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  1. Trados

    Jurassic World

    "spoilers" lol i bet its plot is same as all other movies? some Jurassic park then they fck up something and then dinosaur(s) chase ppl around?
  2. Trados

    Kantai Collection kai2

    time for me to post some pics again ^^ my starter ship: ofc Yamato again: and 1 more pic:
  3. Trados

    Kantai Collection kai2

    no worries my resources can handle her as she is lvl 99 here :3 and here a pic:
  4. Trados

    Are ships scaled correctly?

    yes distance traveled is total BS no need to even go there >_> last time i checked that i traveled 40+km in 20 mins that means my BB difted around at 120km/h on average
  5. Trados

    Kantai Collection kai2

    :_: k i will be only one posting daily pics but if its just me posting you will see her a lot: todays pics are a bit big kinda wallpaper size btw
  6. Trados

    Kantai Collection kai2

    for todays picture its ofc:
  7. Trados

    CVs road to "clicker" class is almost finished

    lol lets be honest gameplay wise if you wanna do good in a battle there is no reason whatsoever to play IJN CV now and yes only reason i have IJN CV is because I play Kancolle i mean you know whats sad? by the time WoWs was going into alpha i said "damn first ship i wanna grind for in WoWs is Akagi" then by some luck i got into beta and ofc started playing other ships but when i heard IJN CV are coming i was like SUPER happy then...... fighters totally useless BB become retarded...toyko BB drift nerf nerf nerf buff USA CV nerf nerf buff USA CV
  8. Trados

    Kantai Collection kai2

    well i will have to lvl her from 1 but i bet that she is certainly better that WoWs Furutaka :3 that art is so damn good
  9. Trados

    Jap Cruisers are they worth it.

    i am no expert but i had fun playing IJN cruisers its just sometimes IJN cruisers will feel bad cuz murican totally balanced WGtm cruisers feel better like on t6
  10. Trados

    Naming ships?

    i rly hope they implement this since i call some of my ships by other names of the same class already anyway
  11. Trados

    What's your favorite ship so far ?

    Kongou \o/ not rly fan of playing BB but like Kongou liked Mogami when she was still t7 but dunno how she is now that she is t8 cuz didnt feel like grinding myoukou yet here a picture of 3rd of Kongou class Haruna looking a bit different :3
  12. Trados

    Kantai Collection kai2

    so we post pics on this tread now too kay here a pic i rly like (and posted it on pravda chat yesterday so nothing for you guys) Spoiler sigh so ppl are not up for it? well whatever here is my pic for today Spoiler
  13. Trados

    Patchnotes for

    so all in all IJN CV nerf again? except houshou and zuihou?
  14. Trados

    Kantai Collection kai2

    well kancolle hype gets rly hard during event so now that its over thread is chilling down a bit i just want those promised shoukaku and zuikaku kai2 \o/
  15. Trados

    Kantai Collection kai2

    there is no such thing as best method for getting nagato but i guess LSC