modules and/or give Big E 1000lb HE bombs so you don't have to use the RNG garbage bag bombs!
  2. Well considering part of the missions are in the higher end bundles; my point stands. I had expected ARP-style missions rewarding us with stuff like the XOs, Isoroku and maybe some fast exp for the new captains.
  3. The problem with the Tone-class CAVs and per extention the Ise-class BBVs is that they merge 2 different types of gameplay. (surface ship + CV) And it'd require you to be able to control both the ship and its main guns and the air groups of floatplane fighters/bombers at the same time. The marriage of those two gameplay modes is appearantly very difficult to realize.
  4. Yes but on the Asia server they get stuff at better rates due to their lower income most of the time. (Top bundle Kaga was 40 bucks there as well) And we all know WGEU is all for extorting money but all against people having fun/earning things at a reasonable rate.
  5. Well, that feels cheap of them. Guess I don't have to hurry to get the ships then :P I mean who needs bonus exp on them. XD And besides; no XO, no dice.
  6. They prolly forgot to activate them? :P Someone poke them with a stick or something to see if they wake up so they can go flip the switch on the missions. Also I do hope the XOs are available... without them I won't be grabbing them yet... and maybe Isoroku as well. :o
  7. Tbh, I do like my 2/0/2 Ranger to piss in people's cheerios. With Demo Expert it's quite funny to drop, get 3 fires, see the guy ram his Damecon and then bombing him for another 2-3 fires so be burns down while your fighters sweep the sky.... (great for farming Clear Sky flags with, Saipan and Kaga also do a great job at it... Big E is less efficient imho) Also, lower tier US CVs have weaker torps than higher tier ones; but IJN ones stay the same from Hosho to Hakuryu. So in a way they already are stronger.... it's just that the load outs need to change, imho they should have 2/1/2 loadouts or simular effects; give them a few fighters in 2 groups and then give them strike planes so they can perform offensive duties as well. The only IJN CV who will suffer alot from this change (outside of Kaga but people QQ about her being OP when she really is exceptionally UP when uptiered) will likely be Ryujo since her planes are utter garbage (yay Kaga has them as well!), her reserves are garbage and even if you strafe Indy planes with your fighters, if they engage your fighters through the strafe your fighters die instantly without the Indy strafing and he loses maybe 1 or 2 planes. Which means Ryujo's planes need a major buff in my eyes to deal with Indy getting a buff.
  8. I disagree that they are fine, they're underpowered in a way since there is LITERALLY no counterplay to a Des Moines or Minotaur stealth AAing down full groups of T10 planes in seconds. It doesn't matter if you're trying to avoid them, Minotaur's AA aura is 17,2km in diameter and you don't spot him for the first or so kilometer.. so by the time you notice you're losing planes the squadron is more or less gone. Also, buffing US CVs will likely make them superior to IJN ones due to the constant stream of buffs to the USN Fighters; the result is that buffing the USN in other ways will have to be offset by the Fighters taking a dive in power. Right now US Fighters completely crap all over IJN fighters; which needs to be adressed. Additionally, it's funny that the USN Premium CVs outclass IJN CVs in every way. XD Though Big E is kinda bad.
  9. Another day, another "CVs are the reason everything sucks." topic. CVs are a skill based ship type that is less forgiving than BBs or CAs, can you stop whining about the fact that your team's CV was less competent than the enemy's already? Thank you, have a nice day.
  10. 1. Torching them while under evasive maneuvers and laughing as their paltry Damage Control can't keep up with the amount of fire you set. 2. Playing cat and mouse behind islands and through cover while waiting for the radar to expire and then ambushing the crap out of them. 3. Having Hydro up on German BBs and dodging the torps so the DD gets no damage, watching the torpedoes bounce off of your glorious Yamato/Alabama belt and/or Radaring them and deleting them with Missouri (and seemingly soon the RN BB line) I pose a counter question; what's the fun in playing a limited ammunition ship in +2MM where said ammunition gets swatted like flies, neutering and/or neutralizing your damage potential and making your impact on the game 1/50th of what it could've been if your planes don't fall from the sky in a fireworks display simular to the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_the_Philippine_Sea
  11. Oktober Revolution is the second name given to the lead ship of the Gangut-class battleships. She's appearantly an event reward Russian BB with a limited amount of Damage Control uses.
  12. I wish, she'd make better use of it than Big E does. Big E is literally like playing AS Ranger with your strike reserves spread across more airgroups; she's... alright... she can win the air superiority fight against Shoukaku but she feels very much like a US AS CV. (And yes, I would rather have more DBs than those worthless TBs with the W for Wanker formation)
  13. The hype isn't statbased, it's feelbased. Statwise she doesn't look appealing.... I was going to impulse buy her and then I saw her price and I just went "Nope! Nope nope nope! [edited]Reicht Off WG." Big E is basically a USS Kaga with all of the drawbacks and none of the strengths of the ship. While I want to collect her I dunno if I can afford a 50 buck paper weight that is less likely to perform than Midway.
  14. As taken from the wikipedia entry. And as shown by the Aeronauticum in Germany. Please do note the lack of the crooked smokestack on both the recognition drawing AND the model build by the GERMAN museum for maritime aviation. You'd think the official German museum which specializes in German maritime aviation knows what she would've looked like when completed no?
  15. Too bad that smokestack wasn't in the blueprints.... nor the recognition drawing.... or anywhere.... I mean they had ACTUAL blueprints and drawings of the ship and they fail to make the superstructure look like them. XD I am mildly entertained, annoyed and unsurprised by WG at this point. Also WTB Stuka's with Fritz-X bombs please! And I will be rather unamused if the Stuka's down have a the classic Stuka sound when attacking... Make it so WG!