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  1. Dabnis

    Halland Torpedo Range reduced to 12Km

    Thanks guys, I obviously had a 'numpty' moment :)
  2. Can anyone explain why after assigning Jerzy Swirsky as commander the torpedo range on the halland gets reduced to 12Km?
  3. Dabnis

    Teamkill penalty

    I have also just started my game and found that I have received a 'Team Kill' penalty due to a connection loss last night, no prior warnings etc. As for 'poor WG' not being able to detect if you are AFK or it's a connection loss: THEY CAN, a constant regular ping is sent between client & server to give you your 'ping time in ms' so their systems would know that communication between the client & their servers has been dropped. This fact would cause an error at their/server end. If I was AFK that ping would still be there, so I ask the question: Why a team kill penalty? I have worked as a Linux system admin for more than 15 years & I can assure everyone that such as downed connections is one of the easiest things to detect & therefore let it be known that it's not an AFK issue. AFK would mean no activity & the ping response being available. If anyone from WG reads this then please supply an explanation why these penalties are given for a dropped connection? And as for why: It's the principle, if there was a connection failure during an ingame purchase I'm sure they would have some automated marketing notification to remind you of the outstanding purchase, but then this relates to them making money from us & not such as common connection loss issues. Regards to all. Dabs
  4. Dabnis

    Looking for UK clan

    Have been clan member of many WOT clans, even 2IC in a couple, been playing WOWS for about 3+ years now, only random's. I must get into a clan before I break another keyboard with these random idiot players (not all), but DD's ***** anyway, send me a message if you think I would be suitable for your clan. Age : 60, but many don't believe me on TS. Good sense of humour Even though at times they can drive you mad, I firmly believe that all clans should have some younger 'geek' type players, if only to give us older guys something to moan about. Thanks for reading. Dab