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  1. Smoketoi

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery, thx Everybody happy holidays
  2. Smoketoi

    Recurring Disconnects

    Dont suffer disconnections but drops in FPS and lag is almost in every game at the start of battles
  3. Smoketoi

    Twitch Drops, anyone else not getting them?

    Got both of them.
  4. Smoketoi

    Combat missions removed?

    Have the same issues here
  5. Smoketoi

    Daily Shipments still flooding in?

    Mine reset already 2 times
  6. Smoketoi

    PT 0.9.10 - Big Hunt: Key to Victory!

    Fun to play, good balanced and the modular setup of the ships is great
  7. Smoketoi

    Do we have any real sailors here?

    Captain on a Ocean going salvage tug, previous company I sailed with Smit International, Salvage of the Kursk.
  8. Smoketoi

    Dutch forum?

    Twente? Then you are a Tukker
  9. Smoketoi

    Dutch forum?

    Indeed its just a whistle of a penny to understand the English. And I agree, 1 language for the whole game but also in chat.
  10. Smoketoi

    Dutch forum?

    There a lots of Dutch players but we just addapt to the english language and not like others who just keep on going in their own languageworld.
  11. Smoketoi

    Premium German Containers

    bought 25 Containers, Mainz, Pommern, Z-39 plus lot of flags, camo,s and a freight train of FXP.
  12. Smoketoi

    0.9.6 - German Carriers

    I have the same issue, on some maps you don't see anything when attacking due to the light, sun in the back or on your face doesn't make any difference. WG pilots had sunglasses from the start of aviation, so where are our sunglasses?
  13. Happens in co-op, random and scenarios, when I see the first enemy ships and on the first attack/shots fired