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  1. Thanks all for the suggestions. I sent in the replay, and got a response that "we'll deal with it". Done. Well - almost done. I can understand the need for privacy, but without knowing that some kind of punishment was delivered, I don't really have a feeling that there is any rule enforcement. I wonder whether WG might consider just sharing with the community some info on some of the punishment they have had to deal out in the last 6 months? Ultimately what we need is deterrent, not punishment ... but the former probably doesn't come without the latter. Right - enough on this subject - thanks for your patience.
  2. Thanks for the link - I'll do that.
  3. I have just played a game with a DD who started the battle pink, spent the first few minutes not moving, but instead was writing a series of childish, posts about some "secret agent mission" in chat, and then when she/he did start moving, the player refused to go anywhere near the caps or target the enemy. After around 5mins or so, the player then declared in chat "Sh*t loser team, I give up", parked the ship and left the battle. Sigh. What can you do about this? What should I do? Is it really worth digging out the video and sending it to WG? Do they actually do anything about this type of anti-social player? It was enough for me to quit playing tonight in disgust.
  4. Glig69

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Well, this game started off as a historical simulator, using real ships and many, many in the community respond to that. If it was a fantasy game, then they would use made up nations and/or set it in space.
  5. Glig69

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Does anyone have access to server numbers? Are they collapsing in EU/NA? Is the answer just that WG sees its future growth in the RU server only, so sod the rest of the servers? I just cannot understand why WG keeps shooting itself in the EU/NA feet with its blatant Russian bias.
  6. Glig69

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    You're missing the point Pete ... or probably are just winding up the forum, as seems to be your habit. I, like many others it seems, have done all the directives and done most of the daily missions, and have got none of the ships. It's a really frustrating way that WG have chosen to grant access to these ships. It would be much better to allow players to earn them, then it would be up to you whether you get them or not, and not down to chance.
  7. Am I missing something here? I just got an Irian Premium Camo, Lunar Holiday design, from one of the Great Fireworks crates ... but I don't have an Irian, so it's completely useless! Is this another P2R type event where you earn a free ship then find you actually need to pay for it?
  8. Glig69

    Best suggestion for the game

    I am shocked that you think that 10% CAN! Less than a hundred players I imagine out of a population tens of thousands. That's 1% at best.
  9. Glig69

    Yamato is the worst battleship?

    What? Biggest BB, granted, but she didn't ever fight another BB, didn't actually help the IJN war effort, and was sunk easily by planes. Hardly the "strongest battleship in history." More of a pink elephant. Maybe leave that title for a BB that actually did something.
  10. Glig69


    Nope - sorry - burn him at the stake!
  11. Glig69

    MM up to no good

    I have played in a few games over the last few months where the ship line up isn't balanced - with one side having more DDs than the other. I thought that this had all been fixed long back, but this broken MM seems to be creeping back again. Why? In the match below (mid-morning on a Saturday ... so fairly high player numbers surely) one team got an extra Kamikaze, ie a ninja DD, which is hardly good balancein a Domination format game ... Is this working as intended, or has something gone screwy?
  12. Glig69

    HE shells for British Light Cruisers

    I think you are missing the point, OP - the lack of HE and the improved AP is the Brit CL thing. If you want a light cruiser with HE, play the American line. The Belfast is just an anomoly. And the Brit CLs do VERY well with just their AP - I love the line.
  13. This fiasco just gets worse and worse. They really screwed the pooch on this one.
  14. ... except that this year the rewards are far worse than last year. No steel for T10. Less for T8&T9. No bonus for Premium ships. Meh - this whole season's "rewards" are just a kick in the nuts. To be honest a piss-taking reward is worse than nothing at all.