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  1. Today , expect new update again I was awaiting for them, Aslain recreate work in mods
  2. My controller wows in mods everything works 100% good and no problem.
  3. These mods are all good work and no problem more. Thank you !!!
  4. Bossche

    [] Nagasaki Dock

    In American forum, there are again a functioning [PORT] Nagasaki port updated for http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/77809-port-nagasaki-0550/ Pay attention, this large download: File size: 197 MB !!! EDIT : I actually just found out how to get the Nagasaki dock mod to show in ports other than Yokosuka. ( Dock_Japan is "Yokosuka" in the Nagasaki dock. Pretty cool ! ) You good solution ! lots of fun !
  5. Yeah right, but unfortunately the Max Zoom Out (back) ~ 30x (by SchrottiGER) is difficult to see wrong and unfortunately I both headache Sorry..... But others in the ship view - zoom out more (by calapine) is much better and look good sniper. No problem !Thank for your good job !
  6. Bossche

    Damage Log set vito74m

    Excellent work and thanks a lot vito74m !!!
  7. @_Cadence_, I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and I have no problems. @Aslain, Thanks for your excellent modpacks and no problems.....