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  1. 0Foxhound


    Well, thanks in advance for your help.. Later on that day I send a "ticket" to support and they helped me getting the game and being everything ok with my account!! Cheers
  2. 0Foxhound

    USS Cleveland Gameplay

    Nice.. loved the evasion of torpedos almost at the end!! I bet you could do that with a car!! ehehe just kidding!! nice steers!!!
  3. 0Foxhound

    Got the wrong link

    well it now that you mention, when I first login(everyday) on WOWS site it referees Portugal as a USA server!! It must be checked out.. probably thats why I got the 403 error!!!
  4. 0Foxhound

    A bit of Iwaki gameplay (without commentary)

    great shots and pursuits!!
  5. 0Foxhound

    ►Cruiser Gameplay - Epic Start with St. Louis!

    Nice gameplay!!
  6. 0Foxhound

    Some Low Tier Battleship Gameplay

    Nice play!!
  7. 0Foxhound


    Another portuguese on duty!! And if i'm not mistaken I believe there is some naval history in our country!! Salute to all!! Enjoy the game!!
  8. 0Foxhound

    Error 403

    How could I missed that is automatic link.. but yes, it was wows site!!
  9. 0Foxhound

    Error: Something went wrong. Try again later.

    I cant even see that link.. it also denies me!!
  10. 0Foxhound

    Error 403

    mine is still denying me acess!!
  11. 0Foxhound


    how did u manage to download.. mine is restricting the access
  12. 0Foxhound

    Cant Login or download the game

    I managed to login but the link to download the game was getting me denied
  13. 0Foxhound


    There could be Portuguese fleet.. I've been checking the portuguese naval fleet and I think it could fit some ships in here.. ok, no big guns nor aircraft carriers but... just an idea!!
  14. 0Foxhound

    Error: Something went wrong. Try again later.

    Your said that mine was 403 access denied!! Spent all afternoon glued to the PC, since my mobile warned me about the email with no luck!!
  15. I would love to tell how it went but I got the email today replayed immediately and when the email arrived the link said error 403 access denied!!