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  1. Mayveen

    Tier 10 Destroyers and Anti-Ship Guided Missiles

    We wont be seeing missiles in game any time soon as WG have already tested them and doesnt believe they would be a positive addition to the game. From https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6wbxox/tldw_of_a_brief_qa_with_ev1n/
  2. Mayveen

    Worcester - broken promise?

    But where are you getting the title from?
  3. Mayveen

    Buff needed to middle tier dds?

    Tier 8 is definitely a tier where DDs see a big jump in power since they have access to the concealment module. It makes being bottom tier in tier 6 and 7 DDs a difficult experience.
  4. Mayveen

    Stalingrad - Clan Wars reward confirmed

    I would say Typhoon or Hurricane wins would count towards the flag in the second season. Hurricane really is just WG moving the the 100+ point Typhoon 1 teams from last season to a separate league.
  5. Mayveen

    The fun and engaging game mechanic

    Detonations aren't even fun when you are the one detonating other ships. Here is a match of mine that was over in less than 4 minutes due to detonations. Yes that is 3 Gearing torpedo hits for 135k damage sinking 2 ships, a Montana and Donskoi, in dev strikes. The enemy team soon collapsed after losing 2 ships for no gain due to RNG. Sure I got a nice damage score and a small laugh from the sheer absurdness and stupidity of the situation. Winning this game was like winning a coin flip, completely unsatisfying.
  6. Mayveen

    Clan Battles - Pilot Season - Rating system

    It is a bit much to say that we are owning Halloween bots with some of the events that happened tonight.
  7. Mayveen

    Weekly Warships Stream - Q&A Questions

    With the previous removal of stealth fire and the removal of stealth AA in 0.6.13 is there any chance there will be a removal of stealth radar in the future? Stealth fire and AA have been removed due to the inability of a opponent to counter or avoid them. The same problem exists for ships, although mostly DDs, when trying to counter shipa with radar ranges that extend beyond their own detection ranges.
  8. Mayveen

    Poor implementation of CB rankings and modes durabilty

    Arent you glad that you dont have CV planes sitting over you constantly anytime you leave your teams AA bubble? As someone who has played DDs in numerous tier 8 competitive games, CBs is much more enjoyable and you have a lot more freedom, even more than randoms due to the lower ship count in some games.
  9. Mayveen

    Are you kidding me 7 dd's in a clan battle????

    Because a 7 DD team composition is unlikely to produce anything consistent in terms of winning. Even OPs team without radar managed to sink 4 of the 7 DDs. If OPs team had radar they would very likleu have done better and possibly won the game.
  10. They could have put CBs at tier 8 and force teams to have Lo Yangs, Atagos and Kutuzovs to even stand a chance against more experienced teams.
  11. Mayveen

    Clanwar excluding 90%+ of players from competitive

    People already complain about the line up restrictions and the "P2W" aspect of tier 10 clan battles, these would only be worse at tier 8. And I don't think we would see WG limiting one specific premium ship. WG also probably want this to be part of the end game experience.
  12. I have no idea if TTT supported this during testing or if they were involved at all in the testing. I have only come back to the game 3 weeks ago after a 2-3 month break. You would have to ask someone else. These are my personal opinions. If others from TTT were involved in the testing I would trust in their judgement and know that which way they decided was what they believe is best for the game mode as a whole.
  13. Out of all the things WG has added to the game so far this addition probably has by far the greatest amount of community involvement and feedback during its testing and development, despite it not being to the liking of some community contributors. I refer to this post by Ev1n. There were 26 of the top clans from the 4 different servers involved in testing and giving feedback. If the conclusion the development team came to from this community driven testing is to implement clan battles in their currently announced form, I am more than happy to except this decision and try it out for myself. A few rants from community contributors who at most cast on the current competitive formats shouldnt change this. This is what many in the community have been asking for, WG to work with the community. We should be praising WG for listening and getting those with the most experience in similar formats involved in the testing, not crucifying them because what the testing determined didnt meet the expectations of everyone, which unfortunately is an impossibility. I hope that WG arent deterred from involving the community in the testing process going forward after what has happened so far,
  14. The ship inside doesnt have to do the spotting and it doesnt necessarily have o be in radar range either. But I have no experience with this format, so who knows how the meta will turn out.
  15. Kagero currently isnt worth much but when Fubuki was still at tier 8 with access to 15km torpedoes she was the best counter to heavy smoke. Something that the current selection of DDs dont have at tier 8 but is a possibility with the Gearing and Shimakaze at tier 10. With or without CVs at tier 10 if the meta becomes extremely smoke heavy there are more and better tools to deal with it than at tier 8.