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  1. SamStarion

    Izumo firepower.....

    Well, just played two battles with my Izumo and it is still a glass cannon. The citadels might have armor but considering that the huge hull and decks are easy to hit any BB can do 8-14k damage to the Izumo without citadel hits... Can't wait to unlock the Yamato.
  2. SamStarion

    Izumo firepower.....

    Can you tell me when did they change those values? Last time i checked the wiki site it was around 150mm for the citadel and now it says 356mm which is strange because the ship feels the same...
  3. SamStarion

    Izumo firepower.....

    Having 356 mm citadel armor would be lovely but those values are wrong unless they buffed the ship in secret. But i highly doubt that because it feels the same. It is weak, can't take any beating.
  4. SamStarion

    Battleship secondaries

    Even with module upgrades they are pretty bad. 300 shells fired only 50 hit and did 4-5k damage from 5-6km range. LOL
  5. SamStarion

    Izumo firepower.....

    Izumo is not a brawler because it has no armor. It's not a sniper either because dispersion of the guns are worse than the Amagi's and it has no armor. Use it at mid range and never show your broadside to anyone because it has no armor. In that way you might have ok battles with that ship...
  6. SamStarion

    Why are battleships so [edited] useless?

    Mid tier battleships are not great. They are ok, but not great. Keep playing, keep grinding and learning and you'll see that BBs are devastating in the hands of a good captain. Watch some youtube videos on how to play BBs, that can really help.
  7. SamStarion

    So, about the MM

    Again, the problem is the distribution of ships and divisons. How come the OP's team has all the tier 9s and doesn't have a fail division? His team has only one division, enemy has 3. Incorrect distribution is the problem with mm nowadays imo.
  8. SamStarion

    Player stats wipe post launch

    Last_Rites, i see you posting in every CV related topic and you are always whining about the CV nerf and claim that the class wasn't OP. Just accept the fcking nerf already! Adopt to the new system or don't play with CVs anymore. You are spamming your whine in every CV topic and it is very irritating and boring now. No offense.
  9. SamStarion

    So, about the MM

    The problem here is not the platooning rather the amount of tier 9 on one side and none on the other...
  10. SamStarion

    Player stats wipe post launch

    Why do you care so much about stats? Just enjoy the fcking game! Do your best in every battle. I personally don't give a ship about other players' stats. I use it to check my own advancement, my own progress. Compare your stats with your own.
  11. SamStarion

    wows released sept 17th

    Pretty annoying and dumb trend imo. I can already see the disappointed folks who download the game after release because they've heard about it on some gaming website and realize that there are only 2 nations in the game (excluding premiums).
  12. SamStarion

    wows released sept 17th

    Fixed that for you.
  13. SamStarion

    not even NavyField level - game review

    Fun fact: they're going to drop the 'beta' tag on september 17 and release the game officially. With those lags...
  14. SamStarion

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    I can't play with this thing anymore... zero fun, i'm just struggling. Every ship does full damage to it.
  15. SamStarion

    How to make IJN carriers complete trash overnight FT. WG

    Yeah CVs got hit waaaay too hard because they were overperforming waaay too hard just like you said. End of story.