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  1. Hi Glig!

    Still on a Mac? How is it going?

  2. Glig69

    Bug Reports

    1. Description When entering game (tanks or ships) thru Game Centre, it does not accept the stored password, and I have to enter the password ... every time. 2. Reproduction steps Start Game Centre. Click on Play to start WOWS. 3. Result Get faced with the WOWS login screen and have to type in my password. 4. Expected result Move smoothly into game, without the hassle of typing my password in EVERY time. 5. Technical details Plenty of others have reported this bug previously. I noticed that a Game Centre update shipped a few days back ... still the same bug. How about fixing this simple bug WG?
  3. Glig69

    British missions in new update a**e about face?

    Well let's compare: slavery abolished in 1865 in the US (although tell that to the civil rights protestors in the 1960s); 1848 in France; 1863 in Holland; 1886 (?) in Spain; etc. Without making excuses for an inexcusable practice, the UK was at least at the forefront of correcting its own behaviour and encouraging better behaviour elsewhere. Regardless, overall this doesn't affect the fact that the country has remained welcoming to immigrants prior and after to 1833 ... indeed, following the accession of some of the recent east European nations to the EU, isn't it telling that it was only the UK that welcomed migrant workers from these new nations without limitations, whilst our European neighbours put up barriers?
  4. Glig69

    WG for the love of serb, nerf lightning

    Yes - it gets a little tiring after a while, playing with yourself ... I always find it more satisfying with two!
  5. Glig69

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

    Well, on my Texas I have a win rate of 65% (against my average WR of 55%, and a WR of 57% for my Warspite), so I would heartily suggest that this is an EXCELLENT ship, if you are comfortable with BB play. The Simms can also be pretty good, I believe, but being a gunboat DD it is tricky to get the best out of her. The Arkansas B can also be useful for clubbing seals - I don't have her, but she is essentially the same as the S Carolina I believe .. similar gunplay to the Texas. If you like DDs, well then my favourite is the Kamikaze - not sure if they sell her, but if they do then she is immense fun as a ninja torpedo boat. Heartily recommended.
  6. Glig69

    British missions in new update a**e about face?

    Perhaps it is worth remembering - the UK is actually rather a tolerant and multi-cultural land, and has a rich history of welcoming immigrants over hundreds of years ... immigrants who have enriched our language, food and culture. Something for our neighbours to consider, whilst we work out this current spate of hysteria over foreigners.
  7. Glig69

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

    You have a Texas? She is a great credit earner. Please tell me you have modules on her? If not - research reddit, tool her up, and earn even more credits. The real story is not about what ship you buy/use, but how well you can play her ... and that means playing to the ship's strengths, at a level of play that you are comfortable. I really would suggest playing at T5-T7 until you are comfortable that you can do enough damage and have enough impact at T8 to go beyond. Remember - the T8 ship repair costs are pretty high, and so you may not make much money at T8 unless you can be successful. Good luck buddy.
  8. Glig69

    Does anyone have any advice for which premium to buy?

    Buddy - heed the advice above. Buy the Warspite - tier 6 is so much more forgiving, she hits hard, and if you can get games of 50 to 100k, preferably towards the latter, then you will make plenty of credits. Have a quick read of reddit to check what modules you need - once you have a premium ship, it is simply unforgivable not to tool her up, and a few basic choices will make you SO much more effective in game.
  9. Glig69

    RN DDS are the worst line created in the last 2 years...

    Curious ... I have won 8 from 12 games in the Icarus and 2 from 2 in the Acarus. They seem pretty OP to me ... maybe the fault is not with the ship, but the way that you are playing them? Try a different strategy pal.
  10. Glig69

    Auto return last Captain

    Yep - absolutely agree. This is a simple change that would have an enormous quality of life boost.
  11. Glig69

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Planes and ships are not clickable (for targeting) ... same as earlier post, but with 2560x1440 resolution 2. Reproduction steps Set resolution to 2560x1440, set to full-screen, everything else default 3. Result Planes aare not selectable in-game, making manual anti-air bonus unattainable. Ships are only selectable now if you can see them and are very accuirate on clicking on the hull rather than the icon 4. Expected result Ships and planes should still be clickable, ofc.
  12. Glig69


    ... and so the dream is crushed.
  13. Glig69


    You have got to smile at the fella's anal retentiveness, that WG have numbered the torpedo wrongly ... but heck now I AM interested! Is this true? Do all Navies number equipment with odd numbers on the starboard and even numbers on port? Don't make me pay to board the Belfast again please.
  14. Glig69

    What the hell is going on?

    I suppose it's a truism that the first step in curing a problem is to identify the problem. You need, my friend, to be a little bit more open minded and perhaps consider the fact that YOU may need to improve your game a little to help your teammates win a few more battles. Remember - it's not just about the damage count at the end of the battle ... it's about making a difference to the game, which can be done in oh-so-many-ways that just firing your guns at the biggest, easiest target. Painful advice for you, perhaps, but you won't solve the problem if you don't man up to the facts before you ... I would suggest a little more time in the mid tiers, sharpening your skills. Good luck!
  15. Glig69

    Campaign "The Gold of France"

    Some commercial reality is needed - WG has to have a reason to persuade players to take a short cut by buying the Aigle, or spending gold to free XP the higher BBs. SO we cannot blame them for that, esp since you can still get to the end goal without spending gold. BUT, for crying out loud make it more fun pls WG. Grinding out game after game in the same limited number of French ships to get the 1500 ribbons, only to have to do it AGAIN. Naah - as a clan mate would say, that's pissing on my chips. No fun. Please think again next time round WG.