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  1. MortiferusRosa

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. Thanks all for the contributions, hopefully i can be in a position next year to give back!
  2. MortiferusRosa

    Help! Unable to select Prime Time for Clan Battles!

    Cant set the time to EU either...
  3. MortiferusRosa

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Unable to select Prime Time for Clan Battles 2. Reproduction steps Create Division, Select "Select Battle Type", Select "Schedule" , select (any of the prime times), select "Fix", select "Confirm" 3. Result No prime time is selected. Unable to join clan battles 4. Expected result Prime time is selected for desired region. Able to enter clan battles 5. Technical details This happens on EU server with Clan OCTO. No clan commander is able to schedule Prime Time. Occurred yesterday for ~10 min then worked for an unknown reason (we were able to select the RU server prime time). Unable to reproduce what allowed us to select the Prime Time from yesterday. Apparently clan SYN is having the same issue today on the NA server https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/173629-cross-server-clan-battle-a-bust/?tab=comments#comment-4081172 EDIT: Not a bug. Just a lack of information. (We didnt realize that only a deputy commander or clan commander can set the prime times for the test seasons). Crysantos has clarified this for us.
  4. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem where they cannot successfully select a prime time? Our clan commanders are in the prime time selection screen but even though they select the prime time and click "fix prime time" it doesnt actually select the prime time. We had this problem yesterday for a bit but randomly it worked and we dont know what we did to get it to work that one time. Today it just isnt working at all.
  5. MortiferusRosa

    Uncover the truth mission

    I dont feel like downloading and playing games on the NA server, so hopefully this makes it over to the Halloween Scavenger Compendium on NA https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/172872-halloween-scavenger-event-2018-compendium/?page=4 Anyways, far as I am aware, noone has been able to figure out what the " jksdl,czcx;'.zcx " hidden in the picture So I was wondering if the whole "Right then Down" comment was related to that instead of the glyph board. So I took the liberty of keyboard shifting it to the right and down and depositing it here. Hopefully someone smarter than me can figure out what to do with it (or tells me its just a red herring). The QWERTY shift seems like the most useful maybe but i included two other keyboard configurations just in case. QWERTY(US): ,.cv/94243-0243 AZERTY(French): ;:cv!_'d'"çt9d'" DWORAK(US): kx-h/.r;rbq,p;rb
  6. MortiferusRosa

    [DMAS] Recruiting players - English

    Sounds like the type of clan im looking for. Definitely a casual WoWs player but have been playing since beta and am interested in clan wars as long as it isnt taken too seriously. Does your clan members play (relatively) around the clock or are you guys on specific times of the day? I live in the US. NVM, in a clan now.
  7. Love the game, been playing since beta. Looking for an english speaking clan that plays clan wars, but is primarily casual division play. Gets boring playing by myself.
  8. MortiferusRosa

    Suggestions thread

    General Suggestion For Matchmaker. I like that WG is making quality of life changes in patch 0.7.4 I wonder if there is any consideration on making a restriction/lock on divisions that prevents players from dragging ships into matches that are outside of their tier restrictions? For example, a Kongo platooning with a Myogi and Svetlana ends up in a tier 7 game. It isnt as fun for the teammates who get stuck with this division. World of Tanks added this feature and I think World of Warships should follow suit. If this suggestion was already made and commented on earlier, I apologize.
  9. MortiferusRosa

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    @LittleWhiteMouse, I have owned Atlanta since Beta and I definitely have felt the changes over the years. I do have a question though, does your opinions on the worth of IFHE shells change now that the reduction of fire chance is now 1% for Atlanta? (since her artillery is < 139mm?). I feel like since that change the disadvantages for picking up that skill isnt as bad, especially since it can be offset by flags/demolition expert.
  10. MortiferusRosa

    Misnamed Gun Upgrade

    Not a game breaking bug, but the stock gun and the upgraded gun for a few ships have the same name and i think they should have different designations for their names. Omaha. Both guns are named 152 mm/53 Mk13/Mk16. I think one was supposed to be named 152 mm/53 Mk13 and the upgraded one 152 mm/53 Mk16 Other ships are St. Louis Cleveland, New Orleans, Baltimore, Hashidate, Minekaze, Mutsuki, and Fubuki. Although these ones have the exact same name for the upgraded gun I am not as sure if that was intentional or not. Although I will admit it feels odd "upgrading" a gun to a gun with the exact same name.
  11. MortiferusRosa


    What about adding spotting/scouting as a way to gain experience (like in WoT)? Having your spotting aircraft, fighter/bomber squadrons from carriers, and even your own lookout in the crows nest being able to earn you some of the points for pointing out the enemy.
  12. MortiferusRosa

    uneven odds on carrier battles ( balance complain )

    I also agree that matchmaking needs to be retuned better around carriers. Having an uneven number of carriers on each side and/or a tier difference between carriers makes for a very frustrating gameplay experience for the outnumbered/outgunned player.
  13. MortiferusRosa

    Ctrl No longer lets me select Minimap

    I all a sudden can no longer use Ctrl to make my mouse appear to signal on the minimap (or prioritize targets for AA and secondary armament) However, I have asked other players in game and they still can do it so Im not sure as to the reason only me losing the ability. I checked the controls section but even after setting everything back to default I still cant use Ctrl.
  14. MortiferusRosa

    Main Battery AP/HE Shells

    In the controls for choosing hotkeys for Main Battery AP Shells and Main Battery HE Shells it is written backwards in the UI. My Main Battery AP shells are keyed to "1" but when I press "1" in game it selects the HE shells. It is the same thing with my HE shells. The HE shells are keyed to "2" but when I press "2" in game it selects the AP shells. (it is like this regardless of what hotkey I use). Simple fix in the UI but I dont know if anyone caught that or not yet. Edit: This was present prior to 0.3.1 but I only just made the connection.
  15. MortiferusRosa

    Who likes the buffed/nerfed Kitakami

    You realize that you have to rebuy all premium ships (except the Yubari, Sims, and Gremsky) when they wipe the servers before going to Live? If you dont like the premium ship, dont rebuy it after the wipe. Beta is the best time to try out the premium ships because if they change them (and they will, it is beta after all) then you actually get to have tried it out and decide whether you like or not like it prior to having to commit to it fully during live.