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  1. Lykk00

    European dds with full AA

    Yes, pretty please. Air CANCER must go, forever.
  2. Lykk00

    AA Defense Changes

    At this point just remove CVs entirely. Speshul WG devs have shown they are not able to properly design and balance this joke of a class.
  3. Lykk00


  4. Lykk00

    5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    Somehow I knew you were going to say this, you eternal baBBy.
  5. Lykk00

    The true power of divisions

    This thread again... and I see everyone's favourite wot_chikor is here too. Dis gon be gud.
  6. Lykk00

    [NOT troll] Juliet charlie in the arsenal

    Or simply remove this braindead """""feature""""" from the game entirely.
  7. Lykk00

    1 overpen 2 citadels

    This clustered pile of what the hell is wrong with you of interface..
  8. Thanks for the heads up, let's get the party started!
  9. Lovely, another of your threads. Me likey!
  10. This thread needs more salt... so drop em!
  11. Do you question superiour sovjet coding? How can you! Are you not entertained by the fun & engaging experience where ships don't render (it's a feature), torps go into islands (well tought map design), critical errors (community interactive development) or the snappy and quick user interface? Not to mention the blazingly fast and error free CV interface.
  12. >1 Post by this account I see Gaijin needs more customers :^) At least War Thunder never crashed on me..
  13. The question is.. what day, month and year? You did not mention this. Still no mention of day, month and year. Can we expect this patch to work before 31.05.2020?
  14. True. You can't blame a monkey for being a monkey. It's the same story over and over again.. devs won't learn. LoL, WoW, WoT, WT, you name it.. Whenever devs cater to idiots and dumb down the game it all goes south.